New Job in Dreams

Dreaming of a new job indicates a desire for advancement and fulfillment. Starting over brings on new challenges where you get to apply all your experiences to the new position to further the growth of the group. Plan and prepare for the new job, and your dreams will be realized even soon than you think.

Your unconscious mind is telling you to leave behind the work that keeps you unhappy. Financial wealth and stronger relations will develop from a new job.

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22 thoughts on “New Job in Dreams”

  1. I dreamt that a person in a good posistion created me a job. Asking me to work woth them. That they would show me what I needed to know to work comfortably with them.

  2. Lastnight I had a dream that I opened up my email receiving news saying that they are happy to bring me aboard to a job that I really wanted. My current job makes me unhappy they don’t care about your health or staff, you can’t move up in the company at all the pay barely gets you by. They have you doing work that is not matching the pay. They force you to pay out if your own pockets for classes and pressure you when to get them

  3. Last night I had a dream of receiving 2 job offers, 1 from the current company and 1 from my previous company. Today I received an invitation to a job interview.. spent most morning trying to get meaning of my dream, got none.. Wow, I am speechless.

  4. I start a new job in a few weeks. However, in my dream I saw a dead childhood friend starting a new job but I was there as well and we were going throttle training process together but I was more keen in learning .

  5. I had a dream before waking to go to work, about work. It was my first day at a new job, and i was really happy. Instead of strangers as my coworkers they were almost all my old elementary school friends. I remember saying in my dream ‘so you guys dont really have to work hard at all?’ And they would laugh and say no. It was funny because i was so happy. I havent had a work dream for a long time that i was happy in..

  6. I dream of working at a new desk the company that I was interviewed for 2 days ago and in the dream I was sitting at the desk and chair working on the computer and then it was time for me to go to lunch I went to lunch. Note that the job is part-time for now.

  7. I had a dream last night of my new job and loads of money
    I start my job in 4weeks time
    Let’s hope the money bit is true aswell

  8. I had an interesting dream. I was working in a new environment that strongly resembled Google. I remember people all around working and collaborating. Also people in a game room and seeing people eat. I was walking around, and talking to my dad. I remember say “yes, i got the job! I’m so excited”. Before i could figure out what the location was or the job, i woke up.

  9. I dreamt i got this good rank position at the bank in a matter of a day through a connection. No interview at all. Alot of the new co workers when helping to process me were praising me and being very helpfull.

  10. I dreamt that I landed a fantastic job but slept in A colleague said she had tried to wake me up but she couldn’t

  11. I dreamed that I already joined the new job and suddenly see my old friends also have taken the job there too. we laugh to each other what happens to us. So we walk around and says to each other lets go to the room it is prohibited to walk around. Also I have seen money people set around a table and playing cards with money one wins and the other person translates to foreigners. plz interpreterate to me the same.

  12. I had a dream last night that I was attending a company function. Dream then changed to where I was interviewing with a high profile company who were willing to pay me a high salary based on the fact I have an mba. I mean this group really wanted me to work for them. I did not get to accept the offer as my 3 year old woke me up screaming at 3am. In my current career I am very successful but keep being passed up for promotion because I’m being told I am overqualified for most promotions and my company just tells me to suck it up and wait it out, my time is coming? Any meaning to any of this? Thank you.

  13. Am having a problem at work, so i dreamt that i had gone to look for a job in a different county. I only remembering negotiating for the pay to be a bit more than what i earn

  14. Last night in had a dream that I went into the office at my sons school and that one of the secretary’s were leaving and the principal gave me papers to fill out and hired me on the spot no questions asked. I currently have a job that I am over worked, super stressed, and under paid what could this dream mean?

  15. I interviewed for a postition im real life and dreamed that I was hired. In my dream, I was already taking the responsibilities on that my job required.

  16. I was offered a job as an accountants. I am currently unemployed so I dont know if my mind and dream is playing tricks on me. and the salary was good. too good.

  17. I am excited about starting my new job, and last night I dreamed about it. Coworkers were nice, the work was fun, but my supervisor started rumors about me. I am deeply hurt as I don’t understand why since it is my new job.

  18. I have been out of work since September 2013, so one would think that having a ‘new job dream’ would be normal and expected. However, I have also never had one of these dreams since my last job either.

    Last night I had a very vivid dream where I was no only offered a major job, but I had also already started working in that job. My dream ended with me phoning anyone and everyone who would listen to me of my great news.

    If I had recently been unemployed I would just chalk this experience up to a common and expected occurrence. Who wouldn’t have a dream of getting a new job when one is unemployed. However, because I have been out of work for 15 months now and have never had one of these dreams before, I have to think that maybe this is significant. Maybe my subconscious is trying to tell me that this employment void is finally going to come to an end.

    I have been applying for any and every job I can think of. Sometimes I apply for 10 jobs a week on-line…all jobs where my skills and experience would be applied too. It’s just in recent weeks I started (for whatever reasons) to feel better about my prospects. I cannot explain why, but for some reason I am starting to feel that a new job is imminent…perhaps this is what my dream was tapping into?

    Who knows. I have had some pretty vivid dreams over the years that I can only interpret as “prophetic”, some of those are yet to happen, and some were quite disturbing of pending events. So why not have a dream that actually delivers to me something that I definitely need? :-).

  19. I was driving ng down a back road when i saw some thing heavy in the road so I got out of my car began to move it after I had moved it a local guy known to me called me over to talk when four guys started walking towards me I thought they where going to rob me so I got into a fight stance when the first guy started to laugh and yelled see I told you guys he is strong and they started to offer me a new job

  20. I had a dream that I was working a new job I was making alot of money and had nice clothes the only problem is o remember having this dream before and working in the same job but I got fired before… Then it turns to me at a house and a tornado is coming and it clears us and then I look in the distance and see 3 small tornadoes form,into one giant tornado an elderly women in my dream who was suppose to be my grandmother shoved me and my kids in the basement and locked the door after the storm had cleared we went outside and this women was thrown on a windshield,of a car. Then I woke up