Monkey in Dreams

Monkeys and clowns lie to your face. Dreaming of monkeys mean that you have deceitful friends who will constantly tell half truths to advance their own motives. Prevent them from making a fool out of you by being more cautious and limit the amount of selective information you provide to them.

In a love relationship, the monkey is your opposition. Quit clowning around, and the relationship can continue to the next level.

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8 thoughts on “Monkey in Dreams”

  1. Lastnight u had a dream my brother my partner and I were taking a short cut home through a gap in a metal fence I did not recognise the area I had never seen or been there before. As we got through the fence and back in to the footpath we noticed directly opposite there was a cemetery with monkeys or chimps inside there was over 20 the guys wanted to walk through and assured me everything would be fine at first it was they just watched us as we made our way through then they started chasing us throwing big rocks they were angry and very aggressive we ran and ran even on to the streets but they still chased us there seemed to be more and more to begin with they were cute small monkeys and by this point they were fully grown angry apes throwing massive rocks then we ended up exactly where we started looking through the gap in the fence the way to the short cut looking over to the cemetery we could see the monkeys with rocks all sprawled out onto the streets waiting for us it was dam scary

  2. Hi, I’ve Started having dreams (almost nightmares) about monkeys trying to kill me or attack me again. I used to have them when I was about 5 utill i was about 8 where I would be in my garden with my uncle, who is only 3 years older than me, and there would be monkeys on top of other houses howling and then run and jump at us while we would try to run away but they’d always get us and then I’d wake up. Now I am 18 and am also having dreams about monkeys trying to chase and kill me but a bit differently. Now, I live in a different house on a long road with big trees. I’d be walking to my house with my 2 work mates and there will be a huge group of monkeys watching us in the trees and the further we get there more noise they make until the one big scarred monkey the leader and evil looking jumps down in front of us and gives us a threatening look and then attempts to chase and kill us. We get to my house get in my house then all the monkeys attack my house and break in and that is when I wake up. However, in my latest dream there is also 2 lions who help us but end up being killed helping us reach my house.
    I do hope you can help me with this as I have no idea why they keep happening as I don’t really fear monkeys so it just doesn’t make sense to me and is quite worrying.

  3. I recently had 2 dreams on the same night which have left me a little disturbed, even though I do not remember them fully. The first, I am using a lighter to burn my right forearm and showing a few people that this is how you get rid of crocodiles. The fire is melting my skin but not the hairs on my arm, I have no feelings of pain. As the skin melts a crocodile the size of my forearm falls out. I remember that there were 2 crocodiles in my dream.
    The second dream is I am with some family and I have a gun that I am using to kill monkeys. There’s thousands of them, loads are dead already. I’m trying to protect my family and take them home but monkeys are everywhere.
    I would appreciate it if you could let me know the interpretation of these 2 dreams with the vague information I have provided.

  4. I dreamed that I was a part of an army made of a few large English speaking animals fighting against hyenas. I watched as the monkey fought and killed a lot of hyenas in a hotel room. After the fight was over I picked up something that reminded me of my newly ex boyfriend whom I still harbor feelings for and the monkey took the item and crushed it saying not to love him and that he is from Satan and no good for me. I had prayed for clarity the night before my dream.

  5. I dreamt of I was pushing a tyre..and saw a group of monkeys..and I just left the tyre and one monkey pulled a face, and they just dissappeared after that, what does that mean?

  6. I’ve had multiple monkey dreams the first one was one were one of my family members I think my mother but I’m not sure was being attacked by a chimp my dad was there but he appeared to be unable to help which is unrealistic and and wound up beating it with a garbage can lid until it was dead or I woke up… Another one was a group of monkeys or men with really good monkey masks or both I’m not really sure broke into my house with wooden spears and we’re trying to kill me and my family they were showing us clips of there previous actions which weren’t very nice and I killed one of them with one Of there spears and ran outside to call 911 and my sister who I hadn’t seen at all followed me and they saw her and as the operator asked me my address the monkey jumped at me and I wasn’t able to talk and i threw the monkey against a fence I was near and I woke up… I have had others and I remember them when I see something that brings back the memories but I can’t remember any others

  7. I had a very weird dream that i am standing on the roof of my house and suddenly see a cat which transforms into a monkey.THe monkey becomes aggressive.Out of nowhere my small brother comes near it and the monkey grabs my brother and throws him off the roof!I scream very loudly but seem unable to move.My dream ends here please tell me what does this means?Thanks!