Stranded on an Island in Dreams

When we are left alone for too long, away from civilization, we tend to feel lost and helpless. Dreaming of yourself being stranded on an island represents loneliness, desolation, and feelings of being shunned from society. You are scared of being isolated from society and fear losing all connection with loved ones. Seeing yourself stranded on an island in your dream can be indicative of your current situation where you are all alone and tend to distance yourself away from possible relationships because of the fear of rejection and losing control.

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10 thoughts on “Stranded on an Island in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream of randomly ending up on an island but i was not alone, i had my sister, a strange random guy, and last a murder. I have arrived at the island waking up from my bed. The surrounding area was a half destroyed house. My sister was not really doing anything in the dream but she did have a purpose that i will share later. Now every time i woke i would have to hide from the murder and one day he got close the random guy wich i guess was a friend of some sorts had saved me from an almost death by the murder. Now at night i was always safe when i ran to my bed and covered in blankets but the thing that truly made me feel safe was having all lights off every night my sister would always leave one light on in the broken down house (dont know how they still worked) so every time i turned them off my sister always yelled at me to stop turning the lights off. And the last time she yelled it the scene and plot changed but i was still on a island stranded but with a different group of people. This time it was kind of like we were stuck in a story the group of around five people and i had to travel on this island for one purpose to see what the ending was. This story we were sent to was explained by this evil women who i could have sworn wanted me dead. She said this story was a forgotten one and needsd rediscovered. Now as we were traveling the group was debating of the two endings it had and i was about to speak up my opinion on how there was two stories but halted my opinion getting a deep and terrifying feeling if i had spoken they would have killed me.

    This was for sure the worst dream i have ever had.

  2. I had a dream of being stranded in Puerto Rico, I needed to get home to go to my grandfather funeral who has passed away already 6 years ago

  3. I was alone on an island with a lot of similar imagery to Cast Away. I made fire, fished, survived. One day I was looking out at the horizon and I saw dozens or hundreds of blue whales leaping out of the ocean and crashing down. It may represent my current state living in japan and working on a commercial animating 200 identical drink bottles.

  4. In my dream I was supposed to be headed to Japan and was somehow left my daughter behind and convinced to stop in Guam. I toured the beautiful island of Guam and than realized that my bags were headed to Japan. I had no money no charger nothing but the clothes on my back. I quickly went to the counter to check on the next flight out and the lady informed me that I doesn’t leave until the next day at 2 and it will cost me. I told her I have no money and no ID and I had to leave the island to get my daughter and get to work the next day. She told me with no money and no ID I cannot leave the island. I felt helpless. I had no way of communicating and I was sad that I left my child behind and did not know why. The next day came and I was still stuck, I lost all battery power and then I woke up. I wanted to know how it ended. I’ll be thinking about it all day.

  5. I had a dream that I was stranded on an island and desperately trying to get off when I saw two or three boats heading to shore. I was ecstatic, and started screaming to the people on them that I was stranded and needed help getting off the island. They all ignored me as they got off of the boats, and as they set foot on the island, I screamed in a more panicked way for them to help me. Again, they ignored me, and some even laughed. That terrible feeling I got in the pit of my stomach during that dream stayed with me all throughout the next day.

  6. I dreamt that I was lost at sea with other people then it changes just me and someone else swimming and we get to this cold island like Alaska. We find a cave and now it’s 2 of my siblings. I had my phone but my little sister wanted to use it so I allowed her to, layer on I get my phone back and it’s on 12% and now my mom is here. I told my mom that I found signal and asked if I should call 911, she said no and asked me to find something that says lost at see. My mom later said until you all stop taking things for grantid and start appreciating for the things we have we can come off the island and my dad was in his truck drove up and picked up my mom. Later I said “I appreciate everything” and I left.

  7. I had a dream that I was stranded on an island with a few people of my friends and family (and even some people that I didn’t like). Every time they figured out a way to get off or made me smile they would get killed by something from the sky. This happened until my best friend, my little brother (who is five and the most important person in my life) and I were left for a little while. Finally, my younger brother was killed in a way that nobody else was (he got sick) and a bunch of my best friends and teachers that I trusted came to rescue me. Right as we were leaving the island, the same thing came from the sky and killed them all until it was only me again. Any possible idea what this could mean?

  8. I dreampt that i was stranded on a small island in a high up building in the top room which the windows were barred and the door was locked. i couldn’t escape the room and the hole time was trying to figure out a way to get out. The room was very small and in there was a bed with my diary on (which i was using to plan out different methods to escape), a desk with many books, papers and a lamp located on it. The atmosphere was very damp, grey and cloudy and it looked like it had just rained too as the wood around the window was black and rotting with water dripping off it. There was no presence of anyone else being there. The door was extremely thick firewood with a big lock. Out the window there was just sea everywhere rippling in strong wind with a small rowing boat rocking back and forth in the middle towards the building. Everything around the waving water down at the bottom of the building was cloud and sky. There was no ground, only water. I wasn’t panicking and desperate to get out i just knew that i had to or i would starve/die. I wanted to get out but carmly planned my different (unsuccesfull) escapes in my diary and had spent two night sleeping there already. I felt just a bit uncomfortable and lonely. Any ideas what this might mean?

  9. I dreamed I was stranded naked with a bunch of other people on a tropical island. We started in the water and had to make our way via rocks to the shore. The waves were breaking over the rocks and the rocks hurt our feet. Yet once past the rocks we had to swim again. Then the dream cut to use being on a boat pulling into a dock. Like we had been rescued. I found myself hugging a woman from the ordeal and making plans to see her again. We joked we had already seen each other naked. When I walked away I realised I couldn’t see her again as I am already married. (I am married ILR) the dream didn’t distress me but it was very very vivid.

  10. had a dream i was stuck on a island and it was paradise to myself at 1st until it was inhabitied by pirates and i had to hide and find a way to escape