Phone Call in Dreams

A phone call in your dream is parallel to a real phone call in the real world. A phone call in a dream can have many meanings and have various affects on your physical self. A phone call can be a point of realization, where the dream has hit a climax, or a significant turning point. The phone call can be something you’ve been waiting for, which can be relevant to something or someone you desire.

Physically, a phone call can be similar to other affects as jumping off something in a dream, the loud noise can usually be a point where the dream stops, and the dreamer wakes up, leaving the dream unfinished.

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16 thoughts on “Phone Call in Dreams”

  1. In the middle of my dream,my boyfriend was like “I’ll call you” with a smile on his face.Within the next few minutes,he called me with that same smile on his face of which we talked for awhile.Meanwhile,he hardly calls me on phone in waking life unless i tell him to(he just sends text messages when he wants to check up on me).He only calls when he wants me to satisfy him sexually.Also, we had some little misunderstanding recently and not talking for awhile that i pledged myself never to continue the relationship.To my uttermost surprise,after i had this dream,that very day he texted me as usual to check up on me since we’ve not texted each other for awhile now cos I feel tired of this relationship but, i still feel something for him tho…….Please what could the dream possibly mean?

  2. In my dream, I stop to help a lady that it had a car accident and she ask me to call my phone . I pull out my phone and start dialing and when it was about to start ring in my alarm sound it from my phone my wife when to turn it off .

  3. I had a dream about a girl who reoccurs in my dreams every few years. I grew up with the girl but she never meant anything serious to me and neither do I her so i’m not sure why I dream about her; she’s Never on my mind. But this dream was the strangest dream I’ve had in awhile, this one seemed real. I got a phone call from her and it lasted nearly an our in the dream (Maybe a minute real time) but it’s as if our subconscious’ were linked. We talked about a past friend we once had (Her boyfriend left her for my ex), and how she used to like me in the 8th grade, and then she would argue with herself on the phone about how she doesn’t even know why she called me or why she’s talking to me. I just told her that it wasn’t a bad thing but yes strange because we never talk. The conversation ended with my parents walking in and asking do I know what time it is and I looked at it to see it was about 1:30am. I told her I would let her go but that we should make plans to hangout and catch up sometime and I started listing off days of this week that haven’t happened yet. This was were she once again started to argue with herself about going out with me, it’s like she wanted to but didn’t want to. But after agreeing to just “let things happen when they happen” I hung up and woke up to see it was exactly the time it was in the dream. My dreams are never like this, none of them ever make sense, none of them ever tie into things in real life, a lot of them are random and people change quickly, this was the most realistic dream I’ve had in a long while.

  4. Hello,
    My name is Gabby.
    My older brother Jordan passed away two years ago.. It was unexpected. I miss him more then anything, so I love when he shows up in my dreams. Sometimes he says absolutely nothing. He will just stand there with no expression, but in my dreams I know he’s dead. So when I see him I freak out, start to cry, and I hug him. I don’t understand why he doesn’t hug back or say anything to me. That has happened maybe twice in my dreams. Once I’ve gotten a phone call from him. I was in our old house, I heard the phone ringing and I had no idea who it was I just knew I had to run and answer it. And it was him. He sounded happy and he said I’m alright and I woke up.
    I’ve also seen his skeleton on a roof in my dreams? I didn’t know it was him, but the skeleton was wearing his Jean shorts and a white T-shirt (his normal outfit)
    I’ve also saw him getting married to his ex girlfriend, When I saw him in my dream he acted like everything was normal but I still knew he was dead. So again I hugged him and started to cry.
    If this is him visiting me, that great and I love it. But I just have so many questions on what they all mean.

  5. My unrequited love who I’ve met officially and never spoken personally called to ask me where I was. From his office where I visited in the real past. He sounded impatient and irritated. I replied sir I’m coming and starting to get dressed to leave.

  6. I had a dream of my younger sister who I loved, and she was asking my where because something good is coming my way and so her husband was is going to call me, and I woke
    Please what could be the meaning?

  7. Had a dream of my friend I have not seen in years but missed so much .. he has passed away was killed and we have never found the killers … why do I dream of a phone call from him

    1. Dear Torres,i’ll first like to say that i’m very sorry for the death of your friend……I’ll also want you to know that some dreams have deeper meanings that might not seem understandable to us as humans unless those with much insight but they are the very ones that much attention should be given to or must be tackled before it’s too late…..To be more clear,if you received a phone call from your deceased friend in your dream(of which he probably didn’t wanna appear in waking life to scare the hell outta yah)then he probably needs some help from you since his killers haven’t been exposed yet and it also foretells the fact that his soul isn’t resting in peace because he died in cold blood… your next move should be on how to if possible connect to him (your killed friend)for some directions in tracking his killers ……Thanks!

  8. Here was what happened in my dream,

    I was in the bedroom, it ranged in my office (where I keep it) and I went to answer it. It was a call from Home, is what the screen had. I was like how can I get a call on my cell from my cell?

  9. I’ve been waiting to hear from my boyfriend hes been out of contact for 7 weeks and I’ve had three different dreams and in each dream he calls the second dream I miss his call do these dreams mean he’s gonna call soon

  10. I dreamed that I got a phone call from a friend that passed away a few years ago. He was an alcoholic and used drugs heavily. He said that he was locked up in the grave and that if I didn’t clean up my life I’d end up locked up with him. That scared me, because I haven’t been doing anything damaging to my body or anyone.

  11. Dreamed of siblings receiving a phone call from older sister informing me of our younger sister being killed by drowning.

  12. My mother passed away in July 2013 and since her death I’ve got several phone calls from her in my dreams. I dream that she is talking to me, but I can’t get her to hear me. I keep asking her if she can hear me and if she knew I loved her. But never get an answer from her. Does anyone know what this could mean?

  13. I dreamt that I was laying in bed,while on the phone with my mother, painting my toe nails yellow. This is giving me conflicting emotions because I once painted my toes yellow & no one liked the color but would not tell me outright. They’re painted pink now.