Space Travel in Dreams

Dreaming of space travel is a sign of a highly imaginative mind where an adventurous and daring journey is unfolding. Space is something that we know just so little about. Dreaming of going off into space, where just so few have gone before, is like taking a deep dip into the wondrous imagination of the mind. It is a fascination of the unknown where one is able to travel and experience something so wonderful and so unknown and dangerous at the same time.

This could all potentially mean grand opportunities for success and affluence awaiting you as you make this daring journey of search and exploration.

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37 thoughts on “Space Travel in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream last night where the world was coming to an end. I was rushing around to save everyone from the flooding and the burning of the world. I remember feeling manic and unorganized. My loved ones were cold towards me but I still fought on to save everyone. I was alone and scared. Then out of no where I was pushed into space by some sort of “force” and I was in space watching the world come to an end and evaporate in front of me. I don’t remember feeling sad, only confused and remember feeling something of a “higher power” surround me. No longer was I worried about work, my spouse, my family, anything “human”. There was a woman in a pod who was screaming for me and I had to approach her, except when I did someone else was with me, a younger woman, but the same woman. The younger woman made me push the older version of herself into deep space and then I was flying through space, no suit, no pod, no nothing. I passed “clouds” and “constellations” bigger than what any one could ever imagine. And I kind of knew I was dying but there was a feeling of ease because I had seen “life”. I had “figured” everything out. And even trying to explain it, I can’t comprehend the beauty, or the devastation of it all. It was a unique experience and I wish I could explain it better. Any thoughts on this would be awesome, thanks!

  2. I first had a dream that there were rockets being launched into space and that I needed to get on one with my daughter . The second part of my dream was me in space with a few other people some I knew and some I didn’t we were traveling through space and from time to time we had difficulties with our ship and had to risk our life fixing it. There was one point in time where the blackness of space turned to lots of different colors and it amazed me. Two of the people I was with on the trip decided to leave the ship and drift off in space. In the dream I was so excited for them and I longed to go after them as well but I didn’t.

    1. I had close to the same experience about all the colours. Not so much about the ship stuff but that’s interesting!

  3. Literally all my dream was, was me like moving through space (w/out seeing my physical form) so it was like my spirit was just flowing through space pretty quickly as I was trying to look at each star going by. I don’t even know if that was a space dream but I know for sure it was nothing I’ve ever dreamed of been before.

  4. My dream was colorless and I was in some kind of a spaceship that had the form of a cube. Inside I think I was alone I don’t recall it exactly and I was near a glass window and I was looking outside were you could see the outer space but few faraway stars could be seen. Before or after that I dreamt that I was at the countryside in the vacation house were my grandparents used to leave before they died. At one of the rooms someone was knocking at the door and I went to open it even if someone was telling me not to, and when it opened my grandpa came inside and he was in some kind of shock because he was mumbling and had big eyes pointing to the open door that he came by like trying to let me know that someone was following him. And before I looked in the pointed direction I woke up. I think he was trying to show me that death was following him. And a few days later I had sleep paralysis with the same shadow that was coming near me. I even screamed in real life and woked up my mother. Can this have something to do with death in real life ? In this situation the part with the space has a good or a bad meaning ?

  5. Loving in Kentucky. I was working at Hooters as a cook and very content with my 2 like walk to work walk each way and life altogether.
    One night producing music at my condo. I saw flashing green light out the corner of my eye.

    It caught my attention more than scaring me. There were about 7 fluorescent green robins playing and hovering there. This was In real life. 4 months prior to that I saw something airborne the same color and huge with a friend.

    The robins gave the feeling of warmth and family. It was a festive but personal feeling.

    My dream though was prior to all of these events but within the same year and general area. So In my dream I was flying a small craft. It was an apartment so it wasn’t too small. I was about 40 pounds heavier and my eyes were fluorescent green. I had a haircut ( nice and smooth).

    The dream also gave me a feeling of warmth and family although I was alone. Thanks for reading this if you have. Feel free to comment or follow my Instagram
    @youngbladeig. I also felt this dream was someone real like a parallel universe or glimpse of a future reality. Peace and love.

  6. I had a dream thrice abt being in space and last was one that I was in home in the front yard and it was the middle of the morning like it was 3:00 – 4:00 am in the morning and I was standing there and sky had a very different colour it wasn’t blue it was like purple and yellow and musdard and then after the sun started to rise and It was like not just a normal sun rise it was something like we know how big a sun is and as the sun was rising and it was getting nearer to me it was getting very hot and then I saw that I was in space it was black and I could see the stars and other shiny grey stuff like and it was like I was floating in the space i could see many planet and then there was circle or an oval of tiny stars and a deep hole in the middle and then I saw that I landed on a planet it was all dusty and brown and the sky was like yellowish blue . But that starts part was very beautiful

  7. I dreamed last night of a well groomed meadow, and at its center was a tree bigger than any I had ever seen. It stretched into heights I could not see and had more branches than I could count. In it was the beginnings of a house I wished to build. I imagined the house filling the tree but I knew that it would take eternity to complete.

  8. I dream every night so vivid its as if I am recalling yesterday. I often dream of traveling through space and time. Through dimensions. Though time in those is usually only a factor because it differs between worlds. I can fly always and have a certain control in my dreams maybe because I dream so much. When I fly I have learned and now seem to just know if I fly to high in this form I will enter a fog of sorts thick and endless seeming. Though I feel it is not endless only looping being a thin membrane between worlds in my mind. I go to places that may be similar to this or to places in which I am not even human existing on a world that looks completely foreign. I dreamed of being in a ship traveling through space seeing nebula and distant things one in particular was dark and foreboding as I flew into it I saw images come at me. Images I did not recognize but I thought they must be memories. I dream of 2 dragons fighting one of silver and one of gold they shine like the sun and the whole world can see them in the sky. I dream of battles between opposing forces neither of which I see as good or evil only opposite. The dragons when they fight do not even touch though in their wake they leave destruction but also creation. I dream of so many things I cannot count them all. Some seem like normal dreams and others just feel different. They feel as though they carry meaning. Guess I’ll never know.

  9. This dream was unique. I was on a platform that was floating above earth. The stars shone bright in the deep blackness of space. The earth was beautiful and radiating light that was so bright. The colors were so vivid, unlike anything I have seen in real life. My boyfriend was standing next to me and i still remember the colorful lights dancing across his face as I looked up at him. I asked him where we should go, and we decided to go to California (I’ve never even been there) . So, hand in hand we flew down to our intended destination. As I got through the atmosphere and the clouds, the land was something like a map. The continents were labeled and divided out, I remember reading the names of some of the states which I thought was kind of funny. Finally we got close enough and We landed in a beautiful forest where, again, the colors were so bright and vivid. It was such a strange thing. Never had a dream like that since.

  10. On one beautifull day a set of experts came and ask me travel again to space for some mission along with my father. In a dream My family is aware that how challenging it is to travel in space.. Once we have reached to destination the views were spectacular. I really don’t know but I was very much emotional when I was leaving for my journey first time I was wiping/choked with emotions. What is this indicate is hard to analysis. Hope my experience might lead to some were else.

  11. A girl around my age with a very familiar face picks me up in her spacecraft as earth is overturned by horrific zombies. She was amazing! We really liked each others company as we flew around the edge of our planet, laughing at the poor sods below us. I remember distinctly feeling that I’d never been so lucky in my entire life. When we left earth this mysterious girl, whom doesn’t have a name, took me all over our solar system, rings of Saturn, moons of Jupiter, ect… and then further out into our neighboring galaxies, we landed on a few planets to stop for food and refuel her craft. It was a small ship made for two, had a circular base painted white, and a tall glass dome (Fairly traditional space-ship build) It felt like a very long dream but at one point I asked her how she found me and she didn’t say much, just stuff about destiny and things meant to be this way. Then I asked “Where did you come from?” And she didn’t say a word, she looked rather upset now, even though we were orbiting a breathtakingly gorgeous planet, with purple oceans and outer-laying rings made of diamond encrusted jewels… She said nothing. She dimmed the lights in our craft and spun her chair to face me. When she opened her mouth, I saw a tear wriggle down her face, it stopped to say hello to her little nose, which was now experiencing water-related difficulties of it’s own, then it trickled around her lips and fell. It fell for a while, the tear was falling for so long I thought to comment on how much of a journey it was deciding to take, must’ve been the artificial gravity… when it finally hit the ground I looked up and she was gone, and the spaceship, and everything. I had woken up.

  12. I don’t know how I got their but I think I was on the moon I could see the earth and it was quite scary I ran out of water ? I don’t know if that means anything? But I was talking to a woman on the microphone and she was telling me I’d be on my way home by sunrise tomorrow which was a relief she said to look for a space shuttle to make sure I could get home at this point I was in a space ship and I didn’t see myself if that makes sense I was looking from my own view like I was actually their ? I kept having thoughts that something would go wrong but nothing did after that I sent a small white cone container down to earth and some memory’s came back ? Not real ones obviously but inside the container was a £1000 which I sent to someone on earth once a year to make their life’s better ….then it showed me who their was a ocean and on the other side just over the edge was big factories with children holding bits of paper I guess begging for money they looked African and I little boy picked up the parcel and that’s when I woke up

  13. I dreamt of being on mars in a space suite. We were searching for life. We found a nest of large eggs big enough to cover your whole hand. Then they were solid like rocks. I found a large round energy orb that was hovering above the surface of the planet. It had lines conectingnto each other as if it were like the communication trabsmitters in our brain. I held one of the eggs inside it. It began to hatch. Then it resembled a human dinaosuar half breed. But looked almost purely human. A woman was holding the child and she had the sudden idea to cut off her fingers to feed the child. She had no care in the world but to feed it. The child had teeth and ate her fingers and fell asleep. I continued to place the eggs in the round sphere and I place the egg on the floor it didn’t hatch, but then I see two little dinasuar feet come out of the eggs shell.

  14. I had a dream that I was climbing a very large and steep mountain, which somehow led to another planet lol. When I got there it was beautiful, the nature had kind of a blue tint to it, and I was staying in some kind of hotel and everything was really sleek and futuristic looking. Everything about it was just beautiful. Until it took a turn, and a meteor hit the planet and we all died. Went from really amazing to terrifying, I woke up panicking. It was still an awesome dream though

  15. Hello there,

    I just had this dream I was going into space in a rocket. As we were landing on another planet, I could notice many many satellites around the planet we were on and thought how we started to pollute space, although it was necessary for nowadays life. I remember seeing my auntie trying to plug some kind of hook connected to a rope onto the rocket but the lack of gravity was making it hard so my grand father was trying instead. I could see the rocket leaving Earth piercing each layer of the atmosphere.

    Some clues to understand this dream would be really helpful! The only thing I can connect it to is that I just passed my level 1 Reiki diploma which is taking me on quite a spiritual journey and healing.

    Thank you in advance for your help


  16. Never really dreamed too much of flying until I started to get sleep paralyisis.Now it feels more like i’m drifting off into space as i’m seeing the whole Galaxy at will.Last night the words sulphur vandite were said to me 3 times then I woke up at 3am so wrote down the words and Googled them straight away went to the kitchen and realized I was still dreaming! I then woke up fully awake went to my i pad and came up with nothing but random rocks and names.P.S How can I stop sleep Paraylisis.

  17. I took a nap in the middle of the day and had a dream. I dreamt that I was around people or a group and in my dream I knew who they were. There was this lady who was in charge. We got on the discussion of marijuana and in a brief second we began smoking. Soon afterwards the woman in charge began boarding the group on a shuttle. Next thing I am in space and it’s dark with millions of stars all around. I got frighten and when the woman sensed my fear the shuttle began to descend. While we were descending back to earth the shuttle began to bounce and shake very hard, the group held each others hands tightly and in seconds we landed back to earth.

  18. I had a dream about travelling in space and I’m travelling on a mat kind of thing with my younger sister next to me. We are very frantic and then suddenly I’m making a wrong turn and my sister is stopping me. I don’t remember my dream properly but we then went to NASA. And we are met an astronaut and we are trying to be good friends with him. They even offered me a physicians job without taking their preliminary exam. But I feel incompetent for it.

  19. I dreamt I took off from the earth’s surface, just my body by itself and went straight up like a rocket. Higher and higher in the sky I went until I broke through to the black of space and looked down on the earth. I kept flying faster and faster away from the earth as it began to get smaller and smaller. Next I know I am whirling by the planets of the solar system one by one as the sun becomes all I can see. Then as I whirl past pluto and into the keiper belt, I find the look of the sun to be shrinking as well. As I continure to accelerate past the meteors and into interstellar space, I accelerate exponentially until I am traveling at light speed. Faster and faster I go as stars in their multitudes stream past me, and eventually I begin to recognize the Milky Way Galaxy in its entirety from the outside for I have left it and am rapidly leaving it behind. AT this point the acceleration becomes unimaginable, and I am somehow traveling 100s of billions of times the speed of light. I find myself in a realm unimaginably distant and most likely part of a strange alternate dimension. I have this feeling that I am somehow in the presence of G-d as it is only he that inhabits the infinite reaches of space and this is beyond the scope of realms that he has designated for anything other than himself to exist. His energy is everywhere though and there is light and sound that is so brilliant and magnificent that it cannot be described. This is just one of my regular dreams that I have which most people would probably find unusual.

    1. I had this same dream early in the morning 6:30 27 June 2016 I was being pulled with super speed and felt space like a liquid membrane where I was able to breathe very easily and was seeing all the planets and stars. I still have the goosebumps whenever I think about it.

  20. I keep having the same dream every few months. All of a sudden earth turns into a cluster of stars nd I fall through it stuck floating in space. Always in danger of other galaxies smashing into what remains left. Somehow I’m saved by what’s described as a UFO just to find out I’m the driver. Nd on a ship that looks like a gym in a school with a hallway. I’m there with one other person. Its like I’m a prisoner because I’m scared to go in space nd drift. I’m always petrified of dieing but ultimately that’s what’s guna happen. I’m stuck looking for clues of existent civilization of humans and find none.

  21. Greetings, it all started with me leaving earth. Initially I was a little afraid because I didn’t have any space equipment. I departed earth with one other person in a hovering vehicles. I was normal size at first but then I became as large as the planets once I ledt earths atmosphere. We traveled all the way to Pluto and ran across an undocumented planet as well. We had the capabilities to go further but I deci to return to earth.

  22. I have been dreaming a lot lately about travelling around in Space, heading to different basis (not planets) in the sky. Within my dreams I am familiar with all that surrounds me. I’m not scared but sometimes I can be confused as to my next ‘mission’ however I stay focused on everything within my dream and continue to travel from base to base for no reason other than to visit and show my face (well that’s how it ways seems when I awaken) … I tried so hard to work out why I kept dreaming these dreams ……. With research I feel I have made my own conclusion ……… You see travelling in space is me going into the unknown (I am pregnant with my first baby so that makes sense) but the reason I feel like I know why I’m doing and where I’m going means I am not scared of this unknown future I feel like it’s a second nature to be doing this ( which is also true I have my godsons living with me and I’ve always cared for younger siblings since the age of 8) …… So to sum it up even though motherhood is going to be new and something I could have only dreamt about (excuse the pun) the act of caring and looking after a baby and child are far from unknown ….. So I am going into space for the first time but I’ve simulated the situation a million times before ……. Now my dreams make so much more sense it’s just finding the correct meanings to the correct parts of the dream

  23. I dreamt I was travelling in a large craft, I think I thought it was called a shuttle but it was a bit like a large cinema complex cum airport waiting room. I was going into space with other people and we were going to experience zero gravity. My daughter was with me, and my partner; my daughter was younger than she is now and I had to explain things to her from time to time. I was scared, but not overly, a bit like waiting to go on a rollercoaster. I was aware that I had done this before and knew what to expect. I’m still partly convinced that I’ve had exactly the same dream before; this happens to me sometimes, a bit like knowing you’re having a recurring dream within a dream, but I don’t know that I’m dreaming and I think it’s an event that’s happened before, perhaps many times, or a place I’ve been to many times before. When I wake up I often think ‘it was that dream again’ and only when I’ve woken up properly do I realise that I don’t think I’ve had the dream before at all.

    When our craft reached the right speed or whatever to have zero gravity, I floated, holding hands with my family who floated with me. Not everyone did and I remember trying to help a woman who didn’t by reaching out to her, but she didn’t take my hand. Then I was walking around the craft talking with my daughter; we had some difficulty working doors, I think, and we were perhaps trying to get something: food or drink or a souvenir. The whole thing had a kind of cinema/theme park feel.

    I don’t know if my partner in the dream was my daughter’s dad or my current partner.

    I’m a support worker for people with learning disabilities and I’m very committed to my job and find it very stressful sometimes. I’m always aspiring to improve the service and my practice.
    My daughter doesn’t get out much, family days out have been rare; theme parks have been memorable ones and the cinema is the closest we have to a regular really.

    It was recently Father’s Day and I was helping my daughter to get a gift for her Dad.

  24. My dream was actually taking place a day before I was to go on a space ship alone to Jupiter. I lied to my family sting that other NASA workers were going with me. I Was very afraid and sad. Sad because it was going to take two years to get there, spend two years in orbit and then two years back home and I was going to miss my family and friends and afraid because no one has done it. My friends and family didn’t seem too upset. I was upset in my dream because of their lack of concern. I wondered, in my dream, if they would have been upset if I told them I was going alone so I kept that part quiet. This dream may all have came from the fact that two days prior I went to see a movie alone in a theater for the first time and that night before I went to bed I was reading online articles on the planet Jupiter.I am not also content with my current life situation. I want to see certain things improve, the lack there of has been making me impatient and anxious which all had to play some sort of roll in this dream.

  25. Last night i had a dream where i was travelling through time/space. My time machine was some ridiculous canoe/railgun hybrid that shot me forward through time to the planet neptune, where i was some kind of space whale. I was “swimming” above an ocean of what looked like liquid blue fire, and instead of breeching for air, i would dive into the strange fire looking stuff below me. It wasnt hot. It wasnt painful. Just wierd. When i would dive below, i would hear wierd whalish songs. I remember when i woke up feeling panic, and strangely, horror. Not like scary horror, though. Its hard to explain. Does anyone have any clue what this may mean?

  26. I have been having dreams where I am going into space to conduct research. I always remember that I hate going into space but I still do it. Last night I nearly ‘fell off’ the shuttle and had to hold on really tightly to make it out of the atmosphere. But even as I was holding on I knew that the bubble encapsulating the shuttle would not let me fall, I just didn’t trust it. So I held on.
    This is probably the 5th dream I have had that I went into space to conduct research. The others are much the same. I know I am going, I know I hate it, but I still go. I go and take care of things in my lab on a space station. And then I return. One of them while I was on the space station we had Christmas and so we all went to the ‘shop’ which was simply the things that people had brought with them and then did not take back to earth with them when they had left the space station. But a lot of the stuff was good stuff, stuff you would want on earth but there it was a bunch of frivolous nonsense.
    I do research in the SE plateau of Ethiopia, on a river there for my Masters. I have traveled to this area once to do my research and to Ethiopia twice to do research. I do not anticipating going back for this project. I know the dreams are connected to my research.

  27. Im having so many lucid dreams recently and usually when Im woken by something and then go back to sleep. The one I had this morning was amazing.

    I was on a beach holiday with some friends, just sitting on the beach relaxing when we heard a loud sound and saw a aircraft approaching, initially we thought it was some new sort of airforce craft it was so unusual. It landed on the sea in front of us.

    Everyone was totally captivated by the sight. A couple of people exited the craft and a couple of my friends and I decided to explore the craft, nobody board took any notice of us and let us walk around openly. They were all just regular people, I remember thinking in my mind that the world must have moved very quickly where travelling was concerned and tourist trips like this must be quite common place. There was probably about fifty people aboard, mostly just sitting around chatting. Without any notice, the main doors began to close and through the back windows I could see us taking off, in fact I could see the look of horror on my last remaining friend sitting on the beach.

    The craft took off very quickly and within seconds I could see the earth becoming smaller and smaller.

    I decided to have a look around and spotted a woman who had a face of a rodent, brown and furry but still quite attractive.

    I was then in a room with a man and young woman who appeared to be father and daughter, the daugter was pleading with her father about a guy she had fallen for. As she was pleading, she kissed her father and her face seemed to merge with his and turn into the same rodent like appearance as the other lady who I think must have been her mother.

    Then I was rudely awoken by the tlelephone……sad really as I wanted to see how this dream progressed.

  28. I had a dream that I traveled out to space in a man-made UFO. I can not recall who I was with but, I was traveling out to space for the first time with one other person and a third person who already knew of this place was the one taking us out to space. I was feeling extremely excited. I imagined it to be very dark with little light(star-like) but once we arrived, we landed on a glass path and it was extremely bright out. I remember it being very very beautiful. The glass path we landed on lead to a huge glass dome, in which it seemed like there was a small town. We were on our way to the dome, but I woke up…… I wish I was able to reach the dome.

  29. 2 nights ago I had a dream that i was one of the first people who was going to be flying into space – it hadn’t happened yet. There was a bunch of us in training.

    then last night I had another dream – this time I was in space. Don’t remember much other than the fact that I was flying through space – I could see the earth below me and darkness and stars above.

    1. I had the exact same dream last night! That’s why I stumbled upon this website to look for the meaning. I was getting ready to be one of the first to fly off to space. We were getting ready. I’m not sure why I had been chosen but I felt really lucky.

  30. I recently had a dream in where the song “seven” by prince was loudly playing while me and this man floated through space holding one another, our bodies totally in flames. It was crazy! What does that mean?

  31. I had a dream last night that I was travelling in an aircraft heading to space. I was fearful at first and was afraid of dying during take off, but everything went fine and the flight was extremely comfortable. I felt elated and kicked myself for having fear!

    1. My dear, you need be prayerful, for traveling across space means leaving this world, and death is so comforting and peaceful. Play against sudden death. It shows that God loves you that’s why he made you what’s coming forth. So be prayerful