Tears in Dreams

Dreaming of yourself in tears could symbolize profound pain or memories that you repress. Instead of acknowledging that it exists, you bury it away in your mind. They say that when you sleep, that is when you access the inner parts of your brain. Thus, when you dream of tears, perhaps that is the only time that you actually come face to face with those memories. This may be due to your refusal to deal with it while awake.

To envision yourself in tears may also indicate you are in a period of healing. Tears are not always an embodiment of pain, unhappiness, or healing. It may represent joy as well. You may be experiencing a jubilant occasion and those are your tears of joy.

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2 thoughts on “Tears in Dreams”

  1. I had this dream where I was alone – thinking about my long held in heart desire which is yet to actualize, then I suddenly burst into tears.

  2. I had this dream where I am on my knees crying. Tears are streaming down my face. When I wake up, my pillows are wet. I think they are wet from real tears. How can I stop this?