Falling off a Cliff in Dreams

Dreaming that you are falling off a cliff is representative of your inner fear of losing control and everything you hold dear. This can also mean that you are going through grim and unpleasant times, frightened by what to expect and the outcomes. You’re afraid that you are not able to live up to others’ expectations of you. The most thing you should realize is that as long as you feel like you live up to your own expectations and done your best, there shouldn’t be any remorse.

To see yourself falling off a cliff in your dream is indicative of obstacles and challenges pushing you over the very edge. You feel as if everything is lost and no point to try to salvage matters at hand. Sure, everyone goes through hard times so don’t just give up easily! Overcome your fears and you will succeed.

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32 thoughts on “Falling off a Cliff in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream that a friend and I were going to go fishing. She was driving and a bit fast, we came around a sharp corner and slid off a cliff into a body of water. We went in the water and I woke up.

  2. I dreamt that I was in my brand new car and I had it parked on a cliff near the ocean..once I had parked, the brakes went out and the car went down along with me inside..once I landed in the ocean, I broke the glass and swam back up..it was weird cause It looked like I was deep under water but I saw the light from the top the surface of the ocean..once I got back to the surface my new car went up and sank closed to where I was at..

  3. I dreamt I was in a car, I uad just parked with my 3 youngest sons (tweens) we were about to get out when the car started going backwards, there was a long drop behind, the cars brakes gave out, I couldn’t stop it. I tried to hold them all, at least touch them all, started praying to God resigned we were going to die, told them I loved them, it felt very real, but right before we were about to hit the bottom I thought maybe I’m dreaming and told myself to wake up and I did. Don’t have any idea if it signifys anything. Before we parked in the dream I had been looking for a place to park and I knew it was a precarious location and the car wasn’t braking well. I was going to park and go in somewhere to meet my sister. Like we were all on vacation. It seemed very real, the boys were on their phones or tablets and were arguing like usual.

  4. I dreampt I drove off a cliff in my new car & my beloved pet dog that died 1.5 years ago was there unscathed but hungry & I couldn’t find him food & when I did get out of where I had fallen to (no idea how) I was driving down the road with headlights that didn’t work & it took me a few to realize & when I did I pulled into a mini mart to assess the damage & some thug keyed my car & threatened to shoot me so I called the cops & they stated there wasn’t anything they could do. I assume the dream is indicative of all the crap I’m dealing with in my life right now; however to say not to give up is like a broken record b/c even some of the most emotionally “in tact” people sometimes are just so tired of the shit up to their eyeballs & want a way out.

  5. I dreamt I saw my 10 year old son driving our car with his 12 year old brother in the passenger side. I was driving in a separate car behind them. Max made a u turn and hit the curb. Then the car he was driving went across all of the lanes and off the overpass, into oncoming highway traffic. I got out of my car and ran that way. Then I woke up.

  6. I used to have vivid dreams as a child…bad dreams. I also walked and talked in my sleep and even though i thought i was awake and remember talking my family always gave me a total different version of what i thought i dreamt. As an adult my dreams have become less…at 22 i dreampt my son had died..i dremot that twice in a week..i was so distressed, 3 weeks later my daughter died. Years ago i dremot my twin brother was stabbed, i saw it all on my dream…weeks later i got a call at 2am to tell my my youngest brother was at the hospital as he was stanbbed. I drempt my good friend got married…im my dream we were at her reception and ger mother was really sour….i thought that was strange as my friend is already married. The next day that friend called me to invite me to a celebration as she and her husband were renewibg there wedding vows..i told her that in my dream her mother was very sour….my friend laughed when i told her that snd told me ‘mum will be sour because dads taking his new girlfriend. I dreamt my brother was on a property with his mate drinking…his two froends travis and kev were in a 4 wheeler buggy and crashed into a tree and kev died. I tang my brother the next day…he laughed at me and said Travis has an uncle kev…we forgot about my dream after thst..3 weeks later my brother rang me and said Travis’s uncle kev just died. I so many times wished i could t not dream abymore as they distress me so much. Ive gone almost 2 years without a vivid dream..till now. Ive had two in the last week and im really worried as one was about my youngest daughter and in my dream she had a terrible accident falling through some deep cracks in some big rocks down a cliff..i watched her ho down hitting rocks untill i coukdnt see her anymore…i knew she was gone. I woke up at 3am distressed…its been two hours and im still distressed by that dream. My other daughter just got her licence and is friving to another state in a few weeks time…im so scared something is going to happen…these types of dreams arent normal…i really fear them and the fact i had none for so long and now they appear again disturbs me. Ive teyed to read up about dreams and they always say the same things…changes in life or circumstances etc….but what if they come true…how does one dream them. I come from a family of 6 children..im the only one that has had dreams and walking/talking episodes in my sleep from a very young age…i used to wake up members of my family all the time. As an adukt i seem to have less and less of them…which is good. Till now…they are back and im worried….do you k ow any experts on dreams that can help me understand why my subconsious does this to me…its not a good thing and would love to never dream again…i want them to go away for good.

  7. My dream went like this…

    I was with two of my cousins (Jordanna who is 10 years old and Eric is 3) to go to the beach while our mums were away. We heard that Zayn from 1D was there (I dont even listen to 1D but I like Zayn ironically) so we wanted to go to the part where he was at. To get there, was to go across a slim cliff.

    We still went across. At first the cliff was quite wide so that was pretty easy. But then during the middle it was really skinny so I kept a close eye on Eric. We all made it safely across. The end of the cliff was wide so we all made it across.

    Except Eric wasn’t there.

    Jordanna and I were screaming his name, then we went to the cliff to try to see if he was sitting there, but we saw something fall at the other side of the cliff, falling into the ocean.

    It was Eric.

    My cousins mum came back and went across the cliff so we had to explain to her what happened… she seemed calm though. She thought that maybe he was still safe, maybe swam to a rock that was sitting not to far out. But Eric can’t swim….

    After explaining to her, I woke up sweaty and I started to cry, I love Eric dearly and I would hate to lose him…

  8. I am leaving a friends home and realize I have her phone by mistake. I want to find a way to turn around but suddenly I realize the street ends into a huge opening and as I put the brakes on I realize I’ve gone too far. I fall a very long way down but I have a bit of time to think wow this is going to hurt or I may die, I don’t want to die. I land hard but miraculously I’m ok. I don’t remember getting out of the car, but the rest of the dream isn’t bad, I even eat cake at one point. If I’ve ever dreamt of falling off a cliff I don’t remember. I was anxious about a situation that was resolved that very day, before the dream. But yes there are other situations such as family and a new man in my life that may have something to do with it. Ok thanks for any input, the mind is all very interesting. S

  9. In my dream I was at the bottom of a hill just standing their… But I could see myself standing their… As the train was going passed me on top of the hill , it just suddenly started to fall my way bursting into flames coming my way… It never did hit me though… I woke up… But the thing is I was never scared in my dream… Its as if I was shocked,, I wanted to see more.. And I never did move… I just stood their looking .

  10. I dream that a little girl is getting her picture taken by her mother on a tall balcony with no barrier on the edge. The mother is praising her. The mother puts her arms up and and begins moving towards the mother lost in her own state of joy as her mother is 40 ft down. She falls of the edge hits herself on another balcony 1/3 of the way down and falls the rest of the way. The mother rushes to her picks her up and runs away with her. I don’t know if she’s alive and I’m crying.

  11. I woke up out of my dream crying so loud it sounded like screaming. What happened in the dream was I was with my mom and stepdad (who recently gave custody to me to my aunt in oh and currently live in fl). My stepdad has this motorcycle (irl and in the dream) he was trying to sell. We all three somehow crammed on this bike and rode it one last time. My mom was talking prices with my stepdad when we got a dead end and had to turn around. I got off the bike at this point and my mom pulled forward to where the bikes front wheel was teetering off the road. My mom looked back and saw this and realized it wasn’t going to end well. They then began to fall off the cliff and my mom just sobbed and keep yelling how much she loved me. I did the same. We both knew they were dead. My aunt came in ant woke me from it at this point and that was it.

  12. I dreamed that me and my friends were in my car. We’d just finished shopping for the day. The car was parked on a slanted cliff. Everyone got in the car and it started to role forward. Even though the hand break was on and my foot was on the break. I decided to just carry on driving the car back up the slant and stop at the top. I had to pick up some speed going up, but as i did i suddenly couldn’t see out my windscreen. The next thing i knew i see the edge of the cliff, turn my steering wheel and try to drift tye car so it doesn’t go over. It didn’t work and the car fell off. Everyone screamed and all i could feel and think of was death and then suddenly i didn’t feel that because i knew the water would cushion our fall. We hit the water and one of my friends started shouting “take your seat belt off, get out the car” then i started to panic. And before we got out i woke up.

  13. I was in a car and a ran off the cliff backwards, feeling the falling feeling in my stomach as I am falling. I chose to embrace the fact that I would be dyeing and felt a peace over me. I woke up with my heart racing and feeling a queasiness in my stomach.

  14. Dreamt I was on a high cliff mountain trail and people were in front of me and one person was attacked by a female lion, then another female lion jumped on the attacking lion causing them to fall over the cliff along with a male lion (these are African lions). The person was not thrown over the edge. I watched as the lions were falling all holding each other. The male lion broke away from the two female lions, frozen with fear. The two female lions continued to hold each other, growling heavily. They kept falling for the longest time. There was a river below but they just kept falling and getting smaller and smaller in my view. Then I woke up.

  15. I was in a car with my aunt. we were driving down a really steep road, then the car started to swerve because the car wouldnt stop, we had to go on this dirt road and on the end of the road there was a little ramp. She lost control and we went off the ramp from there it was a death drop, then I woke up.

    In the dream I was holding my knees, rocking back and forth, closing my eyes, and covering my ears. My heart was also pounding in my chest. I woke up in a cold sweat and tears.

  16. Last night I had a weird dream. I was in a vehicle with my wife and our kid (but I am single and have no kids. I have someone that I have been getting to know that I really like though but that’s it). All of the sudden our car starts rolling backwards slowly towards this cliff. I am worried about it but I can’t stop it. Then, we go off the cliff and I was the driver but didn’t have control over the vehicle. I just keep saying sorry as we fall and I feel so guilty that I couldn’t stop it. Then, we hit the ground and we all die.

  17. My 3.5 year old had a dream of falling off a cliff how can this relate to her? Growing up I have had this dream a lot, we are in blood line with(via my great great uncle) Edgar Cayce the sleeping psychic and have a sensitivity to visions and other types of things, wondering if she is showing gifts my oldest never recolects dreams as vivid as what she described.

  18. Well last night I had a very strange dream. That following day I decided to take a nap and when I awoke I notice that- that was the same dream I had-had that night. Anyways my dream was about me, 7 friends I know(4girlsand3guys, and 3 unknown people. I remember that we went far out of state as if we had ran away… We went to go eat at a burger place which it was very dark outside and very little light. After eating we all decided to go _______ (they said a place, but I just can’t remember) ): we drove to a dark place which there were train tracks and a couple of trains. We got out of the car (can’t remember what type of car it was) we started walking down the train tracks and all of a sudden I heard a train coming I remember my guy friend Bryan he told me to jump off of the cliff once the train got closer to you. Right when the train got close to me I jumped. Everybody laughing having a good time at the bottom of the cliff. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN IDK IF THIS MAKES COMPLETE SENSE TO ANYONE BUT I NEED HELP ASAP):

  19. Last night, I had a dream that I was in a hurry to pick up my 11 year old son. I was driving on a zig zag, unfamiliar road really fast, and the pavement was slightly wet. I failed to navigate a turn and was headed straight for a tree when the car fell off a cliff. While I was falling in the car, I thought there was no way I would survive the impact and tried to pray. I kept falling, but never felt the impact. Everything was dark, I couldn’t open my eyes or move at all. Then, I felt someone trying to take off the seat belt and get me out of the car. I actually felt this. I couldn’t move or talk, but felt safe.

  20. when i was 3 years old i climbed up my dresser and it fell on top of me i was fine but it scared the crap out of me. After that i had night terrors and would wake up screaming for 2 years after that and every night i had a dream where i was climbing up a dresser and fell off into a cliff and woke up before i hit the bottom. (i had been having some strange things going on in my house and it stopped when i moved awhile later its been many years later and i still can remember it.)

  21. I had a really weird dream last night, I was driving my range rover and had- had and argument with my husband- I was dropping kids off to school and every morning I pray with in the car on my way..I got to school and someone was in front of me- so I reversed the car and somehow hit the acceleration faster than normal the car started falling backwards to a cliff and I lost all control.. Then I dreamt again that this time that both me and the kids were facing down this very deep cliff and was slowly falling. The car somehow got control and we were ok- then next one I jumped out and was ok, my 10 yr old jumped too and my little one was left in this hanging vehicle… I was screaming and shouting for help until in the end the fire engine came and rescued her.. In my dream I was holding her when she was like 18 months but she is actually 8. Can someone tell me what this means plz

  22. My bad using ipod hard To type well she slipped lost her balance and fell to her death in my dream as she was falling i felt like jumping after cuz there wasnt a good bye or i love u she didnt say a word was probly shocked that she knew she was going to fall and i was yelling mom mom and there is nothing u can do except get help and if she is alive it was too high though but i know it wasnt real but it seemed like it and im sorry guys makes me sad thinking About it

  23. I have struggled with life im really worried about my mom i would never let her fall off anything if it is real and im near her have u guys ever had any dreams like that

  24. Hi my name is jason, last night i woke up early because i had a dream of my mom falling off a cliff somewhere where me my brother and i were going to have fun this was in dream and there was a bench on a platform and one edge was near cliff and we had a milk crate and i was putting some stuff in it and it was starting to fall and my mom stop it and i was sitting down and she lost her balance and my big bro tried stopping her from falling she slipped out and fell and i was yelling and crying and then i woke up from it and i have been thinking about my m since it scared me so much! Stupid dreams

    1. Jason, I believe that you are having the dream because, first of all, you love your mom very much. You are concerned about losing her and you don’t feel that you have any control over this fear. I recently had a dream about taking a running jump off of a very high cliff and landing softly at the edge of a body of water and land. I have a relationship with Jesus and I am very bold now, praying for others and seeing them get well and get answers to their needs. Jesus is the only one who can truly save someone. I believe that your dream is a message from God, that life is short and he loves you and your mom (family) very much. Check out hotrockchurchannarbor.org, Pastor Mike gives my testimonies at the beginning of Healing School and Church on the 9th of August and again on the 30th. I’ll be praying for you Jason!!!! xxxxx

  25. i was going home and rode a taxi..suddenly the taxi ran so fast on a zigzag road and ended up falling off a cliff.. then i told myself “this is just a dream wake up”.. i opened my eyes in my dream and twas full of darkness.. i tried again, then i really woke up in the real world with my heart still pounding..

  26. after all the bs finally got sorted out i wanted 2 go tanning n relax rite… well after 5 seconds i passed out…i never start dreaming as soon as i fall asleep,it usually takes me a while…but 2day was so crazy…i started dreaming i was standing on a cliff in az n dont know how but i fell off all i heard was screaming,then all the sudden i was on another cliff n sum how fell off that once again w the screaming.well it went on n on till the bed turned off. each time i fell was in a new scene but it was the same cliff;over an ocean, completely black, the sky, and then all white. i woke so startled n a lil scared. not to mention the scream wasnt my own… it sounded like my husbands voice.

  27. I dreamt of me n my fiancé on a mountain n the slopes were falling on both sides of us. terrified n woke up n waking him up to watch out