Persecuted in Dreams

Being persecuted within a dream is representative of feeling immense guilt. Perhaps you’ve done something that was wrong, and your mind is unconsciously punishing you for this. When you’re conscious you’re trying to ignore what you’ve done, but you truly are guilty and the only way you can feel content is if your mind is paying the consequences for what you’ve done.

The way to get over this is to make amends with what you’ve done. You need to face your problem head on and try to relieve yourself of guilt.

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2 thoughts on “Persecuted in Dreams”

  1. I have a recurrent dream of being chased/persecuted by a man, who wants to sexually assault me and I don’t know what else he want’s to do to me. It is scary and I feel very afraid in my dreams…I always manage to escape somehow with the help of friend, family or other people around. I do not know what this dream stands for really.

  2. I dreamed of being pursued, escaped in moving train, trapped in car with another girl, with limited dynamite, trying to blast way out, after trying different combos of small detonation, eventually got it right and blasted way out, other girl ran away to safety first