Crab in Dreams

Crabs on the beach and and marina relate to love affairs. They linger around harvesting food under the sun. This dream portends to lovers in a long and difficult courtship that goes back and forth. Also, crabs are not necessarily strong creatures, it is best to avoid rivals.

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9 thoughts on “Crab in Dreams”

  1. I found a baby/small crab and got involved with a guy who had other baby/small crabs and I was keeping them in an aquarium type container until they were old enough to be released to sea. At one point one of the crabs almost got away and I had to scramble to get him back in a container. My mission was to help conserve the crabs.

    I’ve looked through about 20 websites and cannot figure this out. I suspect it has to do with a relationship; a girl broke up with me, and I’m still hurting. I know in my head I need to let it go, but its difficult. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  2. I saw a big crab and it has my hand in a firm grip and tries to bit me with it’s big claw .. I take that claw and the orther and break it from its body .. then I beat it with a stick and dig it’s eye out ..

  3. I dreamt of having bought a crab at a crab market just this night. I came across this website in search of the meaning of the dream. All the sites I went although, did talk of the crab but I didn’t see the translation of one buying or having bought a crab

  4. I had multiple weird dreams last night. One of them had to do with a crab.

    I was laying in a bed with white sheets, and all of a sudden a bright red crab was in the bed, I panicked thrashing around, screaming, and crying… The crab quickly moved towards me and started attacking my face with its claws I would hit it away, and again it would run quickly towards my face doing the same thing… I then screamed for my dad to help me, but he just thought it was humorous. So I hit the crab again, and the crab came towards me quickly trying to attack my face one more time, and I finally hit him so hard that he flew off the bed and landed on his back on the hardwood floor… When he landed his shell cracked and he was twitching and died. Then I felt bad for killing an animal, but I also felt relieved that the crab couldn’t hurt me anymore.

  5. I dreamt of Crabs for the second time in a week’s time. Both the times, I dreamt of moving into a new house and I started to find crabs there running around. I kill them but then another one appear out of nowhere. Then I find the source of it hidden under the bed mattress and I kill them all.
    These crabs were white in color. I also saw Oysters by the side of those crabs.

    In reality last time I saw and caught a crab with my bare hands was almost 6 months back but I am sure there is no connection of that to my dream. I don’t recall seeing crab before in my dreams. Tonight, when it happened for the second time, I felt like reading about it on the net and came across this website.

  6. this is the second time i dreamed this, im with my husband and older daughter and we are somewhere were there is a creek we look up and there crabs coming our way it gets quiet then the crabs throw themselves inside a corner of an opening in the creek we can no longer see them but we become anxious with an urgency to go run uphill, we start running and we r calling on the phone our older son to tell him to save himself but the call never goes through so we get to the end of the street and here comes a sworm of crabs that cover the whole street, so were trapped we jump in an area where there is alot of obstacles to get over in order to reach the top of the hill, my daughter says she cant do it and i said we have to i wake up before we can get through all the obstacles

  7. I had a dream that a baby swallowed a crab and a frog. I was trying to get the crab out but in the process I killed the baby and I never got to the frog. What could this mean?

  8. I also had a dream with crabs, they were inside a house all lined up orange (meaning cooked) and they were eating frogs…weird…what does that mean?

  9. I dreamed of crab jumping out of something. He was large, brown and had large clear antennas which had brown sparkling balls on them. When he jumped out and stood on legs he looked at me and pointed which appeared to be two fingers at me. What does this mean especially spiritually? I dont remember anything else about the dream. Thank You