Swimming in Dreams

Swimming in dreams relate to both a physical and mental aspect in your life. The mental part is related to a goal that needs to be reached. In swimming there is one lane and you must go back and forth to finish. This can represent your mentality as a person who likes to go and get things done and finish the completely from finish to end. The physical aspect of swimming is that it takes a constant deal of effort in order to achieve. You don’t like to fail so you dream about swimming because if you give up, you can possibly drown and in your dreams you’re swimming because you want to prove that you are worthy and that you are capable of taking on tasks head on without quitting or stopping.

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One thought on “Swimming in Dreams”

  1. I drempt of being in a cool house futuristic design by the beach there was sand in it but it was okay because of the design of the flooring. I next rememeber going into swimming lanes with many famous people. I was behind Obama. We weren’t really swimming it was more like walking like a huge line of all the people.