Gorilla in Dreams

Dreaming of a gorilla signifies power and strength. However, this power is an uncontrollable force leading to postponed success. Gorillas enjoy close knit family networks lead by alpha males, and rising to the top position of power is determined and selected by a strong monarch.

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12 thoughts on “Gorilla in Dreams”

  1. i dreamed l was in a zoo like setting and l was up high the gorillas was down low running and jumping over walls but crashing into walls after they jump. l don’t remember if they died l just remember them jumping and crashing into a wall.

  2. Hi
    I dream of gorillas under a strange community leader’s care. My friend and l visited the community for an unknown reason. On arrival that friend of mind attempt to pick one of the gorillas to sit on it. The gorillas snach my friend and hide him. After sometimes waiting for our host to free him, I realise that, they have no intention of doing so. At that time I went strait to where the gorillas are and free my friend from their grip.
    Please somebody help me with the meaning of this dream

  3. Hi,
    I had a very strange dream last night. It had two apes huge supposedly Gorillas in a forest and i felt as if i’m one of them or witnessing them but i wasn’t present there. Both of them seemed like a couple and were shaving hair from each other’s body Please help me decode this dream.

  4. I just had a dream that I was at a zoo with my newlywed husband and a gorilla escapes its cage and starts attacking people, I find myself losing my husband and trying to find him AND hide from the gorilla at the same time. People end up dying in my dream, and although I never actually saw it, my thoughts tell me it was the gorilla? Also, every time I would move from a certain hiding spot the gorilla would see me and try to get me and attack me, I am completely frightened the entire time and in the end the zookeepers end up killing the gorilla right in front of me before it attacked me.

    what does this mean? please help!!

  5. I believe our dreams can help us in our regular life. In mine, I walked into a semi-familiar living room and on the couch was a gorilla that I seemed familiar with. I wasn’t scared, i went to lay on the couch with the gorilla and cuddle. It felt good. In the dream I never had a thought of fear or gender if it. But it was more the shape and size of a female gorilla. I enjoyed and felt comfort with it. I remember the hands a bit, I think rubbing my head-big and black.
    I’m a married middle aged male with 4 fully grown children.

    1. I had a dream a big black gorilla came out of the water he was following me then he gave me a paper pink rose what does that mean?

  6. In my dream I saw this huge gorilla then I see a Minnie tiny full grown gorilla that would fit in the palm of a hand and still have plenty of room in it. In my dream I was trying to keep this mini gorilla wear the adult male left it.

  7. I dream a lot, normally don’t think much of them but had one last night involving a gorilla that has me kind of shook up:

    I am walking along a street and see a house I want to enter…. I walk up the steps and from a side yard, a gorilla roars and leaps at me, attaching himself to my left arm. Once attached, he shrinks in size but I can feel him breathing, his paws and teeth all dug into my arm.

    Frightened but not wanting to excite him, I start walking around to people on the street asking them to get me help. Some look confused, some say they will but don’t. I desperately want the police to arrive with guns to shoot him. (I somehow know without a gun, he’ll hurt me badly.)

    I see a business on the corner… it’s a bar… it’s very very old and as it turns out, I’m in Europe. The police arrive without guns and say they will help. At this point, the gorillas limbs began rotting off and finally I just have innards and blood on my arm… the police and I pull and tear it away and I look up to them and we’re all in disbelief of what we’ve saw.

    Never had one like this before. The blood and guts at the end kinda made me scared once I woke up. Thoughts?

  8. I have recurring dreams of my parents taking me to the zoo to see gorillas. I remember so vividly the gorillas were sitting around and looking right back at me.

    1. I dream a big black gorilla was after me want to have sex with me. In a dream I could jump high and run on top of the roof telling it I’m a child of God it’s an abomination for human having sexual relationship with animals. It was like this gorilla slept with one girl I know now it want me.

  9. I dreamed that a body builder was warming up and then all his muscles began to pop out and then his face and body transformed into a black gorilla and it ran very fast in front of me and then came to a stop and you could feel the peace then