Sinking in Dreams

When you are sinking in a dream, you are most likely being overwhelmed or anxious about something related to work and relationships. This sinking feeling is arises when someone or something is pulling you down causing you to stop in your path to any progress.

In the sinking dream, you are no longer in control of the situation. It takes hold of your body, and no matter how hard you struggle, you continue to sink and experience a great degree of helplessness.

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3 thoughts on “Sinking in Dreams”

  1. Usually before I fall into deep sleep, I have these sinking feelings. Then wake up with my heart pounding from the sinking nightmare of me falling off a boat into water. I know how to swim, but I am unable to stop sinking.

  2. I hope this is the right catagory for my dream …. in my dream i wash reading manga (japanese comic book )when i got some thing in the mail . I opened it and it was a sript called the asylum (i hope i spelled that right ) i was wondering why i got a script in the mail because i am not an actress but i want to be some day . so i looked at the cover and it was red with some markings on it . when i started to read it made me feel like i was going insane so i put it in the trash . but when i turned around to sit back on the bed it was there on the bed again but there was another copy with it and when i put those in the trash more poped up on the be and they wouldnt stop . i had a feeling like i was never gonna get out of there… then the dream changed i fell through a black hole and i was wearing some type of leather armor and had a sword … i felt calmer here but i was in the dream to kill a tyrant who doesnt care about the people of the land so me and my group of rebals killed him and brought peace to the land . What does all this mean ? the first part of the dream really freaked me out but the second part i felt calm like i was doing the right thing . I’m glad i remembered all of that it was about to fade away a little bit .. can you please tell me what my dream means please . ~kayla