Lion in Dreams

Lions are noble creatures. Dreaming about lions foretells of strength and pride. Your own success will be easy as your ability has been heighten with additional power and strength of a lion to cope with obstacles.

In addition, lions live in groups indicating that you will have lasting and valuable friendships.

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292 thoughts on “Lion in Dreams”

  1. I saw two lions on the ledge of an apartment building. One was Ina top ledge and one in the middle ledge. I felt the one on top would jump on the one below. I felt I need to move in case they would fall on me. They were looking at each other.

  2. I dreamed that there were a bunch of different wild animals in a room of a house and I had to hold them back with a boars over the door. There was a giraffe who stretched it’s neck out behind my kids bed and a lion that I had to hold back with a stick from getting out. The hyena snuck out and was riding on my back and when I turned around it looked at me.