Bull in Dreams

A bull signifies fertility and strength. To dream about bulls means having great success in love affairs, sex and procreation but on the downside it also brings on business troubles or a big loss in the coming future.

Commit yourself to riding the bull in the dream, and you will succeed.

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5 thoughts on “Bull in Dreams”

  1. I in the past had a dream about two red bulls in a pasture that walked with me. One died saving me from danger and the other carried me away…
    I remember the dream vivadly and had it several times in my past.

  2. I recently had a dream that I had a few friends over. We were visiting in my living room when a bull came to the window. It quickly ran in the opposite direction and turned around. It then ran full speed and crashed through the window. As everyone ran, I found myself unable to move. This dream has bothered my all day.

  3. I was sitting in this small areana watching someone I didnt know. He was fighting with this bull with one horn. the horn was on the right side of the bull, then the bull came up into the stands and laid down beside me and I started petting the bull, as if it where my pet .

  4. My father had a dream that he was passing by a stream and one of his friends was holding two red female bulls. He said that he almost went under the bulls but saved himself..
    He claims that when he usually sees female bulls, its a bad sign but he has never seen red female bulls before.
    Could someone please explain this to me?

  5. My bike was driving by some one and i am sitting in middle and my sister is sitting last on my bike. Suddenly a bull came in middle i told to stop the bike using disk brake but the person who is driving hit the bull.
    The bull become angry and he was going to hit with his head i catched his head my fingers went inside his mouth bull was bitting my fingers i woke up…

    Please explain this ……….