On Trial in Dreams

Envisioning yourself standing before a trial in your dreams, your unconscious self may be expressing some sort of guilt and regret. This may be a result of certain actions conducted during your awake self. To dream that you are on trial may be interpreted as you being too judgmental on both yourself and others. You seek to find and achieve perfection and as a result, you may cause some sort of strife with others. If this happens, try to relax a little and learn to accept yourself and others for who they are.

To dream that you are on trial, it may reflect your feelings of being placed under a microscope and being scrutinized for your actions. You may also feel like you are being accused of something.

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One thought on “On Trial in Dreams”

  1. I dreamt that I was put on trial for raping a friend of mine that I have known for 15 years. We are both girls and I would never do anything to her. The whole time my dad kept saying that I would be found innocent but I didn’t believe him. Meanwhile my mom was preparing herself for me to be found guilty. I thought I would for sure be found guilty and was distraught (crying the whole time). Before the trial began I begged my friend to stop it, I think so much that I scared her. I was really desperate. The actual trial was extremely draining. Then before the results came our families (mine and my friends) had to have dinner together and my mom made a speech about how she would find strength once I was in jail. I recently just moved out from my parents house, and in my dream they were both there the whole time. Eventually I was found innocent. But the trial was extremely upsetting. If anyone has any ideas what this would be about please let me know, the dream upset me very much.