Buffalo in Dreams

Buffalo in a dream foretells obstinate and powerful but stupid enemies. Heeding the warning of the buffalo, when the opponent is engaged through diplomacy you will escape much misfortune. Mastering the buffalo is also your key to achieving goals.

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6 thoughts on “Buffalo in Dreams”

  1. I saw herd of buffaloes and bulls with. Big big horns,,…i was too scare…i had to change direction but i was scared…i though buffaloes would hit me n kill me but…they didn’t do that ….they were friendly..ma women came she was there with me until i changed th direction…bulls n buffaloes were all round

  2. I had this dream and we were at this camp for school and there were buffalo in a giant cage and usually i like buffalo and we were all walking and this buffalo came charging at us and we all ran into this empty cage but i was the last one and this buffalo grabbed onto me with its horns and started ramming me into the tree but luckily my crush came and saved me… so my dream had buffalo and my former boyfriend (who i still cm in love with!!!)

  3. I dreamt I am climbing stairs in a house-building like hostel..and whilst climbing I see herd of buffalo’s some seen some unseen. Lot of them on every floor. Even when I moved up, a buffalo took my hand inside her mouth and it happenned twice. It appeared they might be interested in me, saying me something. But when one of them pulls my hand just little less than elbow , I feel to take it out and an estranged friend helps me take it out. That friend is no longer my friend for her ulterior motive. Dream doesnot end here but for buffalo’s it does. I havnt dreamt like that about animals and hurting me. Pl interpret.

  4. I had a similar dream to Breanne’s, only it was a single buffalo chasing me, it burst through the door, and came to within a few feet of my face. I had a box or dresser between me and this buffalo. Then I woke up.

  5. I had a dream in which there was a man who had a buffalo. He kept it in a small enclosure and whipped it so it would behave. I was the man’s assistant, and was expected to do the same. I did, but I did not want to. The man could see I was not being harsh to the buffalo, and was going to whip me as well. But the buffalo protected me and chased the man away.

    I don’t remember dreams very often, and rarely do they stay so vivid in my mind. Any insight as to what it might mean?

  6. Herd of Buffalo:
    This is going to be hard to explain, i see the vision in my mind and I will try my best to describe.
    As i was standing i seen a herd of buffalo coming towards me, there was other people around also, it was like a show or a race. I watched all these buffalo run around in a big circle, everytime they ran by me i felt as if they were charging at me, i would close my eyes and i can feel the wind as they ran by me. They kept runing in circles and one buffalo left the herd and start chasing after me, i was scared and began running as fast as i could into a door and it eventually busted through the door and it was hovering over me, then i woke up. Ever since this morning, it has been bugging me as to what it means. Dreams like this aren’t normal.