Hurricane in Dream

The presence of a hurricane in your dream represents the imbalance state of your mind. This usually co-exists with chaos and uncertainty within your life. You may be juggling with many emotions and tasks that have overcome you. There is no right path for you at the moment, and no choices seem to make sense. There is doubt in your mind, and your ability to stay on task, and get things accomplished have become weary.

Make sure that you’re able to stay focus on life, and understand everything you encounter. If so, soon you will be heading into the eye of the hurricane for a clearer day.

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7 thoughts on “Hurricane in Dream”

  1. I had a dream that my 14 year old son set off for school. It was snowing and was absolutely freezing. A few hours later i get a knock on the door from his father who looked extremely concerned. Very close to tears. He said ” ty did not arrive at school today” my heart hit ghe floor. I just thought, he doesnt have many friends and its freezing. Where could he possibly be? I could see an imagine in my mind in the dream. He was sitting alone somewhere really upset about something

  2. I just remember a hurricane blowing away houses around me but i was ok. I could see houses being ripped from the ground and thrown around in the sky. The storm moved through quickly. I was overwhelmed that i was safe…

  3. PLEASE TELL ME THE INTERPRETATION OF THIS DREAM, ITS IN 3 phases. The house i saw is of my relative n i hv to go there for a wedding on 13 of april. Please interpret it before

    i had a dream, i was with my family in a concrete house and there is storm or hurricane is on going. Whole sky was red due to its fury. Me n my brother in law plan to find an escape bt our whole family tries to stop us. Wen we reach the terrace of the house i found that there is no furious wind (btw hurricane was of F5 in dream) and i realise we both r in the eye of it, exactly at center. I ask him to go downstairs stating “we r in the center of it, we shud go cz now winds wud b more worst n then i take him downstairs along with me. Bt he urges to see eye of the storm so we go out and run in the stormy weather on roads. Then as we r about to go furthr a cop comes and stops us from going furthr stating “there is a call from my sister that lightening strikes on metal ” n wt we see dat ahead of us r series of street light poles made of metal n i too is wearing metal armlet. Then as the moment we pull our feet back, we see a guy getting struck by lightening on his foot n we both rush for shelter, luckily we both found concrete shelter n stand there and then in a moment we see all the red clouds vanishing lyk nothing n sky is clear n blu. We both were happy witnessing this.

    then i find my colleague asking me bou my ex gf n saying “did she called u for asking ua well being n i say no. Then he says wen there was storm last tym, she was all crying n worried bou u.”
    in reality i hd blocked her n there is no way of contacting n m not sure even if she loves me or not anymore.

    aftr this i see a girl pointing at me in office n saying to his male colleague that he is the one who askd help n goes with me in my cab. After this, male colleague comes n try to punch me n start a fight. I pinn him down by grapple and ask him to listen to me bt he refuses n retalliate. Then someone helps me in pinning him n i explain that m not behind ua girl. Aftr this we both were having a conversation bou the event related while we both were sitting n i woke up.

  4. Last night I dreamt that there was going to be a hurricane coming that would last upto a maximum of 2 days and everyone should get themselves to safety with food and water, especially into basements if provided. My family and I prepared ourselves and moved into the basement. A few people were going around and boarding up doors and windows for extra safety. Halfway through the day, my neighbours joined us as they didn’t have a basement. At nightfall, as it began to get windy, I rushed out to seek my brother and found him calling out to his dogs. I helped him look for his dogs and told him to come home but my mother refused to let him in. I pleaded her many times and eventually she let him in. We spent 2 and a half days in the basement and during that a couple of people started disappearing without the storm getting in. What does this mean?

  5. Millie: Yesterday,I dreamed that my daughter ,son and myself we were in a tropical island. My daughter was on the left of me and my son was behind me while and we were looking out the window. As we looked out the window there was a hurricane storm coming towards us. My daughter and I managed to cover the window on the right so no water would come in. In the meantime my son who was behind me disappeared while my daughter and I try to keep the water from coming in from the other window. Then I woke up with a sense of sadness. Any feedback? Thanks

  6. I had a dream where my husband, our son, and myself were laying in bed waiting on a hurricane to hit, we had our son in the middle of us holding him trying not to act scared, we knew it was going to be a bad one. And we just laid there waiting on it to hit. Then I woke up. What could this mean

  7. Last night I dreamt that a Huge Hurricane/Tornado came crashing down on San Francisco. (which is not known in these parts) I couldn’t get to my car but i was on a shuttle bus trying to get as close to the out side of the city as possible to get my kid. My cell didnt work, I was prayign to myself that please let someone pick up my baby and take her some where safe since I could’t get a hold of any body and then the storm snatched up the suttle I was in like whiplash, I remember saying a quick prayer to protect my kid cause I was a forsure gonner. Then I woke up.