Losing Grandchild in Dreams

Dreaming about losing your grandchild represents the protective state that you are in. This grandchild is very precious to you, and you value the relationship as their grandparent. As you get older, you are more aware of the life’s limitations and its fragile states.

Or losing the grandchild in dreams could mean them growing older and growing further apart from you, where they have not visited you frequently enough.

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27 thoughts on “Losing Grandchild in Dreams”

  1. In my dream they were not my actual granchildren.
    We were in some kind of natural disaster. One granddaughter fell off a cliff. The other was smashed by a home. I saw it smash her! The house moved again and I saw her dead, smashed body.

  2. The mother off my grandchildren have taken off with them 6 weeks ago and I dream off them most nights and wake up crying

  3. Dreamt that I lost my granddaughter in a busy department store. I couldn’t find her. Looked for help to help me find her by the store staff who wanted payment.

  4. I went on a vacation and my Down Syndrome grandson went missing and no one would help me find him I woke and had to make sure it was only a dream.

  5. I went on a vacation and my Down Syndrome grandson went missing and no one would help me find him I woke and had to make sure it was only a dream.

  6. I dreamt that my granddaughter was ran over by a red car, an hour later she nearly got ran over by a Range Rover luckily my daughter saw what was about to happen n swung her back to safety, I have visions quite often specially when people are close to death. Not nice

  7. I had a dream last night that has had me very uncomfortable and stuck in my thoughts all day. In the dream I started out in a foreign place with a fimilair face from my past. As the dream went on I rented a car and was using it as uber car. I ended up picking three children up from school. I was supposed to be taking them to a school play or something. I don’t know these children. I was driving and the familiar face was in passenger seat. I had stopped at a store of some sort to ask for directions. When I exited the car I put the transmission in park but left the engine idling. I finally found someone who told me to follow them they were headed that way and I heard screeching brakes and crunching metal. I spun around quickly and noticed the car wasn’t where I had left it. It had went into oncoming traffic during rush hour and got hit. I ran over to the car. The three children in the back seat were dead. The passenger that was originally an old friend turned into my daughter in law. And my grandson. He was the only one alive and he died in my arms. I woke up
    There have been a lot of issues with my daughter in law and not doing right by my grandson. Which is not her biological child. This dream has had me up in arms all day and I need some peace of mind.

  8. My father dreamed that his granddaughter was choking on some type of food (icecream) and in that moment he woke up.

    We are both having dreams like these, which seem to have a hidden message. I am currently going through a spiritual awakening and I need to understand how to help myself and my family members to understand what is happening.

  9. in my dream I hadn’t seen my daughter for awhile and when I saw her she told me my oldest grandson had died. I asked her how it happened and she said he was at the park and a car had hit him and was taken to surgery and he died from bleeding to death. In my dream I could see it happening over and over again. When I woke up it’s still in my head and I am very emotional about it and can’t get it out of my head. What does this mean.

  10. This child is the kove of my life Every moment I can see him I will I dreamed that we are in a shopping center with lots of shops and I could not find him. Things at home are not good. He just turned 6.

  11. my grandchild my son’s daughter of 5-7 years oldand her classmate failed to return home from school for over half an hour from school. I and our maid go frantically searching for her on her school to home route. I wake up anxious. in reality my grandchild has migrated to Canada with het parents six months ago. presently my daughter has come from Australia for 10 days with her 7 year old son and my wife and I am simply enjoying his presence.

  12. I had a dream my grandsons were kidnapped. One came back crying and couldn’t tell what had happened to his baby brother. We feared he had been killed.

  13. These dreams scares me about losing my grandchild she’s only a year and some months old and it upsets me every time what is the meaning of these dreams it’s been several dreams and I don’t like them

    1. I need to know and understand what does dreams mean on my granddaughter dying n some type of accident I’m do scared of these dreams it’s been several lately pleas help me I’m always upset because of them

  14. Dreamed younger version of my grandaughter was kidnapped an murdered she had on a pink dress. I am crying. Help me!

  15. I dreamt of my 4 yr old grandchild getting lost at an ancient burial ground (barrow) . My sister was on the otherside of the side of it . I was going mad with worry … I’m very close to my grandson he is my world, he has been poorly and upset with recent events at home .

  16. I received a call from my daughter-in-law that my 4 years old grandson was killed in a car accident. She was not grieving, I was devastated by grief. My dead father appeared with me but was silent and then I woke up.

  17. I dreamed me and my grandson went in a store to buy snacks and he walked out and I couldn’t find him and the people outside the store did not see where he went And I wouldn’t let myself wake up because I had to find out what happened to him. I had to know,I was so hurt in the dream that my hart was literally hurting. Then I woke up, the scariest dream of my life.

  18. Had a dream that my grandchild was dead in a morgue they had taken all the liquid out of her body and I would say baby wake up and she would sit down with her eyes open and eat she couldn’t speak but every time I would say wake up she should wake up. She had a triangle scar in her belly.

  19. Woke up uneasy and crying.
    Ended up in dream in an alley where my son and daughter in law had just gotten into some kind of trouble. (Sense of the dream)
    See my granddaughter lying on the ground. They tell me she was dead. They were not really bothered by it.
    Scene changes a bit and I go to throw garbage away in a dumpster and when I opened it….They placed my granddaughter body in there. I was crying, yelling at them. My ex trying to console me.

  20. Dreaming that was not a dream
    It was a nightmare !!
    I do worry about them and it seems the older I get the worse it gets …Thank you God it was just a dream… He was in my care and got Away from me and I looked everywhere and found him dead on the side of the road–I woke up still screaming someone just shoot me..

  21. My father-in-law had a dream that my 8 year old son, his grandson, got in the water and he could not get him out. My son came up a few times and then went under and his grandfather could not find him. I have had dreams about my son having tragic accidents that lead to death. I believe my own were for my spiritual well being, but now I am worried for my son. I have a daughter also, but I don’t have those kind of dreams about her.

  22. Dreamed my son got on a bus with my grandchild and got off without the grandchild saying he couldn’t find him when he got off. Spent my dream looking for him and couldn’t find him. Woke up anxiety and worried and not in a good mood

  23. Mother of child was not in dream. We were in a small crowd of people….seemed like a get together with people i knew…..remember all the kids playing, included my other grandchildren when all of a sudden i noticed her missing…started to panic. Told people to please help me….everyone else seemed to remain calm except me! Waited a long time before repoting child missing. Woke up very disturbed, sad, n helpless.