Snow in dreams represent many things, depending on their context:

Snow can mean gentleness, as snow is white and fluffy, it can symbolize who you are as a person, or the characteristics of a person you care about. This can be seen as a time of peace in your life, or a time of relaxation. Accept this time of peace and let it take you in.

When covered in snow, snow represents the idea of hiding or being hidden. Your mind is trying to repress memories or trying to hide things that you wish to get out of your life. You may not necessarily be in a state of happiness, but you’re trying to relieve yourself of some problem in your life.

Snowstorms represent chaos in one’s life. It is all fluttered and unorganized, and it’s getting in the way of you doing what you need to do. Perhaps you need to organize yourself, and allow yourself to walk past the storm. You can’t allow the snow to block your view on your goals. Walk forward in progression until you see a clearer day.

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