Leopard in Dreams

Leopards are fierce cats in the jungle. When a leopard appears in a dream, it often means your antagonist is seeking to cause you harm and injury. In addition, your business and love life will be negatively affected.

However, since the leopard is also known to be persistent in overcoming larger prey. The same applies where your own persistence, it plays in overcoming life’s many obstacles.

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19 thoughts on “Leopard in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream Cheetah or leopard attacking me and mom near house both were safe we somehow managed to get inside a car later I got up ?

  2. I had a dream about a leopard, it was laying in the sun, it was sunny but the sun was about to go down. The leopard stretched like a cat does when it wakes up. I felt scared at first but then offered the back of my hand for it to smell like you do meeting a dog. I had a cap (one of my childrens) in my hand which it smelt but then it looked angry and got into crouching ready to attack stance and it jumped at me. I awoke with a fright just before it attacked. I found this dream rather unsettling and found it difficult to go back to sleep. Any advice is much appreciated thank you x

  3. I dreamt that a adolescent tiger bit a leopard on the neck. I thought the leopard was dying. I was sad. Tiger bounded over to me happily and laid on top of me. I was still worried for the leopard so I took them both with me. I took them home and the leopard woke up healthy and began to play with the tiger. They became cubs in my eyes and I was content.

    Anyone care to interpret?

  4. I saw a leopard moving about in the room. I am sitting on bed. I feel scared. I feel that it will pounce on me. But it refuse to do so. It just moves around in a graceful manner looking into the corners. Can anyone please interpret this.

  5. I was walking down the street with my 2 sisters. It was busy, there were people everywhere.
    We walked from morning til evening. When it became dark, my sisters suggested we take a short-cut to our unknown destination. We found a short-cut to where we were going but in that passage we came across a giant homeless man who attempted to rob us but failed. My sisters managed to run passed him but I didnt. I decided to go back and the giant man ran after me so I ran. He took out a gun and shot but he shot the woman in front of me and missed me . I ran as fast as i could and on my way, i saw a road full of police officers so I  used that road. The road lead me to where my sisters were but they were at a far distance. I told them to wait. I walked toward a gate that would lead me to them , 2 guys appeared and they were heading for that gate too. In front of that gate, there was a police car. Just as I was about to reach for the gate , 2 leopards appeared. The 2 guys climbed on top of the police car immediately, i tried climbing but one leopard ran toward me. I froze and held my hands in the air. It came so close to me that I accepted the fact that I would die. It stared right into my eyes for a long time and then started licking me.. everywhere even on my face. The 2 guys climbed off the police car and ran , the other leopard ran after them , the leopard that kept licking me ran after them too but stopped on the way to look at me – at that time i was fiddling with the gate trying to run. In that moment, it saw me and growled and came running fast, I ran too and I could feel it behind me. Just as it was about to catch me, I woke up.

    I don’t know if it came to kill me or lick me some more , but in the dream I was sooo scared, I was sure it would kill me.

  6. In my dream, I was walking through a jungle and the jungle was full of different kinds of animals..some resembled the grizzly bear but they were far bigger than a normal sized bear..I saw elephants, giraffe and what appeared like gorillas. But the crux of the dream is a point at which I stumbled upon two adult healthy looking leopards (couldn’t tell the sex). The two were perched on a log facing the other direction away from me….immediately I saw them, fear gripped me and I started to withdraw… and the moment I was back on what appeared to be the main road…I quickened my step and eventually bolted…As I looked back I saw the two leopards coming after me but then something strange happened because at that moment two men appeared on the road and the leopards turned on the two but only momentarily…only to leave the two men and resuming their chase after me….but then I woke up before they could reach me. What could such a dream possibly mean.

  7. My friend is going through a divorce with a man that is verbally abusive. In the dream we were on our way to court and we drove up on a leopard in the roan he jumped up and moved and climbed in a tree, Then we came up on another one and it resembled a tiger it sort of looked fictional. It jumped out the road and turned around and looked at us.

  8. I dreamt I was in my living room with my children and a leopard walks in and sits in our lazy boy.My children and I are quiet and we get up and quietly leave the room,but we dont go outside we go upstairs.I tell my oldest daughter and my only son to open the door and put a chair to hold it open and quietly come upstairs. Thinking the leopard would leave on its own.But upstairs there is a white baby leopard. The children are all over it I tell them we can’t let it cry because the mom will come thinking it’s in danger.We decide to take the baby leopard downstairs but the mom leopard was gone.We looked out the kitchen window and there were woods across the street ( in real life there are no woods) in the woods were cubby holes and leopards were inc the holes males and females two in each cubby. But in one cubby there was a male,female,and five babies.there was a total of 11 leopards. My husband came home I wanted to call 911 but he couldn’t see the leopards

  9. Forgot to mention that there were two men there and one of them seemed to be his owner or something. When the leopard released me one of the men commended it for doing so. When the leopard was walking away all of a sudden the leopard was a man.

  10. The leopard grabbed my right wrist in its mouth for a short time and then released it without harm or injury.
    I could not move while this was happening.

  11. I had a dream that I was at an aquarium with big sharks swimming in the water in a lazy river that separated where I was standing from another platform on the other side of the shark water. The Sharks were dangerous. On the platform was a cement walled enclose eat with 4 sides and nothing covering the top. There was a vicious leopard in it. It was huge and could stand on 2 muscular legs. My husband was standing by it and looking at the leopard as if it were harmless. Then it threatened to pull him in. Next I saw that my husband was standing on the opposite side of the platform across the shark water again. He was on the opposite side of the area than I was. My husband was looking my way when I saw the leopard rising high and powerfully from his encasement. He was reaching across the water toward my husband with an intent look and my husband did not notice it coming. I started yelling and trying to warn my husband to get away, but he did not listen and the leopard covered my husband’s head with his teeth and mouth completely, and picked him up and took him into his cage and stomped on him viciously breaking and crushing his torso. I wasn’t sure if he could breathe after that. I was very sad for my husband, but was powerless to prevent it.

  12. I had a dream and saw my husband sleeping behind me and a leopard sleeping behind my husband nd we were both naked. But I turned around and attacked the leopard and it ran away.

  13. I dreamt of a blue leopard with its mouth open and fangs showing right in front of my face. The scene looks like it is attacking me but it’s head and my head are close enough to touch. I can see his eyes and they’re beautiful. The blue of the leopard is indescribable – it’s a beautiful blue. It does to feel scary or threatening but beautiful.

  14. I had a dream about a lion, kind of young and slightly small but still with a full mane, I think it was an adolescent lion. The lion was in a small cage, like in a pet shop, with windows like where they keep small dogs. I was looking at the lion, through his cage, because I love animals and I was amazed at this lion, and all of a sudden it jumped out of sight and attacked a leopard next to his cage. He killed it as he pounced on his neck and brought it back to his cage in front of me, dangling from his mouth. The leopard was also slightly small and adolescent-like, like the lion. Could anyone please tell me what this might mean? I am an 18 year old girl.

  15. I walked out the back door of my parents house. Lying on the roof of the shed was a very muscular black leopard. In its mouth was the family cat. We stared each other down. I had no fear, at all. In fact it looked away first. Children started coming out of the house. I sent them back in. I was angry and pursued the leopard. it spit out the cat and fled quickly.

  16. I dreampt that a leopard was lying on a 4 poster bed with my mother it was facing me, my mother was stroking its back, it slowly bagan to lick her foot and I told her to cover her foot if it broke the skin it would attack her, she said that it was ok, I picked up a large cushion from a chair and threw it at her, it landed on her foot so the leopard had to stop licking it, and I left the room knowing that my mum would be ok

  17. In my dream, I was walking out of the back door of my house for some fresh air, and to my right I see a leopard walking along the neighbor’s yard on the other side of the fence. It sees me and looks at me, seeming to judge whether I’m worth it, and then it starts to move toward the bent part of the fence. I start to move back inside as it crosses the fence and gets in a position to jump me. I close the door just as it leaps, and the force pushes the door back open a little, but then I can close it and bolt it.

  18. In my dream I’m standing in the bush-it is just turning dark.next to me is a leopard.in wonder I’m standing there realizing the animal is protecting me and I’m stroking it,lke you would stroke a dog.as I’m doing this to my surprize the leopard is enjoying it or just stands calmly next to me!the next thing I see the leopard etched in the night sky shining down on me.the animals eyes are shining like the stars!then just like the big bang the leopard explodes into brilliant light pieces.the explosion is so intense that I have to put my hand over my eyes to protect myself from the blinding light!then I see something falling down from the sky,it is the leopard being burnt as it hits the earths atmosphere…as it falls down next to me I’m sad cause it burnt out ,but when I look again it is standing next to me and I am stroking the leopard as before!

  19. I dreamed I was at a leopard rescue camp I had paid to be there and I wanted to help the volenteers, but no matter what I did the leader was unhappy I was talking to one of the woman volenteers and she said she and some others were leaving soon to do something she called 11 it was very important, I asked the leader if I could join the group and he was very reluctant, I told him that I was a very hard worker, I had had a farm and had looked after animals he said its not about how hard I can work bt how I feel about HIM (meaning Jesus) I said I loved him with all my heart he said nothing and I felt he didnt beleve me Ibecame angry and said in and angry voice gestering with my finger pointed at me that NO-ONE CAN QUESTION HOW MUCH I LOVE HIM! the man just said where did that come from mimicing my gestering I said first my father and then said no my mother the man was compleatly calm at all times I woke up sobbing .