Time Travel in Dreams

To dream that you are traveling through time represents your desire to go back to a certain point of time in your life, whether it be contentment or melancholy. There is something about that period of time that is making an impact on your current life. You may wish to alter some things as you may have regret doing or participating in. On the other hand, this may be reflective of your desire to be back at an age of bliss. Either way, time travel in dreams is seen as a method of going back to factors that are influencing your life.

Time travel in you dreams indicates that time may be moving at fast pace during your wake self. In your dream, you want to take the opportunity of time travel to slow things down for you so you can gain a better understanding or perspective of past memories.

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27 thoughts on “Time Travel in Dreams”

  1. Last night I dreamed i was with a group of people and we where time travelers we went back to my home town, I saw my young Grandma, Uncle, Mom and my 6 year od self, I kissed my grandma Told her who I was, I saw my Mom and told her I was her daughter 40 years from then, I told myself who I was and I remember telling her how beautiful she was, I saw my old house and a few places I remember when I was young

  2. Yesterday i had dream that i had travelled backed in time to my 17 year old younger myself , telling him face to face not to do some things and other personal things he i.e me should takecare , alter some desions and all , dream was so real and clear I remembered everything.

  3. All the dream interpretations I see online for time travel and time machines are all talking about going back in time and regretting something… in my dream I didn’t travel back to anything. I traveled into the future, and I experienced a very real feeling of turning to liquid while I was in the time machine. Then my body re-solidified and I was in the future.

  4. I had a dream that I traveled to 1975 which is weird because I was born in 1993. I traveled at my current age and even saw my mom there at the age she was in 1975. Everything was fine until somehow in the mist of me roaming through 1975 I was killed in a car crash. So my spirit was stuck in the year of 1975 and I couldn’t go back to current time because I guess it was like I never made it that far since I died in the mist of time travel. Somehow my current boyfriend was aware of all this and was devastated because there was nothing he could do to get me back.

    1. Same. I came back to 1975…well, it’s weirder because I was born in 2001. I also traveled at my current age. So, I have a friend…a guy. So he’s English (maybe) and I’m Asian (I don’t know if I’m Asian too on that dream). Actually after all the things that happened to me there, they’re all fun. I mean, much more fun than what happened this 2017. And I’m always with that guy friend. I asked him what year it is (on my dream) and he answered that it was 1975. Then suddenly, my dream cut off…

  5. I travelled back to my first day of school but with my present workmates and my boss as my teacher, the wierd part is that I know what was happening. There was a theory in my dream that if you dont know the person in the time we travelled to your memories about the person will be gone and you wont be able to see him. You will be able to see the person as well if you are aware of what is happening.

  6. I had a dream that I traveled back in time, around the founding of our country. I am a machinist by trade but traveled back in time so I could teach modern machining principles to the colonist so they could progress even further.
    The really odd thing is that I went back to that time in a brand new Ford F250 FX4, which I do not own.
    Really Weird

  7. Okay so I had a powerful dream. I had a dream where i time traveled, but I did so through a toilet i don’t know why. But as I went through the toilet and slid down the pipes when I landed I was back in time. For some reason I was a couple hours away from my house and at the time I didn’t know I time traveled so I hopped in my car and I drove home. I drove to a house that I’ve never been to I don’t think but as I arrived I saw my brother who asked me a question that I actually remember happening in real life. At that moment I realized I was back in time. So I walked to my backyard and I saw one of my dogs that had passed away 4years ago. & he just seemed so happy playing but he was also playing with the dog I have now which was awesome. So after seeing that I went into the house and I saw my other dog that passed about almost 2 years ago and he was just so happy. So In my dream I started crying really bad because I was seeing my dead dogs be so happy and playful. As I was crying I saw my parents sitting on the couch and they were asking why I was crying & I told them that something really weird is going on and for some reason they knew what I was talking about.. they said ” did you try to do that time travel thing again” and I said ” yeah… but It worked… and I don’t know where ” and as I said “where” my dad said “you don’t know where your other body is” and I was like “Yeah!!!” And he started laughing, “But boobear (which is my golden retriever that passed) is alive and so is astro(my other dog that passed)” and when I said that my mom started crying because she understood that they are gonna die in the future. While all this is going on in my dream I’m thinking of where my current girlfriend is. I just wanted to see her so bad in the past time. Then I woke up.

  8. Had a dream that I went back to my old high school. However when I asked what year it was they told me it was 1906, but nothing in the dream vision indicated that it was 1906. Everything still looked updated….. Although all the kids I went to high school were familiar, I had no idea who they were at the same time. I also could not tell anyone I was from the future in fear of changing it. I think I did tell three individuals however, I think at least on of them was a male. But it was like I belonged, as if I was from that time period and never traveled from the future. Also, I was stuck because I could not remember why I time traveled in my time machine back and in that day time machines were not yet created so I could not figure out how to get back.

  9. I went to my significant others house then layed across some chairs and acted like I was sleeping in it and he walked in and was younger and turned out to be younger too and then I just lived with hime and grew old with him and I wanna know what this means please

  10. Here’s something odd that I’ve had happen to me before though… I dreamt that I time traveled into mid 1950s, hung out with Greasers, and attended a dance that played “Earth Angel” by The Penguins (calender stated it was December 19th 1955). Something else since Greasers recruited me to hang, play Poker, protect somebody named Johnny, and work on vehicles.

  11. I have been studying Kabbalah and many other esoteric teachings, I know dreams are used for all sorts of mystical purposes. After reading a passage last night of how the Illuminati use these methods to contact their past and future selves to relay important information, so before sleeping I set about creating a imagined portal to do just that, I’ve been a lucid dreamer since I was a child, I proceeded to fly great distances across vast oceans at great speed when an invader curtailed me who I knew to not belong there and was purposely trying to stop me, he was what I felt was an elitist snob, a female being joined me and proceeded to try help me and told me she saw what he was doing and consoled me as I was very angry, lucky I didn’t catch him as I hurt and kill people who get in my way or attack me in dreams. How do I catch this invader when I astral project in future, was it the female in disguise tricking me?

  12. So, I’m not quit sure how to begin this but well I woke up in this metallic place full of weird looking buttons and pads that you see I scifi movies. Anyways my head had just bump into the metallic side wall and it was bleeding a bit that’s when I heard a woman’s voice yelling at me if it was done. And I yell back yes! Though I’m still un sure of what I had done. Then she said better strap back in and so I did. When I got in my seat next to me was this older looking man I’m not sure why he had this sorta military aura about him. So then I saw directly ahead of me and the window and everything was odd looking and outside I couldn’t quite tell what was outside but it look beautiful enough to leave u in a trance. Suddenly after what seems ages the rocking and violent shaking stop right and then she said (the woman who I don’t know who she was) she said were here 1688. So anyways we un strap our seat belts that look so futuristic and step out on to the plat form and the door open. I felt air. It felt so real. Like wow how can I describe it. It was just. Idk like so real so we step out and well then we found our self in this old looking building and the man had some sorta thing idk what it was but he look at it and said its here we need to hurry. So we started walking and I noticed everything lol so oldish like Sherlock Holmes style man with coats and hats and woman with dresses but all with that old air to them. We pass a carriage and enter the building and after looking door from door we found what we where looking for. Some sorta idk what the hell it was. But it was like a type writer and it has this letters that read “IBM” so we got back into the weird machine and she set the time to 2054 and it started shaking I was holding on to the weird type writer. Then I’m not sure why the man started cursing he was saying ” f***! No! We were so close!* and he started hitting everything around and he was quite scary made me grip harder the type writer that’s when the woman said “titor calm down it not over yet we still have that* and we were suddenly in this weird looking oval shape building right In front of it was this huge machines that where like building like and some soldier wearing weird uniforms I’ve never seen where pointing at us with weird looking guns and then came walking three man and a woman all griming like its hard to explain and she said. *fools you never had a chance of winning…..now hand it over and I shall spare you’re lifes* and the man now know and tutor spoke into this thing and he’s voice was Loud. He said. *god doesn’t forgets about his creations. Even if we die we wont hand it to you.* then he click a button and a robotic thing came up and said “I’m sorry but only one can go back and forth their is no more energy for three* that’s when tutor grab my shoulder hard and said *kid its up to you. We will hold them off only you are u know to them. Remember and never forget the mission. Then the woman came and hugs me hard and smiñe crying abit *brandon once again im leaving you alone. But understand this is begir than us. Go. *and they click the buttom and i woke up. My shoulder still felt his grip and my eyes where teary. And the type writer ibm was in my mind. This dream i. I dont know what it mean.

  13. I have never had a dream like this one. So this morning I got up put my son on the bus and went to bed. I had woken up so vividly but it was a different time. I can’t tell you the year but it was Christmas day I had woken up to my sister and brother in law comin to get me. My whole room was packed with decor and things were changed, but it was so real. I went upstairs to (my room is in basement) the livingroom and as my sister is looking at me I asked did we or did we not have thanksgiving. The tree was beautiful and tons of presents my kids were there…it was like nothing changed but everything did. I knew I was dreaming but somehow not. She said we had thanksgiving a few weeks ago. I felt like freaking out and went to the bathroom,leaned against the wall and closed my eyes. Woke up again almost a week before that in a car driving but knowing it was not right. I guess I fell asleep and 8 felt myself forcing to wake up. (Several times)finally I woke up it was 1030 a.m. I went back to bed at 800 a.m. I could not wake myself up for that whole time and that whole time I knew something wasn’t right. I wish I could figure out what happened.

  14. I keep having a recurring dream. I was just driving around with my nephew bobby and then somehow we went back in time only one year. But im stuck no way to get back and my previous year self is walking around enjoying life so i cant go to my family. Same for my my nephew. Today was the 8-9 dream ive had about this and it always progresses. Were always looking for an answer on how to get back to our time and last night in the dream we had given up and i was walking by my old house and we were talking. The way i was so distressed and crying and asking wtf is this how did this happen to me?!!! Keep in mind i have 3 kids and all i want in these dreams is to go home and see my kids. But i cant because another me is there with my wife and kids. Anyways im crying asking these questions and i woke myself up it was so emotional and i woke up with tears in my eyes. It was an oscar worthy performance ill tell ya that. Its just weird to me that it keeps progressing with every dream. Ive had weird dreams before and figured out what they all meant except for one which is still kinda scary lol. Ill tell ya about it

    Have u ever seen RIO? Well of u have then u know blu likes to tell jewel how to walk by saying inside leg outside leg. Inside leg outside leg. Well i did have a dream one time where this huge buff arnold type dude was having sex doggy style with this mutant lady with degrading skin and almost no hair she looked almost dead excpet she was having a great time. With every thrust he would say inside leg outside leg. Inside leg outside leg. Very fucking strange. I told my wife who thought it was hilarious but she didnt understand how disturbing it was to me i literally woke up frightened. Thanks for reading and i hope i figure out what this means for me. I dont think the above explanation applies to me. I domt have any desire to go back a year and wonder helplessly without my family lol

  15. I had a recurring dream when I was between 9 and 17. Sometimes it would be two years since the last. I was a girl (not myself ) with a brother (didn’t have a brother in real life ) in a broken home. We met a leprechaun in the woods one night when we escaped our hostile home. He told us our lives were going to change drastically and that he could take us to the past and future in order to help us.
    The last time I had the dream I had been alone with the leprechaun trying to find and reunite with my brother. He was taken from me and I didn’t know who had him. The leprechaun helped me to find him but the woman in charge of my brother told me I could never see him again. She shouted so loud at me that I slapped my ears (also in real life ), woke up and never had the dream again.
    This dream has haunted me for years. Why did I have a brother I loved so dear in my dream when I didn’t even have a brother? Why was the leprechaun willing to time travel with us? Why didn’t I keep trying? I don’t understand why I never dreamt of those people again after that. It is something I will never forget.

    1. If you are to believe in reincarnation, in another life you had a brother, we hold some of our pasts lives in us which comes through in deja vu and gut feeling’s, maybe your past self miss’s their brother. The leprechaun could be seen as a spirit guide.

  16. Went back 46 years.To tell my younger self not to marry my first wife.Also went and found my present wife and told her not to marry her first husband.

  17. I wakened at 6am and came downstairs to take my morning medication as I have done for the past 28 years then I returned to bed to read for a while. I started to get tired and decided to go back to sleep for an hour but as I felt myself drifting off I decided I wanted to get up and I couldn’t wake up, I remember forcing myself to waken up by shouting “Im up” and sitting upright in the bed. I reached over to check the time on my mobile phone as I do every morning but I noticed I had a different phone an 80’s type mobile phone and I thought I had picked it up by mistake at the nightclub the night before even though I wasn’t at a nightclub. I then fell back to sleep and I wakened again in my old house that I lived in in the 90’s and again my mobile phone was of that era. I walked downstairs and there were children sitting on the floor playing with toys and a Christmas tree was in the corner. I asked them what they were doing in my house and they replied “this is our house” so I returned to bed and I wakened again but this time I was in the 1800’s lying on a cobble stone floor with a very thick blanket over me and I remember watching a girl leaving her house crying then again I went back to sleep. I wakened again and I was downstairs in my mum’s house (she died in 1999) where my dad still lives and it was furnished like when I was young and this time my mobile phone was an old Nokia type. My husband of 3 years appeared from the kitchen with something eatable in his hand and he was talking to me but it was incomprehensible to me. I asked him what the date was but again when he spoke I couldn’t understand him but he looked almost transparent. I then remember sitting back in the chair and feeling very sleepy and drowsy and I couldn’t stop my eyes from closing. I must of looked funny or had a funny expression on my face because I could hear my husband laughing at me. I then felt like I had taken a huge gasp of air and was forcibly pushed forward and I wakened almost immediately and was back in my own room. This was so vivid and I can still visualize everything that happened but I knew that I had to keep forcing myself to sleep to get back to the real world.

  18. I just awoke from a crazy dream. I was standing outdoors somewhere where there were no structures. Many people around me , spaced at about 5-10 feet away as far as I could see. Someone said the world was coming to an end soon and everything started moving so fast around me, geological changes, tectonic plates over laping one another before me, everything around was a blur! And people were aging before me, I turned back and saw my mother about 5 feet way. She was so old, years were passing in seconds and as I launched toward her to hug her, realizing she was so close to gone. She vanished and I fell to the ground only grabbing sand.. I cried so much but nothing would stop this blur of life around me. That’s when I woke up…

    Anyone know what it could mean? . My mother is still alive, she’s 52 yrs young. Thank u

  19. Hello, last night I had a time travel dream where a Bluetooth headset would time travel you anywhere you wanted to go. It would connect me To a lady where I would say the date and it would spin me counter clockwise and I would pop in at the time. My destinations included a casino in the past where I tried to use it and win, but the security and management stopped me and my girlfriend, they thought I was in cahoots with someone using the ear piece. I don’t remember the time, I also went really far in the past , augest 20th (mybday) 1876 but it was bitterly cold and night time, I called the lady to get out of there because some weird neighbors of the house we landed on came, then I was going to go to the future and see the winning lotto numbers, aggravating because that would have been the one I could have possibly used in real life. It was a very vivad dream, I also went to bed late last night and woke up after 7 and a 1/2 hours of sleep.

  20. I had a dream of going back in time were. My son was two and before my aunt past away and i was trying to tell my family things to bet on in the future they didn’t believe me but the dream felt so real.

  21. I had a dream where i was with my 5th grade GT class (except the teacher) i dont know where we origanaly were but all i know is that it was a school where we found a time travel device. Then we traveled to 1976? I dont fully remember and everyone there was amazing at the device and, we couldnt find it. It turns out ut was used to get anything you wanted (i dont know how that works:/) but we made it… Just me and someone else (it was a male and i am a male i am not gay btw so its not romantic) we figured out we left theme behind and then it ended so what does that mean?

  22. I dreamed of going back in the past with my friends. We had a time machine. Our first stop was at the mall. I think we went back to 1990s but I was born during that time. I just dont understand why I went back in that year. Was my father’s death 5mos ago related to this??

  23. i had a dream , where i awoke in the bed i was sleeping in to a small child climeing on me , it was my daughter at the age of 3 or so , she in 27 now, i cuddeled for a minute then she walked out of the room . i followed her as soon as i left my room i was i was in a different house with people i did not reconize, i ask them wher my daughter was and i was told not by them but from a unseen voice that she belonged here and i did not, i paniced and ran back into the room calling for my daughter , the room had changed , there was a hole in the wall i clmbed through to another room where i escaped through the window ran onto the roof and jumped down the front porch,went in the front door , i was looking around and saw pictures and knick knacks that were period along with the style of clothing every one was wearing of 70s to 80s, i saw a pair of reading glasses and put them on to see if i too had aged back into time , but they worked for me , witch told me i was still old , I had breif intiraction with some people in the house , than a old woman in the next room came into my room stareing at me , i ask her to come into the light so i could read her shirt , she just shook her head no , and continued to stare at me in a way that made me feel very unconfertable , i yelled at her ‘ you are not my grandma ‘ who is decessed now , and i awoke , this was a very conscious dream that i had control to think and make choices but the whole time i knew i was dreaming and rember trying so hard to wake up and come back to reality, now i am wanting to go back to that place to find out why my daughter was there and who the people were , why i was not supose to be there and what gave me such a conscious choice in my decion makeing in that dream???