Transformation in Dreams

Dreaming of transformation is a sign of change. By definition, transformation is the becoming of something else that you weren’t previously. It can be a positive thing, yet it can also be a negative thing. Dreaming of transformation is the same; you may be welcoming the transformation, unable to wait until it happens and yet, at that same time, it is possible that you dread transformations, satisfied with how things were before then.

To see yourself transforming in your dreams suggests that you are not satisfied with yourself. You yearn to be something that you deem perfect and modify all other aspects of yourself.

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3 thoughts on “Transformation in Dreams”

  1. I had a crazy dream last night and I cant figure out what it means. the dream started off with me and my boyfriend talking about what the sex of our unborn child was (I’m not really pregnant nor are we trying to have a baby) but In the dream I was pregnant. So as I was talking to him we decided to do a gender reveal with some pain. Once I grabbed the paint my boyfriend turned into a black cat and sat on my lap. I proceeded to squeeze the paint out on the cat back and it was blue. The cat still talking to me as my boyfriend said he couldn’t see the paint bc it was on his back and to talk him into the bathroom to see it in the mirror. then I woke up. what can this mean I’ve searched google and it doesn’t give me the combination of pregnancy dreams with a mate transforming into a cat HELP!!!

  2. I know I had a transformation dream, cause one day I was fasting and praying and asking the lord to interpret my dreams cause I never would remember them, I read the bible and soon fell asleep when I woke up something said write down your dream what I remembered and I did. I remembered that the lord said everything is imitation, this whole world, like in the bible it says the devil fooled the whole world. I thought like maybe a bottle of dawn dish washing liquid, where the liquid is blue inside and we all know that’s one of peoples favorite liquids and it really works good, but then by people knowing its good, somebody else come along and imitate it with a liquid that don’t work good then they make it blue just so we think its gotta be like dawn cause its blue and in a similar bottle. that’s nothing but the devil being deceitful like he calls himself the enlighten one. The Lord is light pure and holy. The devil is darkness, so why not call yourself what your really are unless your trying to be deceitful. So please understand theres a lot of imitation going on right in front of our eyes and if you don’t read the bible and seek for yourself you will be fooled by all theses imitators. Like theses singers and rappers they want people to worship them, not only that people are worshipping themselves, when they think they gotta have the best of everything, that’s nothing but the devil getting his money back. In the bible it says people would be lovers of themselves 2Timothy 3:2 so please saints keep your eyes on the prize and seek ye first the kingdom of God Matthew 6:33.. praise God

  3. I had this dream recently where I was out with the family and this random woman came up to me and grabbed me on the shoulder in the pressure point that usually causes severe pain. It did the pain as usual and I fell to the ground. After she let go I couldn’t feel my legs and I slowly got up (which makes no sense) and realized I was floating above the gound like a ghost and my legs were gone. After noticing that I realized that my body had transformed more than just a loss of my legs. I had become one of my favorite Pokemon, Darkrai. I hadn’t really thought this through but I could float through walls of almost any material except this foam type stuff. After floating around for a bit I woke up and couldn’t feel my legs. I slowly regained feeling but I’ve felt wierd about it since then. Any ideas?