Kangaroo in Dreams

Dreaming of kangaroos are and indication of your anxiety and hostility towards a certain friend or enemy. Kangaroos are by nature a cautious and guarded creatures. Thus upon waking up from a kangaroo dream, you must exercise care to notice changes in your relationships.

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12 thoughts on “Kangaroo in Dreams”

  1. i saw two kangaroos going away from me, then a big lion attacked one of the kangaroos. It all happened in a play ground, i used to play when i was a child. When this happened, i ran back to my childhood home.

  2. I dream hunting suddenly I aproch a three kangaroos I managed to kill two the other one I leave it because it was very small

  3. The dream i had i seen a kangaroo with a young joey in the pouch. I am single with a 4 year old daughter. Wherever i go she go. So i believe there is a path that me and my daughter will take that will be huge. Like getting a husband.

  4. i had a dream of scared baby kangaroo with mother in front of my house & i was found then i rescued & caring both of them. Baby kangaroo was talking with me. they were both happy with us.
    so now tell what i mean for this dream

  5. I woke up with a horrible back ache, but it’s okay because I know why it hurts. My daughter and I were at a hotel somewhere international and when we went to the bus stop area to catch a tour bus she saw a giant puma and I was grabbed on my back by a big black kangaroo. When someone asked what do we do to get the kangaroo to let go, the kangaroo said, “You have to go to Old Navy and get me a shirt just like the one she’s wearing.” Then I woke up.

  6. I had a dream I was at a work function turn ask of a sudden a bunch of kangaroos came hopping out of no where. They heard a loud noise Then fell to the ground as to hide. One of them crawled over too be and said we aren’t trying to hurt anyone we are just trying to do training

  7. I had a dream of a dead kangaroo on the side of the road & I kept driving then I saw a Joey a bit further up & i stopped & put the back of the Ute down & called him & he jumped straight in then I covered him with a fluffy mink rug…

  8. I had a dream that these pairs of animals that were a mix of kangaroo, sea lion, and alpaca were hiding on street corners. One would jump on the roof of the car so the other could get into the passenger seat and try to take over the steering wheel. It was causing a lot of accidents and it was such an issue that the morning news said to be careful. Well, I was driving to my old high achool(I’ve now been in college for two years so.. I don’t know what that’s about). On the way there, I saw a pair of the animals and I started devising a plan to get out of the situation unharmed. As I was doing this, I realized that they had already gotten into someone else’s car and cause head on collisions of four cars at an intersection and another car to rear end the car they got in. So I was able to drive past it without anyone noticing me.

  9. I had a dream a very young baby kangaroo was sleeping with me. Then when I woke I was scared because I thought it was an opossum and I tried to get rid of it. When I was able to throw it I saw the mom kangaroo looking for the baby. I followed them to make sure she found the baby. My Chihuahua was with me the whole time.

  10. I had a wacky dream that wild kangaroos like a mob were hopping wildly aside of my front yard, thank God I was inside my house not being Hurt by one of them.

  11. I had a dream today, buying food in a supermarket, walked out to a brewing gang fight that didn’t seem to bother me in the slightest as I just walked through the middle of it and sarcastically quipped “carry on, as you were” or something like that, all this being in a park I hung out in as a child and teenager, as I walked out of the park I could hear particular music that I have made and an old man walked into the park singing a melody to it which I then started singing as I walked up the road. Then past me goes a Kangaroo, I almost didn’t notice it as i was singing but then checked back and had a good look and we got closer, I woke up at this point, not sure if it nipped me or not, but it certainly didn’t feel like an attack, more of a curiosity vibe, like what the hell is a Kangaroo doing in London? Anyhow, upon waking up I still had the music and singing melody ringing in my consciousness, when first practicing it I became very emotional, crying and almost laughing, once that died down, I wrote it down and recorded it to the exact track that was playing in the dream. So yeah… lots to analyze here and I’d really appreciate any insight you might have. I’ve been going through a very emotional time of late, getting counseling and generally going through or trying to go through a lot of changes so I assume it symbolizes the jumping, making bigger steps, faster, acting on things, like the song that was in my head. I suppose? Cheers! Ps. Sara your dream sounds quite sweet, like you are nurturing, mothering a mother in need, compassionate for sure.

  12. In my dream at first i see a baby kangaroo than i try to pick him up since its so cute i play for a bit with it. than some one takes it out side and i see the mother and i am afraid so i let it go. but i started to feed the mother since i didnt want her to atack me. than she keeps coming back for more food… what does it mean ???