Homeless in Dreams

When you’re homeless in dreams, it may be a result of you feeling guilty or feeling sad for someones situation. This could be a way of your mind showing you empathy, where you are actually in the shoes of something you once saw. This can be related to a incident in your life where you felt that you needed to help someone in this similar situation but you didn’t.

Homeless in dreams can also be a guilt you have. This can be correlated to the idea that you have too much material possessions while others have none. And this can be interpreted to your character as where maybe you’re selfishly seeing yourself as less fortunate, when you’re really not in comparison to what you were in your dream.

This dream is a realization of yourself and how you live your life compared to others. If you are feeling guilty about not helping those in need, donate what you can and help where you can. If you’re guilt of feeling selfish has gotten to you, just re-evaluate the way you see your situation and be thankful for what you have.

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