Shot and Died in Dream

Being shot and died in a dream is traumatic, but hardly a case for concern as it should not be taken in a literal sense. Any form of harm or injury to yourself during a dream indicates a deep guilt in which you are punishing yourself (as if you want to die). The important thing to do is move forward from this dream, as many people besides yourself have made the same mistakes and moved on.

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6 thoughts on “Shot and Died in Dream”

  1. I had a dream that I turned around and was shot towards the back of the head. It was more an execution but I knew it would be coming from a person I somehow knew in the dream.
    I remember we decided to shoot ourselves cause it was the only way “out” of whatever we were in.
    I remember falling on my face and slowly dying. I could feel my brain and blood flowing from my body and I could hear the person I was with running away when he was supposed to shoot himself next.
    I could physically feel my scalp tingle and I faded out and I woke up.
    But while I was bleeding out I was having rational thoughts asking God to just let me die and I also wondered why I was. Reaching normal and not gurgling.
    What does this mean?

  2. I was having a lucid dream me and a couple guys were marines and in a small room with the floor flooded about 2-5 inches of water some guys rush in with guns in russian uniforms they shoot all of us it felt like a real gun shot (I have been shot before but not in the same area) the bullet went through my right shoulder just under my collar bone I fell face first into the water I kind of pushed myself up out of the water then just looked at the enemy layed back in the water coughed in the water and just gave up and died slowly (I am not in any branch of military) but I did feel the pain which really sucked

  3. I dreamt I was shot and died, right in front of my ex husband. And woke up gasping for air and felt the pain. Not sure what this means, very horrifying.

  4. I had such dream tonight. I dreamed I was shot and dying. The dying part felt so strange… But I survived it in my dream nonetheless.. Does this have a different meaning?

    I apologize for my poor English.

    1. She is in couseling and I sit with her every night, trying to convince her to think of something else before she goes to sleep, but it doesn’t help. I have even slept with her, but then I don’t get much sleep. Not sure what to do next. Nothing traumatic in her life, just hates the school she attends and doesn’t have many friends.