Killing in Dreams

Killing someone you know in a dream is an act of aggression that you envision, but should NEVER act out. You may have been hurt by these individuals unintentionally or indirectly. No matter how much you hate a person in any kind of conflict, do not act upon dreams of hurting or killing them physically because it is not worth it.

Stop for a moment to think why you are dreaming of harmful dreams, or rather nightmares because a human life cannot be bought for any money or any material in this world; and simply irreplaceable.

Talk to them or ignore them all together and move on with your life. You are wasting energy hating someone, and dreaming of inflicting harm to them that causes you to lose sleep.

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345 thoughts on “Killing in Dreams”

  1. Im in a barn at night, all of my closest friends are acting like zombies
    but are paranoid for what I might do,
    So I start “bad acting” like a zombie,
    Needless to say that it worked
    my dog chopper
    turned as well but his fur
    turned black and
    had blood coming out of his eyes
    I went back and forth between an
    Abusive household from my uncles
    House and that midnight zombie barn
    My friends were zombies but were themselves
    Completely, I slaughtered them all
    Including a girl I really like
    I then walked over to my dog chopper, and I struggled
    Not because I was emotionally attached
    But it was slightly difficult to cut off his head
    I felt nothing though out this entire experience
    Without any emotion

  2. Someone ganged up on me to shoot me in my dream. But later went to him for reconciliation for him not to kill me,which he accepted. Please explain the dream for me. Thank you

  3. I feel my dreams are rooted in my time in Vetnam. I feel I have PTSD but can not get help for it. The VA will not admit that I have it. Others have said I do suffer from it but unless I have a doctor that says I am suffering from it now the VA will not even go near anything that even hints that I it. My dreams keep getting worse I hope I can get some help soon. I fear if I do not my mind might be slipping away. I NEED HELP SOON.

  4. My roommate was sitting in a public place. I walked out of my house walked up behind him where he was sitting I told him not to move…. Well he moved and I slid the knife in his throat without hesitation I walked back home and that was it. If anyone has insight to this dream would be helpful

  5. I have been killing in dreams alot since I was young but they were attacking me and I was merely defending myself, strangers always but some times I would have a gun but be unable to pull the trigger no matter how hard I try, I know now they mean I was frustrated at not being able to do the things I wanted in life. I don’t get them anymore except for the time I was protecting a hermaphrodite demon who was helping me from another demon who was going to tell the higher ups he was helping me, I caved his head in with my bare hands lol.

  6. I had a dream that REALLY freaked me, I just woke up from it…
    My mum murdered her fiance , I asked why and she said “I loved her, but my job is more important” and everyone was so calm! My sister even showed me where they were buried and it was hyper real!

  7. I don’t know if people still reply to peoples problems/nightmares to help solve them, but i’m in desperate need of knowing why I’ve had such a nightmare. Warning though, I think of it being very upsetting and bothersome.

    During a midday nap on November 29, 2015, I had a horrific and depressing nightmare. I do not remember the beginning of the nightmare that lead up to such a horrible matter of events. In the nightmare, I was in the house and area of where I grew up during my childhood. I was my current age as everyone else around me was too by their details. I got into an argument with my father with it ending with me storming off to my room. When I was there, He came down the hallway with a handgun, tempting to hurt me, my older sister and mother for an unknown reason. I tried to remove the gun from him but couldn’t from being beaten down with the butt of it. From no where a knife appeared in my hand and I struck my father multiple times in the legs, arms and slashed at his torso. No matter what I did, He was not phased by my actions. He looked crazed and emotionless, He had no emotion from his actions other than a heart sinking smirk and grin every time he hit me. Eventually I got away and ran back into my room, trying to call 911 with my phone but couldn’t press the buttons hard enough to make the call. When i threw down the phone, I looked around my room which transformed to my present day one. I retrieved my .22 rifle and hunted my father down in the house. He was going after my sister when I shot him three times in the knees, each. Again nothing I did seemed to hurt him in any way possible. He turned to me as I took off out the house and into the yard. For another unknown reason, I was covered in blood and cuts from the pattern that I attacked my father in. What I did to him was done to me over time in an non-explainable way. I ran on foot down the road in search of help and came across one of my elder neighbors. He could not hear me due to having headphones in while driving a golf cart that they never had in reality. Miraculously I was in the cart beside him, crying and faintly yelling help. As it all came out in whispers with my throat burning as I was trying to yell it, my father came down the road in the cart that my family owns in reality. He had a different gun this time, a small shotgun, blasting my neighbor in the face as I took off running again, this time to my grandparent’s house. When I arrived inside, for an unknown reason, I had a bigger knife along with my aunt and grandmother. When my father made it inside, he slit his own sister’s throat with out hesitation and also my grandfathers. My grandmother and I vigorously penetrated my fathers back with our knives until he moved no more. I slumped to the floor crying loudly as my little cousin came to me doing the same over his mother. At that time I awoke drenched in sweat and cold in the areas where I was wounded within the nightmare.

    When I was little, like most kids, they have a very small connection with their dad/father, unlike their mothers. I used to dislike my father because he was a large man, loud and broad. As I aged, I grew to love and bond with my father as much as a son should. Sharing the same interests and having great conversations. Playing cards and other types of games and enjoying the bond that we have now and will forever have. But never have I ever hated him or have had any aggression towards my father in any way. I’d really like to know why I had such a nightmare and I’d wish to be relieved of the thoughts and emotions it causes me.

    Thank you in advance to everyone that tries to help.

  8. Please help
    My husband keeps having dreams were he’s killing his cousins that he had a pain full childhood with so in his dream his standing over his cousins and shoots him in the head but when he turns back to look its or 5year old son and when he wakes up. He’s in tears I dont know what to do to help

  9. I had a dream I was protecting a child that had a suitcase, the child was not mine I don’t know who the child was all I know is I was running with him protecting him from a man, we were eventually cornered an I had a gun an shot him in the leg an he still kept coming after the boy an I shot him again in the head an I woke up. I don’t own a gun an never shot one so it puzzles me why I would have a dream like that. What does my dream mean??

  10. In my dream my cousin was angry and my grandfather had recently passed away in my dream she had read killed him by stopping him to death and then she killed her mother and then she was after me and my daughter to kill us what does this mean?

  11. My kids father had a dream that our oldest son (9 yrs) killed someone (our neighbor that lives 5 doors down). What does this mean?