Shooting Gun in Dreams

Dreaming of shooting guns either in the open or at the gun ranges represent male vigor and virility. Upon hitting your targets, your own demonstration of manhood is for all to witness.

Also, on the other hand, gun shootings in dreams signify that danger is creeping around the corner. When situations get out of line, and you tend to stroke the fire by being violent or acting brash. Stop for a moment to think how the volatile situation could be handled better without heighten angers.

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4 thoughts on “Shooting Gun in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream that I wanted to save my brother from being shot as a result of false allegation but on getting there it became a man in my family and he gave me a shot but the bullet could not get me . Please what does it mean.

  2. I had a dream that I was chasing an unknown man all of a sudden I collected a gun from someone and chased him intently without braking a sweat, I fired of 2 shots that almost hit him but he dodged n good time, while the chase was on, I encountered 2 corpses on the road that had been hit by cars. I eventually saw a couple of friends I had not seen n a long while and stopped to chat but the man was still in my vision and I continued the chase when I left them,then I woke up

  3. Same here I had a dream like that to but the person was a robot figure and he kept shooting with a gun. And I carried on climbing a wall and was laughing coz nothing was happening to me subhanallah.

  4. i hard a dream last night that i was shot by unknow person in the dark. i heard a loud gun shot and i show a light like fire so i felt on the floor thinking that i’m shot.i touch my self i did see any blood or wound.please can u reply me back