Lion in Dreams

Lions are noble creatures. Dreaming about lions foretells of strength and pride. Your own success will be easy as your ability has been heighten with additional power and strength of a lion to cope with obstacles.

In addition, lions live in groups indicating that you will have lasting and valuable friendships.

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301 thoughts on “Lion in Dreams”

  1. I am a Christian and last night I had a dream. In the dream I saw a beautiful huge golden lion that was in the room with me. I was kind of scared but the lion was looking at me and up close to me but yet I felt he was my friend I felt he was protecting me. I remember the lion walking back and forth across the room and I also remember laying down with a blanket and turning my back to him to go to sleep. I felt peaceful. The lion was not aggressive but gentle and kind. Earlier in the dream when I say he was looking at me I felt I knew who he was yes I was kind of scared but I felt love for him at the same time. I believe it was Jesus letting me know that everything will be ok and he is protecting me. I don’t know what this dream means.

  2. First of all, my wife is has veryserious form of cancer. In my dream, I looked out the window and saw our cat lying with several lions on the lawn in our backyard. I went out, snatched up the cat and moved quickly toward the back door of our house. I reached the house, with the lions right behind me. I held them at the door and grabbed a bottle of some kind of chemical and sprayed them, which seemed to have no effect. My wife then crashed through the back door with another gentleman and both were in a frenzy. I ran to get my gun, but it was not there. I asked my wife if she knew where it was. She said she moved it to a shelf downstairs. I ran downstairs and found the gun missing from it’s case, at which time I awoke. Thank you in advance for any input you might offer.

  3. I dreamed the lion was my friend and the;female lion to was there to protect me . They both stood around me letting me pet them and looking like we are here if you need us. I. WAsnt afraid . The lions were in the woods where a cabin was that i was staying at in the dream

  4. I sreamt that a white lioness was in my house hiding from me then it found me pounced as if to bite my knee which is did but it wasn’t a hard but just had it’s mouth on there then after it gave me a hug and kept putting it’s paws on my face as to caress me. The lioness was so warm and cuddly it really liked me for some reason. Someone else in my dream reckons it’s a guardian angel for me but I don’t know.

  5. i dreamt i was in a park with one of my friend n saw many male monkeys out of which few were holding there babies.then a pride of lions were coming towards town and female monkeys were sitting on back of each lion.then lions laid down in a ground n had sexual intercourse with those monkeys,monkeys being on top.some sky blue coloured furry animal came n told something to one of the lion n then the whole pride left the ground last one lion was left who ws going slow n his one ear was toattly cut off (one could see bones) he had a lioness on back of it,nd than that lion vomitted n left.

  6. I dreamt that a pride of lions were posted up on the hill behind my grandparents house. Uninterested in coming down to kill us but forbidding us to come to the hill any longer. Or at least I felt that way. Even in sleeping life I don’t want to mess with a pride of lions. It was a powerful dream, extremely clear.

  7. i had a dream i was running with a lions side by side i wasn’t scared i got on my hands and ran side by side with no fear and in a Leo is that good?!!!

  8. I saw two lions on the ledge of an apartment building. One was Ina top ledge and one in the middle ledge. I felt the one on top would jump on the one below. I felt I need to move in case they would fall on me. They were looking at each other.