Lion in Dreams

Lions are noble creatures. Dreaming about lions foretells of strength and pride. Your own success will be easy as your ability has been heighten with additional power and strength of a lion to cope with obstacles.

In addition, lions live in groups indicating that you will have lasting and valuable friendships.

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284 thoughts on “Lion in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream/vision that an old radiant bright white lion came to me. At first he just layed down by me and looked at me. startled me for a second because I wasnt expecting a lion to come up and lay down in front of me. He was friendly and I wanted to feed him. so I stroked his mane and took him towards the house. The dog went nuts standing on his hind legs barking and pulling on his chain, however the lion just passed him just happy to be by my side. It made me nervous for a brief moment thinking the lion may eat my dog. But the lion purring loudly sat by my side and I feed him from my hand. I was happy. The glowing white lion was happy…. i woke up
    what does this interept as?

  2. I had a dream where I was on a compound of a house and I saw a family of about 5 walking away towards East and when they turn and saw me they were shocked and surprised and most of all afraid for me. They went ahead and started running, they couldn’t talk for fear of making noise. Then I saw a house of light on my right side and wanted to go in but the gate was locked just then I realized I have gone hiding in a bush for what reason I have no idea.Then, I squatted, just then I saw a lion come pass, then another, then about three running passing by behind where I have squatted and the initial two who probably were the head of the lion group in the dungeon, came up and were sitted on the compound where i was standing, even though from the onset I have not been scared however was only silent, this time I was more unafraid, got out of my hiding place, and came up towards the lions, when they saw me, they also started coming up towards me and when they got to me then they shook my hands and laughed with me and i was over joyed, laughed with them they said I could go. So I took the left road and realized I was in a very big house with elderly women or old women, it seamed there was a feast and they were preparing for it which I was asked to pick a utensil that had jollof rice in it so I did and feels like I put some in my mouth but then one of the old women was giving me facial expressions meaning she doesn’t like me so one of the remaining three asked me if I know her and I said no and she too was asked why she was looking at me in that manner or is it that she doesn’t like me? and she answered yes, she doesn’t like me and I just looked on and left.

  3. I had a dream in which I was s lioness, I was sitting in the middle of my grandmother’s house crying but in a roaring like manner. My grand mother was behind an unreachable door and the more I wanted to get to her, the louder my roaring cry got. What does this mean?

  4. I have had 3 lion dreams in the last 3 weeks. The first two being chased. My sign is a Leo and last night’s dream was about trying to hide my lion pride. Whenever someone would show their pride, the ground would break open and some monster like animal would try to swallow up the person. I was constantly trying to save people, their objects and was escaping with my parents and brother via car with mini trailer that somehow traveled on railroad tracks. We were searching for gas and food throughout at random houses througout the vivid dream. People were constantly being killed along the way and we were trying to keep feelings hidden.

  5. I dreamed I was like on an elevator and the elevator was stuck the lion got in the door some how.. It come right up to me I was scared but I slept in that small elevator with the lion till I was saved and the elevator door was opened…

  6. I had a dream last night in which maned lions kept appearing in every door I opened…every room I attempted to enter…not in a threatening manner…just there. I kept trying to hide or elude them, but they just kept appearing…they wouldn’t go away.

  7. I had a dream last night that a huge lion & a huge dog ( looked like a pitbull) were fighting in my front yard the lion seemed to be winning the fight the lion roared viciously overpowering the dog but somehow I feel the fight was almost evenly matched

  8. i saw a young and angry lion in dream he just attack and pass over to my head and i never see it after that than i said to some one that he doesn’t harm us because this is just a dream..

  9. I dreamed that my husband and myself were in the car, and saw a lion on the side of the road. He opened the door and stuck his leg out and kicked the lion in the face, the lion turned his head and roared, he did it again saying “watch this” and the lion turned his head and roared. I was begging him to quit before the lion attacked us.

  10. Lion dream

    I was with a married couple (my cousins) in the upstairs of the house (that seemed like aunt’s house in a deteriorating neighborhood) looking out the window because we were startled by pounding on the front downstairs porch which turned out to be a pack of lions including males but I’m not sure if I saw females. They were milling back-anOd-forth across the street where a bunch of kids were on the porch playing. They were not attacking the children but obviously the children were intently aware of their presents but they did not try to run away. Somehow some of them and or other big cats got into the house with our family which suddenly became stark modern white kitchen and dinette area similar to another aunts house. Mom and my 5 year old daughter and older brother were present as were others I cannot recall. I put Daughter up on the kitchen counter separating the dinette so she wouldn’t get hurt. other people were up on the counter as well but still interacting kind of in a normal fashion while at the same time trying to avoid interaction with the cats . Someone and myself on the dinette side proceeded to carry-on with conversation while at the same time being intensely afraid of their antics like walking right up to us getting really close pulling on drawer handles. I woke up with my heart pounding.

  11. I had a dream of a lion sleeping in my neighbors backyard, my sister and I was visiting another neighbor and crossed 3 fences to get to my house without the lion waking up. The dream continues with me driving my car and I drove pass the lion, who awaken and began to chasing me in my car. I noticed he was getting close and I really hit the gas and took off, as I looked in my rear mirror, I noticed the lion stopped and was breathing heavy.

  12. For the last couple of days I’ve been having dreams of a full grown, male lion. I feed him, hug him, pet his mane and he gives off a sense of courage and strength. The scenery changes everytime I see the lion, but our actions are the same. Throughout the day as well I will see his face. Why would this all be happening?

  13. I had a dream last night that i had 4 kittens. I was in my house and i noticed there was a big lion outside, the lion was sort of pacing back and forth through the yard but he was somehow able to get inside and so i took my kittens and went outside and locked him in. He then got back outside so i went back in and locked the doors. He got one of the kittens when i went back inside and ate the kitten :(. Then I woke up.

  14. I had a dream that my husband and I were on a mountain top camping with others I don’t know. As we were hiking around enjoying the view a lioness popped up and started stalking us. Eventually she lunged and we got away just in time. Then another lioness and another one. Eventually we make our way inside a glass building still surrounded By lions and one now one tiger.somehow my husband goes back out and stands at the mountain peak and a tall man and a lion come running at him at super speed and fall off the mountain. He comes back inside and we hear loud roaring. We look out and see a lion and tiger wrestling. Then I woke up.

  15. In my dream A lion snuck into our house so we lock down the room to trap him in and I grab my black Cat with yellow eyes called maxi and make sure he is safe

    All of a sudden the lion breaks free and runs into the church that’s one or two blocks down my house and hold I hold my cat maxi tightly but he escapes into the church side and he’s smelling something there and we tell the ladies sitting on benches by the church to please grab that cat but the cat quickly runs off

    So we are looking for him all over putting our lives in danger I try to think positive that maxi would run if he smelled a lion

    And I look under the cabinets and there is maxis body half eaten with his limbs torn off and his white eyelids shutt

    I pick up his half eaten body and hug it against my chest then I grab his limb and try to see if it will fit back together (obviosly the cats dead already) And I scream and scream and cry

  16. I had a dream that I was walking into a dirt field and a man called me over to see something hidden behind a bunch of rocks “a rare sight .” he said, it was two male lions lying on a rock with a young female cub in the middle sleeping, we got so close we were face to face with these lions it was as if they could see or hear us it was crazy. I turned my head to the man to exclaim my excitement but he was hidden behind the rocks so I looked back and one of the male lions were gone the other now standing staring right at me with the young cub still sleeping I froze but not really scared and then my alarm went off.

  17. I dream of a lion chasing me, however there are other people around and most of the time I’m not running im flying. This particular dream I am at what looks like a school campus. Please help me to understand this.

  18. I had a dream last night that consisted of me living with 2 lions a male n female. When they first appeared I was a bit afraid (naturally) but as the dream progressed I remember being really comfortable and even sleeping n cuddling with them. And I remember that my dog Abby was in the dream as well and I spoke to the lions saying “please don’t hurt her” and they understood. It was my home n my family but the lions were like our pets. Anyone interested in enter interpretating?? Thank you

  19. I was walking from my husband barracks and I saw a kid riding his bike while walking . The kid stopped talked to me then gave me his bike and I started riding it towards where I live but everything started to become unfamiliar , like im in a neighborhood and riding past houses. Then a dirt road ahead was in my view. So I kept riding and I saw a female lion attacked and killed another lion. I was right next to her and a baby (2yrs old ) reach out his hands so I picked him up. The lion didnt scare me at first. Then the lion started coming closer and the baby told me to go. So I ride the bike and I told the lion to leave us alone, f*** off. Then the lion said ” watch your mouth” that scared me so I rode faster and the lion kept running at the back of me.. I turned around again and she said ” watch your face” it scared me even kore. So I was just trying to get away

  20. found myself in an unfamiliar large older house laying down sleeping and awoke to find lions laying down all around me and as I was exiting rooms opening the doors the lions were leaving the house with me passing me one at a time. the next thing I know I am outside and I come across a noticeably older lion. this lion begins to talk to me which prompts me to ask the question “how is it that you an animal can talk?” I get a curious look from the lion and she walks away and I awoke

  21. This is just a very specific part of my dreaming that was very vivid and I knew it was significant and important to remember . I dreamt that I was on a tarmac path when I walked into a clearing that was green and grassy. I saw a dead lion and was surprised but not afraid to see it there. I looked around and saw that there were seven dead lions in total. I was not afraid, sad or relieved, I just felt very calm but didnt understand what was happening. Can anyone help with the meaning of this dream please.

  22. I had quite a few dreams of a lion when I was 3-5 yrs old that I have never forgotten ( I’m 30 now) I used to dream of a large lion with a big mane in bedroom I remember in the dream I was always in bed but never moved frozen as such. It never attacked me vaguely remember the lion approaching my bed few times out of all dreams Ive had through life this stands out the most

  23. Dream bout rats a large group of them ran from under the tv but then two huge lions walked out not ran and killed each one than walk pass me and sat in the corner which there where there the entire time

  24. I had a dream me and my ex boyfriend was in a corner. There was only 2 ways we could go. Left or right. On our left side was a huge female tiger, on our right side was a young lion. We decided to go right because it would be easier to get pass. We grabbed each each other’s hand and ran past it, it didnt try to attack us, it just laid there so I thought it was dead. We kept running into a field and there were a group of many other lions that were beautiful but they were ready to attack us. For some reason I was more worried for my ex than myself. We ran into this jungle/fprest like place and we kept running and dodging lions trying to survive. It seemed as if there was no way out. Everytime it look like we were about to escape, more lions would appear. While we were a running a stranger whose face and body I couldn’t see well helped me escape the femallion that was strictly after me. The female lion was running in front of me but it kept trying to snap back at me. Eventually we escaped it. We ended up in a tree with a long narrow limb stretching out. I thought it would not ffhold us but it did. I felt worried because I knew that the lions would climb the tree. So we jumped down and the stranger disappeared. I noticed that I was making all the decsions in the dream. And my ex just had my hand following me. We continued running and dodging the lions. Then this brown dog appears and it never left my side while we were running. And that was the end of the dream. It was weird because me and my recent ex was together but we broke up last week. I also saw a lot a baby blue, black , red and grey colors in the dream.

  25. Hi

    I dreamt that a large male lion was going to attack my dad and I slashed it with a knife across its neck and killed it..what does this mean?

  26. Hi I would really like to know what the meaning/ interpretation of a dream I had regarding lions is. I was with a group of ppl and in a dark alley I see three lions one white one black and one tan and a shadowed man I believe then I run away and hop a fence where the other people I was with are also hiding . Thank you in advance

  27. I have never dreamed of lions in my life. I’m in my 40s now and I just had a dream of running away from something else into a wide open grassland and then into a group of lions that were not friendly, but they weren’t roaring and they didn’t attack. It just felt like they might and I didn’t feel safe. Then, a male lion came at me and I spun around and around with him like he kept trying to get behind me, but I wouldn’t allow it. I held his mane and we wrestled like that until he moved off. It didn’t feel like I ‘overcame’ him or defeated him. And at the end I was still among the lions, lionesses, now, and I felt threatened, but not afraid. The dream scares me more than the idea of being eaten by lions. I know it signifies something, but I really can’t see what it means. The fact that I have never dreamed of lions in my life also makes it quite significant to me. Help? Please?

  28. I had a dream I saw 2 lions both male , one was laying down and at first you see the one loving on the other , then I noticed the other male that was laying down was dead . Next, the other lion starts running .

  29. I had a dream that me and my whole family go to this road, and one lion who tried to attack me is killed by a man i didnt recognize in my dream. And the other two lions kill my family but i manage to escape. What could this mean?

  30. I had a “bad dream” whereas a male lion was prowling outside of my house …although in my dream it was not the way my house really looks. The lion was trying to find ways to get in the house was very smart knew to try the window it knew to chk the side doors it even knew if it jumped up on top of the car it could jump high enough unto the porch ….Once it was by the front door which was a cheaply made screen door made of tin like materail …I was holding the door shut with my 2 feet ..I was sitting on the ground …I was yelling for my Husband to help me hold the door but he completely ignored my cries for help…i was yelling so loud trying to get him to come and help…in the dream it as tho he wanted the Lion to get me…The Lion was not at his full size and there were others outside of this complex I lived in…I started yelling out to them that therd was a lion on thd prowl…eventually the lion made its way jnto my home…I was seeking shelter trying to find a door strong enough to hold the lions strength. My husband was a layinv in a bed pretending to sleep as I ran through the room searching for shelter….This dream is very disturbing to me and I am still shakened by it. What do you think it means.

  31. Hi, everyone.

    I had a dream that I was in school, which in real life I’m done with. I am studying for my medical boards right now. So anyways, I was in school and we had lions around us, they were trained and as if it was part of the curriculum to have them around and play with them. One lion one day got out of control but didn’t harm anyone. People started running and I did as well. I finally found a good place to hide and I took a two year old girl with me. I have a two year old daughter in real life . So in my dream after a while I come out and I see the principle laughing. I ask him how come you are laughing at this time in sucha horrible situation. He said look we were scared of the lion but here the choas drove people insane. I turn around to see that one student is dissecting the other and eating him at the same time. So please tell me know what you guys think ! Thank you so much !

  32. Last night I dreamt I was in a school field with two people I lnew (unclear who). A male lion approached and i told the women to be still. One listened and was unharmed, the other did not, but i could not see what happened to her. Suddenly it was three male lions, chasing one another in circles around me, but not harming me. I vividly remember thinking in my dream, “have they killed me? Please let me be safe.” And then i woke up. I have never had such a dream before. Any help, greatly appreciated.

  33. my dream is of me walking outdoors near some trees and as i walked under a massive tree with a sun and blue skies as texas would have with green grass all around i perceived that something was above me within the tree it was as if i was coming from out of a meadow into a tree line or just in a lightly wooded area with trees so as i walked about ten to twenty more feet ahead of the tree; i turned around to look up and i noticed what i perceived as a female lioness or it was a teenage cub or adult female lion had peace with her/him and was just looking at me with eyes that were loving it truly had no energy of danger or trouble and i awoke soon afterwards with prayers of thanksgiving and rejoicing in god to me this was an amazing peaceful calming positive dream and it would be nice if someone has the gift of prophecy from the holy spirit who may have a revelation for me to discern thank you.

  34. I dreamt that i was safely locked in a house but i saw two lions attacking two girls. I tried to shout but one of the girls was killed by this lions. What was the meaning of my dream?

  35. I dreamt that i was safely locked in a house, but i saw some women been attacked by lions and one was killed. What could be the meaning of these dream?

  36. i saw i a dream that i was in a school a loin came there and attack on peoples and beast some one but i escape from him

  37. What does it mean?
    I had a dream that I was a vet or zookeeper of some sort. I was helping(examining) a male lion in its enclosure … he was sleeping (tranquilized perhaps). Somehow, I got locked in with him overnight. When I realized I was locked in (with no one around to help), he woke up. He came after me, not to attack, but to play, yet I was terrified. He kept pawing at me, and I was saying “no” “off” “down” as though he was my dog…. again I was terrified- literally to the point of not being able to breath. He kept trying to “play” with me, rub up against me like a regular cat (knocking me over at times). Finally he tried to give me a full sized lion hug and I woke up (very upset & scared)

  38. I had a dream that I had a lioness as a pet. We were best of friends and she was very gentle with me. She was my baby and loved me. Super big but still wanted to be carried. I became worried when there was an event at the local college because this would frighten her and it meant I could not take her there by any means since there would be animals that may act up because of her. There was an element of sadness in my dream like I had to let her go.

  39. I had a lion chasing me and my family along with other guests in a hotel by the ocean. There were some helpful employees and some that didn’t care. There was a train or subway as well that took you from area to area. I was terrified of the lion but I kind of liked the life or death challenge to defy him and save my family. I didn’t leave… I could have run away at any time. Weird.

    Any ideas?

  40. I dream I was running from something, not sure it was. But while I was running I met a lion, and on meeting the lion I look at it, and there was no fear. Then me together with the lion turn and ran towards what I was running from.

  41. i dreamed that there was this lion cub that kept escaping from the circus to sleep with me in my bedroom at night. this went on for days. the circus was almost a kilometer away and yet it keeps escaping at night to join me. i was so puzzled but i let it sleep with me in my room.

  42. before i had anouther dream there was a bear also in it but we could get close to it. we were at the school play ground with the bear. than i was running with my kids trying to save my babys from a female lion. she was trying to attack us. out came anouther female lion and started to fight her. once she fought her off she ran beside us. she was pertecting us i felt safe and knew she was there for us.

  43. i dreamed i was in a gym. there was little kids, teens, and adults wanting to see the lions. the lions were good for a while. i was wondering why the young kids was in there with lions. the lions were setting at the table. female and male. they bit a teen. i said i better stay and help case he starts attacking maybe i could help. but i coward up i didnt want to get bit and die and i ran out the door. the teen came running out. the lions were coming. we all ran i told them to get in there lockers. ones that didnt have time we all ran to a room. than they were tring to get in. then we were all outside it was dark we were runing they came out. than we tried to attack them i stabled the male lion. i dont know what happened to the female. woke up

  44. My dream takes place in a very unfamiliar place.. Like we were in a new state. It’s me & my husband… We walk over to some sort of gathering or convention (outdoors). I introduce him to Chelsea Handler (I don’t have a clue why her lol) but she obviously found him attractive and I didn’t like that. Shortly after that all the lights went out. Her, my husband and a group of others walked across the way to check out what happened. It was like we were in some type of outdoor gazebo. I waited too long and stuck my head out looking in their direction. As I looked, I can see a bunch of lionesses, their dark figures in the night. I yelled towards them in warning of the lions. Slowly I noticed the lions were making their way in. I remember grabbing them and slamming them on the floor, hearing their neck snap and killing them. And in my thoughts ot hurt me to do it because I love lions. I love big cats. After killing a few, I remember thinking where is the male. I turned and saw him outside the gazebo eating “something”. Out of nowhere, there’s a house… I climb in to find it being a house I been to before. All of a sudden its me and a female friend inside. We locked ourselves in a room because there were cubs in the house and all the lions were surrounding us outside. It was like they were waiting for me. I keep trying to find a way out the window to escape them. Eventually my friend told me she sent these lions to get me because for some reason she was jealous and thought i was doing her wrong in not being there for her or something like that…. I then woke up.
    When i went back to sleep… I dreamt there was a group of men out to kill me and my husband after finding out we just inherited a home that was like an amusement park of some sort.

    I don’t know if the dreams are some how related to the same thing. I’m just curious to know if there’s any meaning behind them.