Black Bear in Dreams

Dreaming of a black bear means empowering yourself for a confrontation with your worst fears. Regardless of the difficulties facing you, they will tremble and break before you. Embrace the new found power and engage as many enemies as possible to grow further in strength and recognition.

The black bear will not run away from troubles and is always ready to confront the worst.

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36 thoughts on “Black Bear in Dreams”

  1. I dreamt that a young black bear entered my house, at first a I was afraid because it was a bear. There was another person in the dream (I don’t remember who), we chased the bear tried to get it out of the house. When we came upon the bear it was smaller than when it entered the house and non threatening.

  2. There was a black bear in my shed my kitty & i live in… 4 some reason i hissed like a cat & it left… It was just standing there looking at me…

  3. I dreamt I was in a car and a bear appeared in the car with me face to face, I touched his nose, then I put my hand behind me and tried to manuevervthe car so as to eject the bear,

  4. In my dream I want playing with a bear, it was me, my sister and my brother. My brother was scared of it but I told them not to be afraid nothing’s going to happen.

  5. Assalamualaikum
    My friend had dreamt that her another friend having sex with black bear n picking out his hair and one more friend holding the hairs …suddenly the other girl who is holding the hair her husband entered and shouted on them ……

    So what is this ?
    Plzzzz give me reply as soon as possible


  6. I had dreamt a baby black bear was playing around in my yard. At first I thought it was some kind of weird looking dog (was really too dark out to tell) , so I let my dogs out to check it out (Had no idea where it went) After not seeing it, I ran into my backyard & unknowingly there was an adult black bear near by on the other side of the fence, I just happened to scare it, as I was a little startled myself..Then I kind of figured that wasn’t a little dog in my yard after all; lol.

  7. I dreamt about a black bear coming into the home of a couple I worked for as their nanny. In real life I’m upset with them but was afraid to confront them. I left them after they began displaying attitude and they never paid me my final check which was a weeks worth. I gave them ample time (6 mos) they said they cant afford and now they blow me off. I was so afraid to confront them abt it further for fear they shoot me down and belittle me since my self esteem is fragile. I didn’t attempt civil court because I felt I didn’t have proof. In my dream the black bear came in and I remember chasing him with no fear. He appeared hungry; he got into a big block of expensive (to me) of my Tillamook cheese. I tried locking him in my closet but he got out twice. I was trying to capture him so he would get the care he needed by professionals. He kept running away from me. Ne finally fled outside and oddly he went inside a cockpit of a plane and the lid closed and the plane took off with him flying it. The plane not long after the plane plunged into a big canal. I screamed “please help that bear! He’s sinking in that plane”! He was freed from that plane and I don’t recall the ending..I just remember that he was freed and believe he took off running in freedom.

  8. I had this wild dream of watching out of a window from a house I lived in in my dream that a small black bear climbed down a tree right next door followed by 4 large adult bears. I thought- They won’t be able to get in our house- we’re safe. But they all came straight for my house and was able to come right in- I managed to run to a room, lock it in time to open the window and escape and almost lost them all. The baby bear kept finding me and I broke into abandoned homes, climbed up and down everywhere I could find to try to escape then finally I did. Then somehow my parents arrived in a room with me and said “the tigers are going to visit”. There was no chance to leave and I thought- “how the hell are they going to get in?” Before I knew it, there they were. There were two of them. Large and spoke english as funny as that sounds. I sat in a chair with my eyes closed thinking I was about to be mangled to death. No turning back or around or running away. They did a sweep through the room and one (the male) who was speaking and I wish I remembered what he was saying- he lightly swiped his huge paw on my face not cutting anything but i felt his power as he did that and while he was in the room. Before all this, I dreamed of huge water/clouds of smoke in two parts of the sky where the whole town was frightened then not sure if it was Tritan, poseidon or zeus but he developed from it with a lightning bolt through the town. Terrifying but I never died. Whew. We all were hiding and the energy was so strong- almost like a tornado was about to whirl through but never happened. It was beautiful though- This powerful being that rose above and into the clouds with a giant lightning bolt in hand – in the swirls of water/tornado looking clouds

  9. In my dream I was coming out of my apartment building that somehow turned into a back yard with a lot of grass. It was night time but I had a flashlight (which was weird to me) and I was accompanied by a close female friend of mine and my husband. Outside I’m talking to my friend and she’s joking around about some dancing moves. All of a sudden she gets really quiet and says, “I heard something behind me”. So as she turns her head she yells “it’s a bear!” So I put up my flashlight and I see it’s a black bear coming out of the trees getting closer to us. As I’m running to get back into my building I notice my husband and my friend had already climbed onto a tree. I saw the tree was a lot closer then the entrance of my building. So I’m running towards the tree but the bear ends up getting too close. I looked back at the bear but I see I’m about to get clawed. I remember also knowing it was going to happen. I felt the fear of “I’m about to get clawed on my back and the bear is going to Eat me. But what actually happens my husband throws something passed the bear to distract the bear to go further out somewhere else. It ends up working out. But more for him and my friend. As soon as the bear goes away because of the distraction both my husband and my friend end up going down the tree to enter the building. Although they both stood outside coaching me to stand up, Neither of them came to help me up. Knowing I had been clawed by the bear. As I’m trying to get up, I feel the deep cut in my back. I’m struggling to get up. I feel the pain. I’m slowly getting up and I notice the bear coming back. I laid back down and played dead. The bear comes back and starts to sniff me. Almost as if the bear is testing me. Pretty much after that I remember feeling the fear again of the bear getting ready to eat me. Then somehow I end up waking up from my dream. And when I woke up I looked around my room and I didn’t even know where I was. I felt like I was somewhere else. Then I realized that I had that horrible dream. And thank god it was just a dream. But it also left me wondering what this dream was really about. 🤔

  10. In one part of my dream, (which I barley remember dreams this one I did after praying) I was stepping over a big black bear or what I felt was a bear or bear fur on a step. I was scared but stepped over it. I could not see the head of the bear, it felt to only be the body.

  11. I had a dream last night that my dog was snuggled up to a black bear cub and I was worried that the bear would wake up and harm him. I kept calling for him to come to me but he just remained next to the bear who was snuggling him closer. I woke up calling his name

  12. I dreamt I was walking through a kitchen of a restaurant and there were bunch of black bears…the kitchen transformed into a forest but all the bears seem to be working together. I wasn’t initially afraid but once I saw the bears didn’t attack me i felt safe to be in there. Also at one point a bear put his arms around me, but did not harm me.

  13. Last night I dreamt a black bear was chasing me ready to attack. There were other people there, it almost got my friend but she managed to escape. It seemed to be targeted on me, I ran through a gate on the other side of the building leaving it behind with other people but it wanted me. I was running with all of my mite, it’s teeth were neared, & it was growling and just when it was at my heals it wanted to play. It didn’t want to harm me it was chasing me so feriously because it wanted MY attention, it had run past others to get me. Yikes!

  14. I was in the front yard of my house when I saw a black bear distance, I turned to go back to my house & noticed another bear behind me. As I started running toward the house the Bears started to chase me, almost to my door I got a cramp & couldn’t outrun them and so I turn around to confront the bears.

  15. I dreamed a black bear was sitting next to me biting glass bottles so that I can eat the glass. I was speaking to the bear telling him I don’t know why us humans have to eat glass…

  16. I had a dream tons of people from my school were sitting on this high ground with the black bear below it, and we were watching the bear try to run up this hill, which was sandwiched by two ditches. The bear tried to run up on the side I wasn’t on and didn’t succeed as expect, then when it got to my side it managed, and we all started to run. Soon I began to notice that the black bear was specifically chasing me, but when I reached this bridge, a teacher or some sort of person with authority stopped the bear from attacking me with their body, but as soon as we stopped running the bear was smiling and communicating with me through their face, and so I began to communicate with the bear.

    1. My dream was similar in that the bear chasing me was targeting me over everyone else & when it finally got to me it had only wanted to play and my attention. The entire time I spent running my heart was pounding and it was frightful.

  17. I dreamed I heard a noise in the front of the house and told my husband there was a bear in the next room. When I looked around the door, there were two giant stuffed black bears, and one live bear, that my husband walked right past, and I was trying to tell him that the bear was in the middle room, and I couldn’t say anything. That is when I woke up. We do not live in bear country.

  18. I dreamt of a black bear cub that I had liked as a pet. It’s mother stayed way in the back ground and watched. The cub began to run through the worlds then came upon a grey squirrel. The cub hesitantly went up to the squirrel and smelled it then know killed it.

  19. I dreamt of a black bear cub that I had liked as a pet. It’s mother stayed way in the back ground and watched. The cub began to run through the worlds then came upon a grey squirrel. The cub hesitantly went up to the squirrel and smelled it then know pled it.

  20. I dreamt that I was looking out my window and saw a big black bear, a black bear cub and a black Labrador walking in the garden together. Next they were at my sliding door and the big black bear was trying to get in. I was trying to hold it close, but it was too strong for me. It eventually got in and walked towards myself and my daughter,(who I haven’t seen in nearly two years), and it didn’t mean any harm. My daughter sat on its back

  21. I’ve had recurring dreams where I am in a home/ on property that is a mix of my father’s home and property and my in laws home and property. They’re are 3 sliding glass doors around the large living room area, when I look out the doors I see a medium sized black bear lumbering across the yard towards the house, I tell my dad and he watches for a few and then sighs and stands up and gets his shotgun, I’ll just scare him off he just seems curious. In my dream I’m extremely nervous tho the bear is not doing anything aggressive. I watch the bear go to the other side if the house before my dad can go out on the deck and watch as the bear attacks a large black neighbor dog (one I’ve never seen before in real life) my dad sighs and goes to open the slider and 2 things happen at the same time, the bear sees us in the door and begins to bellow and charge at the glass door and I also notice my son and my fiances nephew both standing right in front of the glass door my dad is now pointing his gun at, I start yelling at the kids to move and running to them as my dad is getting ready to pull the trigger, I wake up just before I reach the boys.

  22. I dreamt that a big black bear was standing over me while I was lying on the floor ,the bear was trying to eat my lips but I kept pushing the bears head away

  23. My dream started with 3 grown black bears in my front yard along with 5 or 6 black lab puppies (or cubs, I tried to look closer but wasn’t sure) rolling in shallow water.

    Next, I was walking along a trail and there were several grown black bears and cubs. I thought I should be afraid but wasn’t. Five cubs were looking at 9 birds or lizards (I could not determine) sitting on the side of the trunk of a tree, pointing down the tree in a tight triangular formation.

  24. I took an afternoon nap and had a dream that this big black bear appeared. It just walk pass and sat down on a porch with a brown bear.

  25. I dreamed my younger sister and I was standing on a porch. I saw a small black bear go into the woods I asked her did she see it she said no but she could hear it going through the woods. Minutes later another one a little larger than the first came to the side of the house turned and stared at us and then charged toward the porch after us. We managed to get into the house. The front door was glass but unbreakable by the bear. I sent for my shot gun but the bear finally gave up and ran away. No one was hurt not even the bear.

  26. Last night i dreamed that me my husband and my daughter are walking on a road in the night.suddenly my husband wants to stop me from talking.i surprisingly looked at him,vut he was frightened badly.he pointed me towards a black bear who was standing hardly fifty steps away from us.i remembered that i had a big utensil in my ha i asked my husband to keep calm.the bear was now just before me.but didn’t attack on me just because of that big daughter in the meanwhile anyhow managed to escape and hide herself behind a wall.the bear and me were in such a position as seen in the movies during the war.seeing straight in the eyes of one another.but then god knows how he left that place silently and went away to the opposite direction.i stood there for some time to make it sure tht he actually has left us and walked away.after assuring myself i just ran away from tht place .then a saw a big boundary wall in front of me having some trees adjoining it.i wanted to climb in the wall but was too big.suddenly i held two branches of these trees in my hand and jumped with fuul strength upon the i was withen the fourwalis of a garden in which countless almond trees were blooming with beautiful pink flowers.

  27. What does it mean to dream you’re walking alone on a highway at night and bears start crossing the road. They don’t bother you but there are several bears.

    I had this same dream 6 days ago but it was black cats (like pet cats).

  28. I had a dream i was walking with a pack of black bears. I felt like i was one of them and felt very calm through the whole dream. They weren’t bothered by my presence in their pack and never tried to harm me; nor did i try to harm them. I was simply walking with the pack.

    I have since tried but failed to find any meaning behind this dream as not too long before this one i had a dream of swimming in the ocean and a large pod of Orcas swam just over me. I wasn’t swimming with them but was under the pod watching them and also felt extremely calm and at peace. Any help would be much appreciated.

  29. I dreamed a bear attacked a lion. Then a little lamb came and saved the lion from the bear. Later on the bear attacked the lion again, and the lamb tried to save the lion; but the bear attacked the lamb and killed the lamb.

  30. I am a young woman in my 20’s and last night I dreamt that I was camping in the forest, and there were a bunch of drunk teenagers who had been sick the night before, so I decided that I would wander away from the camp site because I knew the smell would attract bears. As soon as I went to leave, a large black bear came hobbling over. I was instantly terrified, so I stood still like a statue. The bear came up to me and sniffed me, knowing that I wasn’t part of the party the bear started nuzzling my hand. With caution I started stroking his head and he let me. Soon the bear let me stroke his whole back and it looked as though he was quite enjoying it. I found a bag of carrots on the ground and the bear was quite intrigued so I fed him one, and he ate it like it was the best thing he’d ever tasted. We were on an island so I decided to throw a carrot in the water and see if he would go and fetch it, as I was still a little nervous. With agility, the bear bounded down the hill and into the water to retrieve the carrot. He came back quite satisfied and eager for me to throw another, so I did. This went on for what seemed like over an hour, after the bear seemed full of carrots, the bear lay down and I stroked him. He also wanted me to scratch his stomach, so I did. Afterwards the bear and I got up and walked off into the woods.
    Previous to falling asleep I had just finished a piece of artwork, and I was quite happy with it! Therefore I fell asleep quite content. From this dream I get the feeling that I am the black bear, and perhaps I’m satisfied and that I am empowered and stepping into a new light… This was an exceedingly powerful dream. I want a bear.

  31. I had dream of walking on dirt road with a black bear following me. It was very playful bear, no matter what I did to it, it would not stop being playful and stop following me.

    1. I’ve had so many dreams with bears too but in my dreams there are dozens not just one or two and I’m always terrified and fear for my life. I don’t hunt with a gun but I do hunt with a camera and love how majestic bears are so jentle and beautiful and would never kill a bear or any other animal for that fact so why am I”m so terrified in my dreams.