Hyena in Dreams

Is the hyena staring you down in your dream? That means you are being overrun with work and responsibilities with no other option than to comply or face the consequences. The hyena is watching for your fall, and then they will pounce on you like fallen prey. Try to find a solution to off loading a part of your responsibilities, otherwise the situation will have a snowball effect.

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28 thoughts on “Hyena in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream last night that I was with my nephew at my friend’s house and he had an array of wild animals cubs as pets. I prominently remember there being a lion, a tiger, a bear, and a hyena. And they were very sweet at first but every time I looked at them they can’t aging and getting bigger and scarier. My friend was no longer in the room and I had to figure out a way to get my nephew and myself out of the room for fear they will attack at random. what does this mean?

  2. I dreamt of a pack of hyenas surrounding my home, they chewed through my back door and was in my shed, but they did nothing but stare at me. I realised one had snuck behind me and went upstairs towards my daughters room but it didn’t attack her. None of the others attacked me, which seemed weird because of the hyenas reputation. I have no idea what this means to me!

  3. My mom my sister my baby and myself and a lady guide we at like almost a zoo where big green field and u could walk to see the animals I noticed the hyena waiting and staring out side it’s gate so I turned around with my son son walked slowly until we were behind a gate told the guide she went to close the gate where my mom and sister are so it couldn’t get them once she closed the gate the hyena came after her the lady ran but couldn’t make it through the gate so she tried to jump the gate the yea jumped on her back and as that I hit it in the head and hit snarled looked me in the eyes and with a loud high pitch squeal said Let me talk to your Sister!!
    And I said ok but never had intention of doing it I called the phone knowing she wouldn’t answer it and I woke up.
    First hyena dream for me
    It looked me in the eyes it was evil

  4. In my dream I was standing in the sand and the ocean started over flowing, I ran and jumped on top of a cement surface that let me over look the water. I saw many dolphins swimming in the water and when the water level started to go down I saw a seal sitting on the sand who looked at me made a yelling sound and headed back into the water. Then there was this fish that swam out but it had legs and a dinosaur head, it started walking towards me, I was trying to scare it off but it just kept walking towards me, so I started screaming to scare it back to the water, I made a high pitched sound which only made things worse, the sound I made was more like a calling for these Hyenas that came running towards me, there must of been 6 of them but only one approached me and the rest waited behind him as if he were the leader and they waited for me to tell him a command. The Sea Monster went back to the water in the Fear of the Hyenas. (I felt no fear with any of the creatures that approached me in this dream). Weird…. need an explanation

  5. I saw a hyena n 2 hyena cubs around me, a friend came and put them away in the trunk of another friends cars the mother hyena was staring and looking scared, before he shut them up in the trunk I asked him y he was doing so he did answer he just walked away with look of he was saving me from the hyenas, I noticed then that the car belonged to another friend but was now old and dilapidated… Then I woke up

  6. I dreamt of a hyena staring at me and starting chasing me. As I was running for life I tripped and fell with my face down and the hyena bite my butt. That’s when I got up.

  7. I see a pack of black hyenas and one steps out. Fierce with gnashing teeth trying to bite. I ward it off and feel surrounded but no harm comes to me. I believe I am holdingredients a knife or a metal instrument to ward off. At first I thought they were wolves but we’re more dog like and dark so hyena fits the description.

  8. I saw so many animals in my dreams .it was like i had gone to an animal kingdom to find something . i thought so and i was visiting many animals i was being guided by an unknown female animal tamer ,apparently she had blonde hair ,Quite old and mature looking, she did not speak a word on me.The only people who were speaking were all unknown peoples in my dream they spoke different languages,yes I coudnt understand them and it was all crowded and noisy .Then suddenly it changed i saw a dark young hyena it was on an .chained cage. BUT just when i looked at it the hyena broke free out of the cage then it stared down at me and started stalking on me.the lion tamer woman. Acted as if she didnt see anything she dissapeared /Vanish into thin air. For all my entire life i have always been confused by my real personality ,i admit i have lots of other bad intentione on inside of me But somewhere deep inside me it always responds to be good in kind and stop evils.After thoroughly thinking about this for 2 days .I m now convinced that the dark young hyena was actually me disguised in animal form. inside my dream and the Animal spirit (The animal tamer woman)was actually someway guiding to me to reveal my true side and my intentions..””i have an revenge Plan on my future Apparently …Aparttt from all this. “” Please Respond me with Answers .. if you’d like to say something about this:phenomenon

  9. I had a dream where my boyfriend suddenly turned into a hyena when he was apologizing for not spending time with me at this party we were at, when he was done, “the heyna” (him) licked me and I felt comfortable around him but I was shocked because usually they are a threat

  10. I just had a dream that I was walking around a graveyard in the woods and I started getting stalked by tigers and big hyenas. 3 Hyenas and 1 tiger surrounded me and attacked me. They got me on the floor and i was being bitten. I was screamimg for help and there were people in the distance but they ignored me. Then I came out of my body and ran to get help. I found an old man who ran with me to where my body was being eaten. My arms were still moving but i was clearly on deaths door. We scared away the animals but they keep coming back. Then i woke up at 4am. It felt so real. I am actually quite shaken up and worried by it. I have been having a lot of bad dreams recently. Does anybody know what this means or why I am having bad dreams?

  11. My first ever hyena dream. was strange to say the least. I was in some sand dunes. surrounded by a whole bunch of sleeping hyenas. they were all sleeping. I remember running up and down the dunes. I seemed happy. but wondered about why these hyenas were asleep and not attacking. I woke up. Weird!!

  12. I had a dream last night that i was some where wuth with family and every wherevwe went there was some type of animal, im assuming it was a hyena. Chasing us trying to bite us. Blocking us from going any where. They seen to appear and then they are gone. Then they reappear again. Always fighting them. Not sure what else happened. I do not recall being bite. It was just a lot of struggling to get away from them. We were walking a lot too. Weirdest dream i have had in. A long time.

  13. In my dream, I was driving to my mom’s house and somehow took a wrong turn and ended up in water, I got out the car with my daughter and started walking back to the road, as I was walking I saw a mountain lion, I stood still and it approached me and my daughter. It got close enough to get my scent, before it attacked I dropped my daughter grabbed it’s neck and snapped it, there were other wild animals in my dream, I walked quickly with my daughter while other the other animals started to eat the mountain lion, as I got to the road, two hyenas approached to attack me, this time I was to pull their jaws apart, I don’t know why I am having these dreams or what they could mean.

  14. I dreamed I was searching for something with my best friend. For some reason I wanted to find a hyena and somehow this magical seamstress made a stuffed one for me. And I recall it being an unusual color for a spotted Hyena it was silver with black spots. The stuffed version someone came to life, but wasn’t vicious at all infact it was actually quite friendly, and then I woke up.

    Does this kind of hyena mean anything?

  15. I dreamed 2 of my sisters invited me to take a walk outside at night while at Mom’s that was in the area we grew up in and not longer reside. They walked together ahead of me, not including me in their conversation. We turned the corner and there was a light dusting of snow on the ground and it seemed eerie. There was the sound of howling wind as they were a little further in front of me. Then a hyena came running toward us but singled me out. My sisters stood side-by-side watching as I desperately ran side-to-side, back and forth to escape this hyena, and were getting further and further away from me. Then they were gone. (Throughout this dream, I only saw their silhouettes in the night.) I climbed a tree knowing that the hyena couldn’t get to me. As I climbed, I looked down and saw spots on the back of the hyena (this was a close up view). Then I was in the bathroom, getting a weapon (spear) to fight my way out. I jabbed the spear outside the door at each corner. I heard a woman call my name, stick her head in the door and ask if I was ready. I answered yes and followed her through lighted corriders as she kicked past the corners of a house. We entered a lighted and people-populated kitched and that woman who came for me was my 27 year-old daughter. It seemed we were back in the same house with the same people (family).

    What does this mean?

  16. A hyena appeared, then a dog began to chase after it. Proceeding that, a cougar/cheetah type of cat joined the dog in attacking the hyena. Out of nowhere a lion(female) appears and prances at the cougar. I remember the lion holding the other cat with her teeth. The hyena and dog dispersed.

  17. when I was in Africa the first 2 night i had a dream a 1/2 man 1/2 hyena was in my room, i wasn’t afraid. it felt very real.

  18. I had a dream I was out in the country at some guys house that I didn’t know and he said “you came just in time johnny.We’re going hunting for rats.he gave me a pellet gun and he was using a black shiny cross bow.I turned around n I foucs on the hyena dead showing its fangs with its mouth wide open on the floor.I woke up when he called my name and lost my foucs.Please anyone tell me what it means.

  19. I had a dream right after me and my boyfriend moved into a new house were we were in the house only the walls were covered with huge glass windows and all these hyenas were blueish with red eyes trying to get inside it was weird because although they looked like hyenas in the face they almost looked human too. I remember my
    Boyfriend trying to fight them from getting inside and I remember at the end they had made it so cold in the house it started snowing. Me and my boyfriend have both had troubles sleeping in thus house and then I started having tons of weird dreams and I just need to know what they mean

  20. My dream was very weird. It happened at an old home I used to live in. In the dream the guy I have been seeing for about 5 months and I were intimate. After we had sex, we both went down stairs of my old home and I opened the front door, to find not my front yard, but a jungle. The jungle was dark and shady. Right in the front of the door were Hyenas. They were just prancing back and forth. At a further distance into the jungle, there were Lions. They were staring at me calmly and they began mating. My lover didn’t speak or do anything in the dream except stand next to me. I didn’t want to walk through the jungle because of the Hyenas. I stood with my lover by the doorway, untill these Park Rangers or Rescuers came. Then, the dream ended by the Park Rangers and I walking through the jungle(my yard) smelling a foul odor. Smelled like something was dead in this jungle. Then I woke up. I never had a dream about my lover before. And been dreaming and thinking of him since. What does this mean??

  21. I had a dream that My mom, sister and I was at my sister house and three guys that we knew came over and they started making jokes about us and then they started on my mom and I called the hyena (whistle) and he came and started biting on one of the guys and I
    said good boy then he started to look at my dog (brownie) and tried to eat him and I said no! so we ran and then I put him in the basement and brownie was sitting there and I called out to brownie he didnt come so the hyena was about to attack until I threw him a peice of chicken I had in my hand and then I grabbed brownie and ran. What does all this mean? i’m scared…

  22. I had a dream where I was first introduced to a Hyena by an old man. I was scared at first as it was massive, size of a bull massive. It took my shirt sleeve between its teeth, biting so softly but never harming me. At first I was scared but that fear very quickly grew into a form of respect and love for the animal. It would let me play with it as if it were a kitten. I knew that I was the only person able to do this. It felt like it was fully protecting me and I felt quite happy about that.
    I was then able to ride this massive animal wherever and whenever I wanted, quickly and precisely. I was aware that everyone knew me to be the “guy riding the Hyena” but no one dared to venture to close. Generally speaking it was quite a cool feeling.
    I also noted that I had physically changed in appearance to a more “hyena” like appearance. I had grown to 7 ft tall, my neck thicker, and I was dressed in ragged clothing like a madmax film.
    Any ideas?

    1. Quite an imagination for a hyena dream. Are you familiar with the phrase “keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer”?

      You tend to thrive in situations where you might be stressed by last minute deadlines. Or competing against a nemesis tends to push you to excel further than anything.

    2. This is almost certainly a very positive dream.

      In many of the dreams that I interpret – probably most, I use the theories of the late Swiss psychologist Carl Jung. See http://n2.nabble.com/Dream-Discussion-f4289868.html for various posts about Jung and his ideas. Some of these ideas are addressed in this interpretation. And, many of the dreams that I look at have more of a spiritual meaning. This dream is a combination of both.

      Assuming that you are a guy, the old man sounds like he is mana personality. http://www.mythsdreamssymbols.com/mana.html In men the mana personality is seen in our dreams as the Great Father or Wise Old Man. His appearance is a good sign.

      He introduced the dreamer to a hyena. However, this was not your average, everyday hyena. This was like a super-hyena.

      To understand the significance of the hyena, we need to find out a little more about this animal. The hyena is undoubtedly an unpleasant animal to many readers. Although the hyena is a hunter, it is best know for being a scavenger. “Part of their bad reputation may stem from the hyena’s tendency to scavenge graves for food. They are one of the few creatures naturally suited for this, due to their ability to devour and digest every part of a carcass, including bone.” Like many other mammals, hyenas often live in extended families. A lesser known tidbit about hyenas is that some species live in matriarchal families with a dominant female who rules the clan. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyena From all this, we now have a good idea of the meaning of the hyena in this dream.

      I believe that this hyena is meant to be a helper – a very special helper. This hyena is a guide and a protector in the exploration of the land of the dead. This sounds terrible but it actually very positive. The ability and opportunity to make these journeys of exploration are only found in those who have reached a certain level of spiritual and psychological maturity.

      The ability to make these types of journeys to the lower world is found among the shamans. BTW – as many dreamers are well aware, a person’s conscious beliefs have little to do what goes on in our dreams.

      However, there are other parts to this dream that we should also look at.

      The dreamer has become hyena-like. In mythology, there is a term for this. You became a werehyena. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Werehyena This is a form of shape-shifting.

      Shape-shifting is not only associated with shamanism but is also experienced in those undergoing a spiritual/kundalini awakening. The Shared Transformation site gives one woman’s experience. “Later I learned that it is not uncommon for those with an awakening Kundalini to feel themselves morphed into powerful astral animals like bears, wolves, lions… or tigers. But it was not until I was studying shamanism several years later that I more fully understood this phenomena, which is called “shape-shifting.” Especially for those of us who have a Shamanic calling, helper spirits often come to us in the guise of animals. This can be in meditation, in dreams, or through a paranormal or ordinary world experience.” http://www.elcollie.com/st/chap8.html

      As mentioned above, some hyena groups are matriarchal. Thus, it may be that this dream hyena is a female. If the dreamer is male, you can probably see where I am going with this.

      There is a very good chance that this hyena is more than a guide or a protector. She may also be the dreamer’s spirit/dream wife. This may sound bizarre or even a little disgusting. But, it is actually fairly common for the shaman to have an other worldly spouse.

      Hope this helps and is not too confusing.