Bobcat in Dreams

Dreaming of a bobcat means you are not attentive enough at work nor your relationships. This has caused a detrimental aftereffect that creates stress in your waking hours. Plan on spending more time double checking your assignments before submitting them to clients. Also make an effort to maintain close relations by calling them to hangout and catch up.

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6 thoughts on “Bobcat in Dreams”

  1. I dreamt of several wild animals last night the first sighting was a bobcat one at first then several right behind not aggressive just growing in numbers ,then came the bears practically in herds and always aggressive and finally a single attacking badger which I was holding a screen door closed to keep from reaching me the dream was very vivid and seems to me to be holding meaning I have been easily angered and weary all day today

  2. so when i went to sleep i kept walking in and out of a house the 1st time nothing 2nd time i saw a buck and i had a 9mm
    3rd time i saw two bucks 4th time i saw a black bobcat 5th time i saw the bobcat and a black dog then when i came back in a grizzly was trying to breack down the back door but the bobcat was keeping it out then i looked out the front door and looked to the left and saw the bobcat then the dog then a black wolf with a blue collor that was about 6 ft tall lined front to back than i came back out a 7th time and the bobcat said “the hounds must be proven” and then it ran into the woods and igot attact by 4 to 6 black bloodhounds i tried to climb onto the house then i woke up with a horible head acke.

  3. I had a dream that I had a cat but I wanted something better so we traded the cat in for a bobcat turns out it wasn’t such a good idea and ended up wanting the old cat back. It was a very strange dream, I also have a cat in my waking life so idk what that could mean?

  4. OK, so I’m not sure what to make of this… I had just laid down and wasn’t even asleep yet, but I closed my eyes and I was already vividly dreaming of a bobcat standing on my back porch at the kitchen door. I opened my eyes and adjusted my pillow just to reassure myself that I was still awake, but as soon as I closed my eyes again, the bobcat was still standing on the back porch looking through the kitchen window. It didn’t give me a feeling that it was threatening so much as just watching or curious. Because when it moved it made sure to keep its face and body turned to look into the window, but it’s mannerisms were more like a housecat that had been left outside.

  5. i think your right,i saw so many whight punch face cats..some of them had 3 faces vertically and horizontally…and it was snow everywhere i was digging the snow which was under a big nice cat an i found pituress of me an my hubby…didn’t get it…plz tell me or email me the meanig og my dream…thank you!