Hurting Yourself in Dreams

The thought of hurting yourself should not be something that is on your mind. It is not healthy to think of punishing yourself when you feel that you warranted it because you have done something wrong. To visualize hurting yourself in a dream, whether emotionally or physically, suggests you may be too strict and judgmental about yourself. You feel that you have failed to live up to the grandiose expectations others and yourself may have anticipated from you. Dreaming about hurting yourself suggests that you are baffled and frustrated with your current situation. You yearn to escape, for you feel the world is a cold and hostile place.

Therefore, you feel by hurting yourself, you are able to punish yourself for failing to become what others want of you. You may be scared to do it physically in your awake self. As a result, you envision hurting yourself in your dream as a form of release of pent up frustration and guilt. Take a minute, sit down, and think. Although others want you to succeed and achieve high goals, you are human and not perfect. There should be nothing in the world that forces you to resort to hurting yourself.

Alternatively, hurting yourself in a dream may symbolize you feel neglected. You want attention from others, and feel that attention will be received if others realize you are hurt. Sure, you may get the attention of others, but is pity and sympathy what you really want?

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25 thoughts on “Hurting Yourself in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream my family was yelling at me and I felt like I was going insane and started punching myself. I woke up actually punching myself, well I think, what does this mean??

  2. I have always had bad dreams but i have never had one about hurting myself well not untel now . I had a dream about cuting my arm very deeply and alot of my dream i was trying to hide it from my family and i was wondering why the fuck did i do this to myself . this is weird because i just stoped cuting my arm about 3 months ago because i realised that it was just makeing me even more sad and my family didn’t even know that i was doing it.So does anyone know why did i had this dream?

    1. Hi Nacoshia, i had a very similar dream. It’s very scary bc when I wake up I feel it almost. I don’t know what it means, but I’d like to know as well.

  3. I awoke from a dream recently where I realized I was doing major damage to myself. Like a knife would cut through my arm or leg like butter and there wasn’t any pain coming from it. I was very worried in the dream what was going to happen when someone saw what happened but I was so caught up in the fact that it felt like nothing, that I continued to do so.

  4. Im a female and i dreamt about like me slicing my stomach then my heart but when i looked down no blood but on my heart i saw two red spots and a blue vein but i think its bc in real life i have something going on with my heart

  5. Hi when I dream they feel so real.
    I dreamed that my partner who I just left was on his phone doing some shit … and I’ve grabbed the phone ran with it .. smashed it up chucked it back at him. Before he had the chance to come for me… I grab a knife and stab myself all over. I then call my mum… can just say ” mum I just stabbed myself”
    Then I woke.

  6. i saw the same person of me, i mean duplicate..who gave me a slap on my face, what is the meaning can u tell me I’m worried

  7. Lately I’ve been having a series of violent dreams, mostly of me hurting myself. Woke up from a dream that I am still completely and utterly shook up by. I fell asleep on my bed next to my laptop. I had a dream where I woke up to look at my laptop and there were long, disgusting shreds of something. I looked for a second and come to realize that they were really long shreds of flesh. What is more horrifying is that..they were MINE. At that point in the dream I realized that my breathing was labored and shaky and for some reason I was laughing. Then I looked down and saw several long strips of flesh that I cut out of my own leg. Then. I actually woke up. This is only one of the many horrors that are called dreams that my brain has been displaying for me. I am afraid to sleep again.

  8. I got off work around one am and started cleaning my house then got something out of cabinet and seen a weird tiny black sprider crowl out of bag I the get tierd and go to bed the dream was with me a a room kinda dark with me putting a bunch of hooks in my skin it was deep and they were all over my body I hurd something knock at the door so I try taking them out my skin was coming off with it when I was going towards my hand my meet and skin came off I kept screaming and crying then I open the door and start walking through a village it was dirty and could not see anything but felt someone there…

  9. Had a dream of Saving a person, in the dream i was about the Kick the person but ended up kicking my leg against the wall, boy it was so painful that had to get up and apply ICE on my foot :).

  10. I dreamt that I had barely gotten a car from my parents, and I was driving home from my school. For some reason, my entire family was visiting at this time, and they never really pay much attention to me. I had pressed on the gas, and ran through a red light and ran right into someone’s car, and flew out the windshield. I suffered extensive injuries on my legs, mostly deep cuts. The only motives I can think of for having this dream is that I had given some really bad advice that day, and that my family gives me below average amounts of attention.

  11. I had a dream when i was younger that i was sitting in my room. I was sitting down on the floor right next to a knife. I stared at it for a second, then took the knife and proceeded to cut off my right arm. there was no blood or anything, but after i finished i just stared into nothing. For some reason i could see my whole body, laying there staring at nothing. It was so creepy when i woke up from the dream! I’ve never forgotten it since! (P.S, i have a lot of grammar issues in this, i apologize, I’m in a hurry!)

    1. What?! I had a dream almost similar to yours.
      I was in bed. I simply closed my eye and the vision appeared. This was what happened.
      I saw myself sitting on the floor of my toilet with a large knife in my hand. My legs against my chest. I then just start to cut from the bottom of my knee all the way down vertically to my feet. There wasn’t much blood but I saw the meat and a little bone. That same scene repeated about three times. I was so calm at the time but my brain was literally shouting the third time it repeated. I have no idea wtf happened but I forced myself to open my eyes because my brain knows its wrong to have that kind of vision.

  12. Wow what a weird dream. In my dream i did stab my self in a stomach like 10 times. The dream was taking place in some kind of school i have never been in, and i was some kind of tourist. Alot of what i remember was regretting that i did this also wondering how i didnt die and was hoping that the wounds gonna start healing.

  13. I do not normally have such serious dreams..I dreamt of my mom taking me back to a mental hospital because i wasn’t eating. And for some reason she have a 6 pack of glass beer bottles. So my mom said you either go in there or we go home. So I dropped all of the stuff I was carrying as did she and I grabbed the beer bottle and ran around not letting anyone take it from me. Then hearing “you can’t open a beer bottle” I smashed it and took a piece of glass and ran to the sink to quickly rinse it and by the time that finished, my mom woke me up for real. In my dream I was planning to hurt myself. But I normally do not dream from my perspective. I normally dream like I am watching it; like a movie. This dream felt so real to me..

  14. I don’t usually have dreams, but when I do I can’t remember them.
    But I had this dream where I was in an abandoned car lot sitting in the back of a truck with a long metal rod sticking out of my leg, I put it there somewhere before I got to the car lot. And there was a bunch of syringes in my pockets (I’m terrified of syringes). And I remember pulling it out of my leg and it seemed to be a good few inches in there, and I didn’t do anything about the blood or the injury. I just let it bleed.
    Then the next night I had another dream where there was a nasty gash in the same leg. But it wasn’t in the same spot as where the metal rod was but this injury was huge, jagged and most likely infected and I still didn’t do anything about it.
    I may be over thinking it but both snippets of the dreams were very vivid.

  15. I had a dream that I self-harmed, in my dream I was bullied everyday, physically & mentally. So, dream me decided to kill myself by cutting over the vein, In the dream, I don’t remember cutting myself, but I remember waking up and there was a huge gash on both of my arms with stitches and bandages. I remember that the school kids didn’t pay much attention to the fact that I almost died, but my dream parents did a little bit. Why did I have that dream?

    Yeah, I used to self-harm
    yeah, I was bullied sjnce 3rd grade. (I’m in 10th now)

  16. I had a dream that my stomach was full of tapeworms on the surface of my skin. (So you could visually see the worms and even some parts of the worms were sticking out of the skin) So I took a knife (it was something sharp) and started cutting my skin and taking out the worms. I remember that when I cut it wasn’t a very clean cut ( so you can imagine a really bad cut) It didn’t hurt at all when I cut myself but it was just really disgusting. It was such a vivid dream that when I woke up I wasn’t sure if I had then or not and I had to check my tummy.

  17. I had a dream that I was chasing around our family pet(which is a hamster) trying to save him from a bunch of different deaths. First he almost drowned, then he almost got eaten by a dog, then he tried to climb down the drain in the bathtub. After he was finally safe I went outside and just walked around all lost, then a white haired old man showed up. I don’t remember what we talked about but it was nothing abnormal. Then I saw a sledgehammer laying on a log beside me and without thinking I just grabbed it and hit myself in the head with it, expecting to die. But I didn’t even though half of my head was caving in, and I was very confused as to why I wasn’t feeling any pain. So since I was so confused I went inside to ask for a ride to the hospital. I was then woken up by the phone. Was this just some strange meaningless dream or does it have some kind of message in it?

  18. Well i think its that i’m not accepted and no one wants to be friend for sure and every one is leaving me. i cant stop thinking about the dream so i don’t know what the dream means

  19. It’s not unhealthy to think of hurting yourself. Everyone has those thoughts. It’s a healthy questioning of your human limitations, pushing boundaries. Acting on them however isn’t. It’s a way to, as you said, relieve a mental burden, to release pent up negative feelings. But keeping all that in is not going to end well. Dreams only help so much. The feelings will only get worse. Talk about them, reason it out, find something that makes you happy, or something that takes you away from where you are. Don’t suffer in silence. I decided to stop well…asking for things, or wishing for things. Basically wanting things in general, I numbed myself to not obtaining what I wanted by giving up on wanting all together. It might not be the best thing to do, but you’ll never get disappointed, you’ll only be surprised with things you couldn’t even imagine wanting.