Fighting in Dreams

When you’re fighting in you’re dreams, it’s most likely due to an unresolved issue you have within your life. The fighting represents some sort of anger or hatred you have towards someone that you haven’t been able to express. Your mind is easing itself by allowing your pleasure zone to feel the power of fighting in your dreams, when you physically can’t. Your mind is pretty much tricking you in a healthy way allowing you do accomplish what you want, while resisting you from making a bad decision. The best thing to do is to solve your dilemma with this person(s), so your mind can be clear.

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27 thoughts on “Fighting in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream that I was out with my family and my cousin and I got into an argument and she tried to hit me and we started fighting. Next thing I know, we are at my mom’s house arguing on the porch and she kept saying she was going to beat me up so I told her to square up. We start fighting and then we switch to being inside the kitchen and she’s taunting me so I told her I was going to stab her. She keeps taunting me and I finally just had enough so I go into the living and she’s running her mouth again so I tell her to square up. We start fighting and the first time I hit her it’s a weak hit but I just keep swinging. Next thing i know, she falls to the floor and I put a bag on her head and keep hitting her before waking up.

    This dream scared me because I don’t like those extreme instances of violence. I’ve been through some violent experiences and I’ve worked hard to get to a good place of internal understanding, however, when I do get enraged it, my thoughts become the most violent. This isn’t the first dream I’ve had about fighting my cousin. I’ve had several in the past. I also know that I don’t like her very much. She’s 32, I’m 24 and she has been a unpleasant person my whole life. My mom, whose house i was in during the dream is her Bio mom and has raised me and my twin sister since we were children and she has some jealousy issues towards us that I don’t understand.

  2. I have constantly been struggling and fighting in my dreams since being verbally abused n shouted at by my friends partner he was so in my face at the time n now I scared go sleep of a night as end up fighting and punching my pillow or hubby.

  3. I literally just woke from a dream where I was at some sort of wedding or something similar. It was inside a house, possibly belonging to myself or my mother. We were all sat in silence facing one guy as he spoke from a book. It felt important as it had the feeling of being in a church. I moved from my seat because I could see our dogs getting restless so I let them out a door just behind the speaking man. As I come back in a noticed my seat was gone and I got a little angry with this. I then realised that my step father (who I hate calling that) had taken it, but, for no actual purpose other than to annoy me. I could see that stupid grin on his face as my blood is starting to boil. He’s enjoying this and he begins to taunt me. After looking at my mum who never really took sides when they were together to avoid confrontation, I then walked over to him and started beating him. I even recall using weapons such as a knuckle duster. I really wanted to cause as much damage as possible! After he was on the floor I spat on him, walked away and woke up. This is some feat, considering this “man” is much bigger than myself. I felt no remorse at all when I awoke and it actually felt good.
    Now before you all start thinking I’m some kind of monster. This is a person who beat me as a child, lied to us all and cheated on my mother (had a gf and two children in a different county for over 8 years).
    This isn’t the first time I’ve had similar dreams of beating him up and I’ve not seen him in over 6 months as I refuse to go see my mother if he is there (he still visits to see his daughter who lives with my mother).
    After we found he was cheating I text him and told him I’d kill.him if I ever saw him in the street for the pain and suffering he caused my family.

  4. I’m 19 years old in college, I dreamt that I was in a church and suddenly it all went left when some guys came in and all of the adults left in a rush in a car speeding away we were supposed to be a diversion ,and by we I’m refeering to myself my friend Nika and also a boy I forgot who it was .but I was in my family church and I was baracading the doors .In the church it’s set like three doors it’s the main doors to enter ,the second is where the choir comes off the stage to go to the back and then there’s a third door and a big step down to the family center where there are like bars and you can put a pad lock on it. I was doing all the heavy lifting I locked the dooe and put a table behind it and then closed the other one then I put somthing up to the door that could lock with a pad lock and locked it. I went to the back into the kitchen to check and see if all of the windows were locked they’weren’t so I realized that there were some cars outside the church one being my godfathers .Just as I was about to go back into the main area where the door is I saw a gun from on the side of the fridge and I got back behind it .It saw like a two barrel old fashion type of gun and I knew I didn’t hurt ayone but I knew in my mind it would have hurt me if I didn’t hide. I told my friend about my plan to call for help because if we’d left from where we were they’d have caught us easily ,she runs outside to the car and radio’s and I see someone coming and I’m trying to run to warn her and I see her with a phone which she apparently had that whole time and talkinig to someone I was so mad I asked her what the heck she was doing she could have called 911 and saved us and I was so mad becuase she has a ahistory of doing the same dumb things over and over again. She cam at me and started chocking me and trying to lift me by my neck.When I got free she tried to spew this bs about how “I runine everything ” and I don’t know I kind of lost it when she came at me again and tried to do that I picked her up and threw her she’s almost my size but the thing about me is I’m usually a really chill person and don’t see the use in getting upset but I do have a pretty big temper even in real life I start to sweat and literaly get hot . after I walked over to her I just started beating tf out of her I picked her up and started to chock her the way she did me (she thinks she’s “CRAZY”) and was saying somthing along the lines of I’ll beat your ass or somthing and when she did that I threw her on the floor and started stomping her and kicking the crap out of her . I was talking to her to I was raiing my voice and yelling at the top of my lungs, I don’t remember exactly what I said but I do remember her being scared and I was teling her she didn’t know what crazy was and to not fuck with me and I recall telling her she was spoiled and messed up in someway . I saw the people with the guns after seeing that was kind of backing away from me because my foot was still on her neck because she was trying to cry and cower away, then I woke up and dreamt I was in the mall with two friendd and there was a huge sale where everthing was like 3 dollars or something I didn’t have any money and was hoping a friend offered to get me something but ultimatley they didn’t and I put everything back which was like three items becasue I didn’t want to steal……….

  5. I had a dream where my two cousins and I, one boy one girl, both were brother and sister, were jumping this bigger black girl. Once we were done we ran off. My little brother some how appeared with us on his bike. The girl came with a principle from a school I guess I went to in the dream. My two cousins got caught but me and my little brother escaped. But I guess he somehow he left his bike at the school. So we had to go back and get it. Once we did he like disappeared from my dream. The rest of my dream was spent hiding and running from the girl and the principle. But in the end I ended up getting caught. And once I was in the office with my two cousins, one of my cousins, the boy, blamed the whole thing on me when his sister started it and I just jumped in. This whole dream was weird to me because I would never jump someone for no reason. Oh I forgot to mention when my little brother disappeared a dog was with me the whole time. It was my older brothers girlfriends dog and me and his girlfriend dont get along

  6. I had this dream that me and my ex girl friend had a fight with some people… the weird thing is we were on the same team and we actually had an argument the same night I had the dream and decided to stop talking so it’s weird that we were both fighting on the same team

  7. I had this dream that a group of girls were trying to jump me. It started out with them in a yard and me going to a friends house and they’re all shouting at me wanting to fight, but my friend told them off because shes friends with them. As I leave her house to go back home, there’s more girls and they’re all waiting for me. Just as I pass them, one tried to swing on me, missed, but I started running towards my moms. As I get closer to the house, my mom and two cousins are standing at the street and look my way super confused like. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t scream for them to help, but the second I got a faint scream out, one of the girls grabbed a hold of my shirt and my mom and cousins start running towards. Around that time I woke up in a major panic

  8. My whole life i have dreamt of being chased by dark figures, dinosaurs, bullies in packs or even smothered in a shrinking room. Awaking always scared or emotional. Every one of those dreams i had, i had lost every battle.
    Last night i dreamt in a previous ex workplace setting that a group of bullies from high school, Created conflict and gossip about my personal life. Trying to come across friend not foe. I then discovered the bullies real intent and caught out their lies. I fought the lead bully, very aggressively and won! At the end of the fight, I stood over her and warned her to stay out of my life.
    I woke feeling empowered. A part of me wants to know what the dream meaning means. But i believe within myself that i am no more that scared little girl i once was. I am now the conquer!

  9. i’ve had dreams in the past where i was being chased by something, usually a beast that i couldn’t recognize, sometimes a faceless individual, either way, they were always right behind me no matter how hard i tried to run or hide; i’ve had dreams where i’ve been in a physical confrontation with another unidentifiable individual, i can’t move, feels like i’m weighed down; last night i had the same dream, idk what happened different, but i realized i was dreaming due to the absence of physics which normally doesn’t happen in my dreams, somehow i was able to pick up on this and realize what was going on, i grabbed my attacker by the throat and squeezed until they stopped moving, then they disappeared, and i was left alone, looking down on myself sleeping on the couch, the tv still on and the fans working overtime to bring the heat down, i couldn’t look directly at it, but there was somebody standing in the shadow by the dormer, i saw them looking at me, not at my body lying on the couch, but from the corner of my eye i saw it was looking directly at me looking down on myself, with three dark red/purple eyes, it spoke a language that i couldn’t understand, spread enormous wings and vanished, i am going to try and find it when i go to sleep tonight

  10. In my dream, I was in my home returned from abroad for vacation, My dad passed away 2 years ago, my mom was living with justin’s father and his children including justin and his friends in my dad’s house ( justin is someone i met in canada and he wanted to have a relationship with me but i refused ) all my other relatives were very supportive of my mom’s new love affair, both my sisters were also there. At first, i tried to do my best to accept this new setting in my house , but soon I realized that my mom was ignoring me and prioritizing his son which i didnt like..I tried to keep cool but soon i gave up and started fighting with my mom and everyone else.. i literally become very ugly and cold and i hit everyone and i knew that everyone hated me .. my mom hated me too and she tried to hit me but i grabbed her hands( my mom once had a broken hand so i knew she couldnt hit me back) i was telling her not to hit me but she tried her best but i felt very powerful. ..there was this emmense power inside me and i felt that i could win with everyone in fighting… i abused everyone physically including justin and his frens.. later my mom tried to shoot herself with gun but justin’s dad stopped her and the bullet hit my forhead , i fell down dazed but I didnt die and started crying thinking how everyone hated me and how i hated everyone.. i left the house crying was a horrible dream.

  11. To start my dream out, let me give some background I spent most of my life thinking negatively, I have been through depression, severe anger problems, & excessive stress to the point of premature aging. I have always felt misjudged due to my inhabitions and self control with fighting I been labeled as a wimp because I fight out of self defense rather than anger, but I always knew I had a capability to handle myself when needed. I was in my house. I live in a double wide trailer on a hill, I was looking out my bedroom window when I saw an older model Chevy Bel Air with a black drop top driving out of the hollow. The man inside completely unrecognizable to me seen me looking and pulled into my driveway. I walked out my backdoor to the sidewalk behind my house, and when I seen the man he was my height but he was very large not obese but not ripped. He was like a bear, while me only 6 ft and 150 lbs. He said I am not all that nuts about you. I kept asking him what he wanted, what he was saying became more incoherant, finally he grabbed ahold of me. I fought him off long enough to grab something and hit him 3 times in the head with it. Then I proceded to ground and pound him but my punches didn’t seem to have much inpact, but he was still down. So I grabbed ahold of him, dragged him to the end of the driveway and threw him over the hill into the road before I woke up. I think it means that my negativity wanted to take over my body in reality but I fought him off in my dream to keep that from happening.

  12. I dreamt that I was in a school-like setting. I was walking amongst a crowd of 3females and the halls were filled. There were 3other females but they were HUGE. They walked past and tapped each of the girls on their backs. The girls walking with me tried to hit them back but they missed. I asked why did they do that. One of the girls said “they hit you to see if you’ll hit them back. If u do, they won’t mess with you”. The biggest/baddest girl came back down the hall and got behind us. She tapped me and sped off quickly down the hall. I ran after her, wanting to hit her back so I wouldn’t be bullied. She went into the auditorium and found her friends nd got a seat. I saw my (husband in reality) boyfriend in the dream and went to sit next to him. He had our daughter. After being in the assembly I gave my daughter to him and people started to exit the auditorium. I decided it was time so I hit her and she came charging. I grabbed chairs and hit her and threw them at her. She tried to get a pole so i got one to and I got the upper hand. (This big girl had on allll red and a blue jean jacket). While we were fighting it was just me and her around. Security came and took me to the office where my boyfriend and daughter were and the girls mom. I said i didn’t want to be in the same room with her. They assured me she was calm. She came in andcsat with her mom. I stood up and then I woke up.
    Im not in any mess in my waking life so any interpretations.??

  13. In my dream I was fighting a group of girls. One after another . They tried to jump on me at one time but I pushed the all off in the order they jumped on me. I even tacked one girl and through one over my shoulder.
    One of them even tried to throw things at me and I through the right back.
    I’m not sure who these girls where but I do know I was angry at all of them . I screamed at two of them.
    I felt so free and loose for the first time in a long time

  14. I dreamed I had a fight with my aunts and as far as I can remember it wasn’t over an important thing . Please interpret it for me

  15. I had a dream that my family bought a new house that had multiple levels and I explored it. There are many stairs and twists and turns all with white carpeting under one of the stairs there was an opening that had a bunch of jagged bars closing it off. I squeezed my way through the bars that led to a hidden room with a door that led out to the backyard. There was a big group of younger alpha male types in their 20s drinking in my backyard. they weren’t really causing trouble, all of their demeanor was good.

    I didn’t even say anything and just started fighting, punching and kicking breaking arms legs and breaking some of their necks and killing some of them. Some of them started to run most of them just kept on coming up to me and I just kept breaking arms legs and necks kicking and punching and eye gouging.

    Two cops eventually showed up and they were kind of laughing didn’t want to bring me in and they told me that I had to go with them. I knew the both of them from high school and were good friends with them I critically injured them too and the handcuff them together and ran away.

  16. Bruhh I was jus walking right, and then I ran into this big mofo and he was all like,”I don’t like you” and that jus pissed me off and I jus grabed a brick and hit him in the dick with it, but then he jus brushed it off and was about to do some crazy ufc shyt so I had to run to my friends house and tell him wat was happening, and like Fr some reason all my friends were there, so we all ran out and started jumping him and stomping him out on the ground. Then it turned into a big ass brawl and I was the only one still beating up the big dude, so I picked his ass up and Nino browned his ass. And right when I was about to curb stomp him, I got hit with a bottle by some random person, and It made go into my GTA mode and I jus kept punching him until my friends stopped fighting and were just watching me beat the poor asshole to death. And after a couple minutes of this the prick had the nerve to say I hit like a bitch, so I just started to elbow him til I broke through his eye socket, and then my friends started stomping him until he was nothing but a bloody heeap on the floor, after that I smoked mad weed or some shyt and the big dude from before came and threw my shyt out the window, and I asked him y he doesn’t like me and he said “cus u had sex with my girl” and pulled out a picture of some random chick with a nice ass, and since my friends were there I acted like I did fvck her, and he pulled put some type of light saber looking shyt and threatened to kill me with the “force” so I jus pulled out a poke ball and pikachu came out and was like “I got this bruhh” and pikachu was like, mad crazy, so he hope on the big mutherfvcker and ate his face and shyt, but then he killed pikachu with the light saber, and ran away, and at that point me and my friends got weapons and were set out to find the asshole who kill pikachu, and wen we did, we did a drive by and shot him like 300 times, but he did some matrix shyt and avoided all the shots.after that all my homies disappeared and I had to fight him alone, and I stabbed his big ass in the neck and started to rampage all over his face as soon as he fell. And after he was dead, I kept hitting him and screaming out “u killed pikachu!!!!” and at one point a voice in the background went “u bastardss” and after I was done, a cop walked by and was telling me I’m in big trouble if I don’t walk the dog, at which point I woke up from tht dream to my dog clawing at the door and thinking, “what the fvck, y didn’t I dream about having a sexy teacher who wants me to serve detention because I didn’t do my home work….and why was pikachu there????????”

    1. bad ass dream i have had some dreams like that so don’t think you’re crazy cuz you ain’t alone.

    2. bad ass dream i have had some dreams like that so don’t think you’re crazy cuz you ain’t alone. weird dreams rock

  17. I had this crazy dream. My boyfriend and the girl he cheated on me with was in the dream. We were all hanging out, which was weird because we don’t even hangout with that crowd anymore. I have no clue where we were. He is talking about his workout stuff and she makes the comment I can’t wait to get a private tour of that….I look at her and say you need to shut the fuck up, then out of no where I’m telling her to find your own fucken way home. Then she starts saying the what the fuck is your problem. I tell you are and I start punching the shit out or her face. I then grabbed her head and start hitting it against the wall. Finally, she is down stairs waiting for the taxi and we are going to go get in my car, which I’ve never seen this car. She has this hose that blows fire out. She is trying to blow up my car. Then this guy (stranger) grabs the other hose that takes the fire. We start to get in the car and she comes charging at us again. I’m now kicking her, so we can get in the car. I take off like a bat out of hell. I’m finally able to wake up now.

  18. My family (mother,sister & I) were on a trip somewhere and had stopped at a convenient store to grab some snacks for the ride. Me and my mom went in (sister stayed in car),while in the store I heard other customers talking about some female who’d been outside of the store harassing customers all day but I didn’t give it much thought. I purchased my items & left my mom in the store. As I was walking back to the car which was parked on the side of the store,off of an alley, I heard loud yelling & someone pacing. It was the rumored “female”. She was walking up & down the alley shouting obscenities at whoever showed her attention. She ran up to me & my sister jumped out the car to defend me & got punched by the female. Now I’m really pissed that she hit my little sister & I whoop her up & down the alley,slammin her head into fences & everything. When my mom walked around the corner the fight was over and I woke up.

  19. I had a dream me and my brother were driving to the grocery store to pick up some treats for a movie we were going to watch. While I was in the grocery store, I was looking at jube jubes and sweedish berries when two men walked by me and grabbed my ass. I turned around and pushed the one guy and told him to back off. I continued looking for things to munch on when they walked by again. They were both looking at me directly in the eyes when the guy went for another grab. I pushed his arm away and the other guy came running at me. I punched him in the face and he fell to the floor. I grabbed the other guy, who was now coming at me, and I was able to pick him up by his jacket and swing him into the milk section of the store. The milk went everywhere and I took something from a shelf and hit him over the head so he wouldn’t get back up. Just then my cousin came into the store and I told him what happened and he gave me a high five for defending myself. We continued onto the checkout where I purchased my sweedish berries. (funny because that is exactly what i would have really bought)

  20. I had dream were I fought some girl who, likes to start problems, she got on my nerves with her lies and always trying to impress someone, so I just went up to her n beat the f’ out of her….I’m not much of a fighther but this one girl just keeps making up lies after lies and others believe her bc she acts like little mis innocent. I don’t know what to do…tried confronting her but she always has an excuse

  21. In my dream, I was at a chapel service with my boyfriend and his cousin. I was sitting with some of my friends and my boyfriend and his cousin were sitting seperately with their friends. The church service starts and then a fight breaks out between my boyfriend and this random guy I go to school with. I turned around to see what was going on and a large group of people was breaking up the fight. The crowd carried the two outside and everything calmed down. I went to talk to my boyfriend and he showed me who he was fighting then we went back in and everything was fine after that.

  22. In my dream, I am looking for something. Not sure though what it is. I am walking on a river walk when a friend of mine stops me and tells me of a guy that is looking to fight me. I told him ok, whatever. So I end up running into this guy and 4 of his friends. I hit the first guy he drops lights out. The rest try to run and i grab ahold of the second guy. Not being able to get in a solid hit, I shove his head into the nook of my bicep and forearm and with the heel of my right hand start pressing into his nose. As I sqeeze the shit outa this guy I could feel his nose and cheek bones break. I let go and he falls lifeless to the ground. A cop nearby just waves as i walk away and wake up.

  23. I had this crazy ass dream about this bitch (stranger) who was just getting on my nerves. She was always talking shit and trying to start shit. She couldn’t stand me and I couldn’t stand her. We would fight and damn near kill one another. Most of the time, I would out smart her and have the upper hand. I literally wanted to kill this bitch but when I was in a position to kill her, I never could for some damn reason. It would doubly piss me off because we had friends in common and they seemed to support her and her bullshit and that shit would make me want to fuck her up more and cut off those people. One instance, the bitch was in my bed, pissed in my bed which led to me beating the living hell out of her. She kept coming back and the next time I find her just lying in my bed and we start fighting. She pulled out this BIG ass knife and I remember telling her this time, her ass is dead for this shit because she cut me with it. I jumped back and got my steel baton and started beating the crap out of her, something told me to bash her skull in and I was about to and woke the hell up fighting.

    1. i had a dream of me and my friends walking to the patio and then i see destiny with my earbuds so i go up to her “can i have my earbuds back” she glares at me “no’ and walks away. “destiny!” she sits down and starts to fake cry as her group of “friends” walk by expecting for them to pay attention to her but they ignore her. i stand in front of her and take my earbuds. “hey you little-” i spin around and glare at her face “you little what! You were gonna call me a b****! after what i have done for you” “You haven’t done s*** for me” i start laughing “i help you get away with stealing i help you when you were depressed i helped you when you got caught talking back to a teacher, i help you get out of trouble and i even helped you get a new group of “friends” cuz you wanted to meet them for no god dam reason” she punches me and stares at her hand in disbelief “im sorry im so sorry so-” “go to hell destiny i thought you were better than that but i was wrong your just like them. selfless bitch. i slapped her then i woke up