Ferret in Dreams

Dreaming of a ferret means your life is full on untrustworthy friends and acquaintances that make your life a living hell. You must be constantly looking over your shoulders to prevent sabotages. This keeps you up and contributes to the many restless nights.

In the waking hours, disassociate yourself with these people and only keep company with people you trust.

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9 thoughts on “Ferret in Dreams”

  1. I dreamt of ferrets chasing me, one tried to bite me, I kicked it then I woke up. Can someone interpret this for me? Thanks.

  2. I had a dream a ferret ate a mouse…. my husband who passed away recently chased the ferret upstairs and it ran downstairs it had a mouse on its mouth when I tried to
    Get the mouse out of his mouth the ferret swallowed the mouse … our cousin watched everything and said nothing…..

  3. had a dream about a ferret being given as a gift. the thing escaped and we searched a forrest for it. As we got close, it was sitting on a tree stump. the people came and bowed down to it. then it leaned backwards and all the people did the same. I then got on to the stump and people started to admire and bow down to me….

    it was so weird

  4. Had a dream with two king cobras a rattlesnake, a lion, a raccoon and a ferret. The Ferret killed one of the king cobras, the other one bit me and I smashed it to death. The lion tried to kill me and my son… The whole time I was protecting my son from these animals too. The lion left and I never dealt with the rattlesnake it wasn’t threatening like the King Cobras…

  5. I had a dream that there was a ferret was living in my basement just outside my room and kept pestering me. I ended up killing the ferret. I would assume this is due to my masculinity. Maybe it shows me overcoming untrustworthy people?

  6. I had a dream of about having dozens of ferrets that could talk to me, they scampered around in my house, and they had their own cages. I also had a snake, a boa constrictor that ended up breaking free as I was putting the ferrets away. He wanted to eat one of the ferrets, and I tried to stop him from getting one. The ferrets seemed to swarm around him though, making it impossible for me to grab the snake without grabbing a ferret first. Whenever I put a ferret into it’s cage, it would get out since the doors couldn’t close. In the end, he succeeded in catching a ferret and I woke up as he constricted around the ferret. What does this mean?