Falling off a Cliff in Dreams

Dreaming that you are falling off a cliff is representative of your inner fear of losing control and everything you hold dear. This can also mean that you are going through grim and unpleasant times, frightened by what to expect and the outcomes. You’re afraid that you are not able to live up to others’ expectations of you. The most thing you should realize is that as long as you feel like you live up to your own expectations and done your best, there shouldn’t be any remorse.

To see yourself falling off a cliff in your dream is indicative of obstacles and challenges pushing you over the very edge. You feel as if everything is lost and no point to try to salvage matters at hand. Sure, everyone goes through hard times so don’t just give up easily! Overcome your fears and you will succeed.

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63 thoughts on “Falling off a Cliff in Dreams”

  1. I’m from Los Angeles, California. I work in West Hollywood so everyday I drive through Mulholland Drive in order to get home. I had a dream that I was driving through the Mulholland Drive and my car slipped to the edge. In reality, I’ve been very controlling. This dream was literally ” naaa youre not in control”

  2. I had a dream where my husband was reversing our car an we went over the edge backwards. My mum was in the backseat with my daughter. I kept thinking while in free fall I need to get to my daughter and hold her. When we came to a stop at the bottom, I tried calling 911 but couldnt get my fingers to press the right buttons.

  3. I have had a total of 5 dreams. All similar & quite real/vivid. In 2 of them, I was on a familiar cliff looking at the Pacific Ocean. A tsunami wave hit below myself and a friend (I am in love with, but he doesn’t know). It launches us through the air. Feeling totally at peace knowing we would not make it through alive. Another 2 dreams we were standing on an asteroid/space rock looking at the beauty of Earth below. A flying rock hit our rock and launched us. Again, complete feeling of peace and tranquility. No fear or panic. 5th dream, he came to visit me at work. We went to top of building to see L.A. city view. While on roof, plane hit building and launched us into the air. Again… No fear, panic, pain, just tranquility and peace. I can clearly see him as we are flying through the air. We never make it past flying through the air.

  4. I am a team driver of an 18 wheeler truck & dreamed my teammate drove us off a cliff while in the sleeper? What does this mean?

  5. last night i dreamed that i was driving with mu son.i lost control and we went down a cliff.i remember holding my son tighty while going down fearfull.i woke up

  6. I had a dream last night, very vivid. All I can remember is falling or getting pushed off a cliff, I woke with my heart racing and in shock. So decided to look online for meaning. All I know is when i woke, it felt so real. Very weird

  7. This article really does describe my life my fears and this hopelessness I am feeling in life right now. My dream was so real and played out so slow I remember it in detail.

  8. help!
    i keep having dreams of my 2 year old girl going to the edge of a cliff and im desperately shouting her back . she doesn’t fall off the edge but will sometimes joke and run around near the edge and my heart sinks because she is so close to the edge of the cliff i am having this dream most nights …please can you help…in the dream i am feeling frightened to death

  9. I was with friends and family, the car was on an edge of a cliff, the car was crowded. everyone suddenly left the car very fast and it rocked the car so it fell off the cliff without me being able to get out.

  10. I was the passenger in the car, while my 14 year old daughter was driving, but in my dream she may have been slightly older, as she was barley learning to drive, which she hasn’t started yet. We were on a narrow, windy, residential mountain road, which is normal for where we live.
    All of the sudden she slows to a stop and wants to turn around and go back. I knew the road circled back, and I told her to keep going forward, because the road was too narrow to turn around on. She started backing up to do a three point turn around, and I saw that we were starting to roll back off the side of a steep cliff that went down about 50-75 feet where a house was seated.
    I pleaded with her to stop and just go forward, but she did not listen, and we started slipping backwards off the side of the road. All of the sudden I was in the front seat, and she was now in the back seat, and she was crying and telling my she was sorry, and I told her I loved her as I held her hand and told her it would be okay, though I knew we were most likely to die.
    We rolled completely off the road and started falling down the cliff backwards. That is when I woke up.