Moose in Dreams

When a moose appears in your dream, there will be a powerful gentle soul entering your life. This may be a father figure that you have been missing and wishing for. The moose will guide you towards bountiful harvests, and feeding pastures. A sign that good fortune will follow in the days to come.

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40 thoughts on “Moose in Dreams”

  1. I dreamed that I was sitting next to my father and my boyfriend and a moose came over and sat on me. The moose then started pooping on my arm. My dad and my boyfriend were trying to get it off me, but it wouldn’t move. Finally, it finished pooping on my arm and then it got off me and walked away. I looked down at my arm and there was barely any poop on me.

    I don’t know what this could mean, I’ve read having a moose in your dreams means good fortune. Any help would be appreciated!!

  2. I had a dream where I was sitting on a run down porch in the middle of the woods with someone next to me that I couldn’t see. A small female moose that felt familiar and friendly was curled up at my feet on the left with her head in my lap. I cupped her cheek and felt myself smiling when I woke up. I don’t know much about totem animals or spirit guides but I felt like it was important to understand the meaning behind her showing up. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. My dream… I Looked out a window and seen a herd of moose from baby to big massive adulthood. Looking at me right outside the window

  4. It was me and my daughter. We went to this weird swimming indoor swimming pool. It looked abandoned it was under a bridge. A very large bridge. We wnt inside and started getting ready and i realized i had let my purse in the car so i went to go get it and when i was on my way back inside i turned around and there was a family of white mooses with blue eyes. I wasnt scared until my daughter came outside to see what was taking me so long. When she came out i became a bit panicked and hurried her inside. When i got her to the door and got her inside i felt calm again and i turned around thats when the baby moose started walking towards me amd i noticed its baby blue eyes. They still had velvet on their antlers. The moose was white from the tip of ints antlers to its hooves. When i got inside my daughter was already swimming and i went and hopped in woth her. She was playing with a baby but the baby was crying and saying something. I cant quite remember what. So i took the child from her and took it to shallow waters. Weird thing about the baby was it had idk how to explain it other than mole like features. There where these hairs that came off of its face and its nose that acted like antennas. It was a weird dream to say the least.

  5. So in my dream it was like i was on vacation or something.. Not sure of where i was but it was country and i went to this old house or farm and at the house i became a servant or had to work for something and my job was to tend all these moose and clean up their poop and urine. Then when i went out for drinks and saw a women i admire and havent seen in a while and i was drinking a beer when she came up to me znd i was embarrassed for drinking a cheap beer and she asked for some when from what i remember of her she never drank.

  6. I can’t remember most of the dream but I vividly remember chasing what appeared to be a giant moose, but it wasnt tangible, but like a shadow that rose up off the ground and started running… it was every bit of 12 ft tall and 6ft wide. Me and one other person were chasing it, but not in a threatening way, more like just trying to follow it and see if it would stop. That’s all I remember

  7. Dreamt of an old friend from the FD was guiding me in a forest. He was telling me stories. He always reminded me of my grandfather. A big moose was near and told me to be calm and do not be afraid, he will not hurt me if I am still and not threatened. The moose came, sniffed me (us) while I hid under a pine tree and eventually went away. Wish I could remember the other animals near by!

  8. There was so much to my dream however what stands out the most is the juvenile to adult moose running toward me shaking his floppy ears in a playful way. Others were afraid of him. He was coming my way I was startled but did not run or shrike I knew he wanted to play.

  9. I had a dream where I was travelling through nature. I was on a steep mountain travelling down a path. It wasn’t heavily wooded, and the cliff was to my left. There were others that went to the cliff side if they saw something interesting, and I would pass them. I was looking for moose and found one not too far after I passed another traveller. He was on my left, near the cliff, just minding his business. I took a few photos of him and kept moving forward. When I reached the bottom, there was what appeared to be a small lake where I decided to swim. While I was swimming, I saw another moose, but he was up on another cliff side, watching me. As dreams are odd, I was trying to take his photograph while swimming. He eventually turned into a man and dove in, following me. I was scared at first, but that changed when he swam between my legs and resurfaced. He was still a man at this time and we started talking. I don’t remember what was said, but I do remember his appearance with him having brown skin and a thick, black mustache in this human form. I wasn’t scared anymore but very confused, and that’s when I woke up.

  10. I had a dream about coming onto a farm way out in the woods,and heard a loud noise. I searched and found a moose that had been tied up and pinned up. I got the moose untied and let it out of the pen. It ran to the edge of the trees in the woods,turned it’s head and looked at me,as if saying thank you,then turned back and disappeared into the woods. I then woke up. I had not been thinking anything about a moose,so was quite surprised that I had a dream about one.

  11. I had a dream i saw wild horses playing in a shallow lake and out walked this huge albino moose, i ran up and hugged him.

  12. I had a dream that I was outside on a hillside after a fresh snow and I looked up to the ledge above us and I saw a mother moose and her 2 babies and they were the color of coffee with cream added to it – a light tan. I remember thinking that moose aren’t usually that color but how pretty they were. Then the babies started rolling and frolicking in the snow. It was so amazing to watch!

  13. I had a dream about a moose that finally became a moose through transfiguration.. I was walking w my uncle when we saw the animal. It was on another cliff across our own with a road below. At first, it was a tiger then a weirdly shaped bison then finally the moose appeared covered in a golden light.

  14. It was a white snowy night and I was parked in front of former friends home. A big beautiful bull moose with a brilliant red Cardinal on his head came gliding towards my car. It missed me but got very close. I watched the Moose and the oversized Cardinal trot off in the snow.
    Then I drove slipping and sliding down familiar streets , grazed a car,
    Almost hit a flag pole with the American Flag then woke up.

  15. I dreamed the moose was running after the truck I was in. The moose was wearing boots! Which it ran off , it then turned into a Clydesdale horse. In front of an old wooden mom and pops store.

  16. Had a dream my sister and I had a herd of moose come running through a house we were in , we knew they were coming through so we opened the front door as they were coming through the back ( like a stampede) hoping they would just run through. Then we went and hid in a bedroom with closed door as I was holding the door closed a stray moose pushed the door open so we ran ind hid in the bathroom hoping the moose would not push that door open , then I woke up.

  17. So I had a dream that I was driving down the road And there was two lanes Separated by Canyons Of swampy area. So I’m driving down the road and a bunch of white moose Eating , crossing in front of me, but I was in no danger or fear of anyone of them harming me..

    1. I had a dream about a moose that finally became a moose through transfiguration.. I was walking w my uncle when we saw the animal. It was on another cliff across our own with a road below. At first, it was a tiger then a weirdly shaped bison then finally the moose appeared covered in a golden light.

  18. I had a dream I was in a old four door car with my sister and ex husband. We were picking up our kids puppies, we don’t even have a female dog. Anyways we had the puppies brought them back to my house which was now in the Coulee by my house. Then the puppies were gone my ex was gone I was with my brother and we were looking out the kitchen window. I jumped when I saw a dark dog chase my white dog or wolf. Then as I jumped a big white moose appeared running down the coulee. Chasing the black dog away I was out side my house beside a white fence we do not have. And the moose still white turns towards me gets caught up in fence as I was trying to get into the window to my brother I was so afraid. The moose turned brown. And looked so mean. Then a lady I don’t know came and said it was a nice one just wanted love took me awhile to touch it’s face. But the moose before the lady came it had me trapped. What would this dream mean. This was just last night and I had a very detailed dream I could smell the dogs the moose the snow mud etc. I felt the cold and I had very mixed emotions but I can’t remember what I talked about other then the lady who I don’t know saying “it’s a gentle animal he just wants to be loved”

  19. I had a nightmare/dream it was really vivid, i was at a movie theater watching a horror flick when suddenly i was put into the movie, There were 2 Moose fighting then one died and the one who one was covered in blood and only had one HUGE antler thing, it stared at me then i woke up.

  20. I had a dream last night about a white moose. I was running with it on a trail then it got further ahead. I went to find it and it was also looking for me. I loved it very much. Any idea what a white moose means?

  21. I was in my kitchen making dinner and a moose walked up to the window and pushed in the screen trying to smell the food . my dog jumped up and attacked the moose . but didn’t hurt it . the moose never moved . and the dog sat on the floor in front of the window . then I woke up

  22. I dreamt I was looking out of a window and I looked out and saw a moose and it saw me and ran up your window and stared at me till I was woken up..

  23. I dreamt of a moose who had a connection with a guy I was going to meet for the first time in real life. The moose chased whilst I was in a moving vehicle . It caught up to me then placed his head on my lap and snuggled into me. That was when I stopped being afaired of the moose and realised the moosed loved me.

  24. My moose dream was I was riding a bike trying to get home and there was the aggressive moose who kept getting in my way. The moose was not mean or hostile, just aggressive. Someone came along and distracted it and I was able to get home. However then it showed up at my house but it was totally docile lying by my door wanting to come in.

  25. My dream was very random but I remember being in this open room that had white walls and some sort of hole in the corner of the wall where 5 or 6 rats came running across the room into. The one rat stopped in the middle of the room and looked at me almost like it wanted to be played with like a cat. Then it quickly ran into the hole in the corner. Then I looked up and there was a moose. It just stood there and I remember thinking , ” Oh my god there is a moose in the room this is crazy.”

    So when I woke up I just remember saying I saw a moose. The moose in the dream was fairly large and just chilling in the corner. I kept thinking how did this moose get in here.

    Anyhow, I hope you can tell me what this wacky dream means. Maybe shed some light into my life.

  26. I had a dualistic dream, I was at a retreat in the forest, with many people,I did not not in a large cabin for several days, there appeared to be strife and fear in this cabin as spirits and such were scaring us, on several occasions throughout the dream there was a group of moose 3 to 4 females a one very large male, they would only be seen fleetingly, but on the last day as we finally had enough of the ghostly presence we ran exhaustingly to the woods, out of breath I slumped near a tree to catch my breath, and out of nowhere the large male moose came walking over and put his mouth near my forehead, and said “pain” it felt as though I was being healed. I suffer chronic back pain, so this dream is very significant. Any input would be much appreciated.

  27. Ok so I had a funny dream last night. I was in this pretty house, like a fancier version of mine, and it was all snowing outside. It was outside of the house, by a large lone pine tree that things started to get a little weird. I heard this heavy breathing kind of noise and noticed that there was this animal, which after some research the body looked like a moose but it didnt have very large horns, they were smaller and irregular and sprouted from one point in the middle of its head rather from two points on either side. At first I was a little scared because it was big and it was slowly coming towards me, but then the fear went away and for some reason there was a wheel barrow full of ice cubes that i reached into and fed to the moose. He kept eating the ice and i went back inside the house and closed the glass door behind me. I had left it open and to my surprise there was actually a baby moose underneath a table and i coaxed it out and was petting it, then i noticed the moose from outside was staring very intently and i think it wanted its baby back. so i let the baby outside and all of a sudden there were other moose (mooses?), and they all had the little weird horn formations coming from the middle of their heads, some bigger than others, some with hardly a strange plaque thing there. Understand there was suddenly at least 9 of them around the yard and another one in the house, though i have no idea how it got on there. They were not being territorial or aggressive but just watching, and the dream shifted a little and there were these people there. I have no idea who they were except that they were speaking another language and i was escorting them outside of the house. one was mad that i was making him leave and his friend, in english, apologized for his manners and said “sorry, he’s just a grump like that”. but then the angry guy looked back at the front door (because for some reason i was making everyone leave through the back sliding glass door) and said something along the lines of you’re having us leave but didnt notive you just let an 8 yr old dragon through your door. and now the front door was open. then the people were gone and walked away, i closed the front door and then there was one more moose in the house just watching me and my alarm woke me up. It was really weird and was wondering if any one could help me with some interpretation?

  28. I dreamed I was running in wheat fields crying. Something made me so sad and I couldn’t figure out why. I just kept running until I saw a forest and out came a moose. I nodded at it as a sign of respect and it nodded back. The moose then pointed it’s head the other way as if to tell me to go back. I and the moose went the other way and a predator followed us we began to run. That’s when it jumped out in front of us. The moose was not scared and I wanted to protect the moose since it was trying to save me. That’s when an Rv came out of nowhere and ran over the cougar.

  29. I had a dream the other night that I was outside in the woods and outta nowhere came an all white male moose. It started to walk towards me with a smile, I sensed that it was trying mate with me. As I begin to run it stood up on it’s hind legs and started running after me, and then he started singing to me telling me I’m beautiful!!!! So as I began climbing tall trees jumping from branch to branch he could still reach where I was, on his back legs he stood at least 10 to 12 ft tall. As I jumped to the last branch he grazed my forearm with a gentle but seductive touch, I then out ran him and I woke up, but when I woke up I remembered the song!! So let me just say this I am not gay nor will I ever be. What’s your insight on this dream?

  30. I had a dream last night and don’t remember most of it. In it, there was a moose, that first appeared to be a life sized stuffed animal. But later was an actual moose. The strange part was, it had a tree branch lodged in its head. It was surprisingly calm, and seemed as tough it would want my help in either taking care of it or removing the branch. What does this mean?

  31. One of my friends told me shes had a reoccurring dream that there is a moose in her living room or the elevator of a Mexican hotel she stayed in, and her family yells for her to get it out, so she grabs it horns and shows it out the door. Totally weird.

  32. I dreamed a huge moose came in the kitchen andas I was sitting at the table the moose put its head on my lap. I wanted someone to take a picture And all that was available was a disposable camera as I did not want to move. Pictures were taken and the moose ran out Jumped over the fence as beautiful as can be. When I woke up I kept wondering what the meaning of that would be so googled and found this site.

  33. Hi,

    I had a dream about a moose a while ago. I was watching a river together with my girlfriend and a friend. All of a sudden, I saw a giant wave coming our way. I looked behind me and saw that there was a stand right behind us where we could hide. My friend and I went, and I shouted at my girlfriend that she was crazy staying there, but she just smiled. Once we were on the stand, there were lots of people and the giant wave, appeared to be a procession of colorful cars. All of a sudden a moose ran right at me through the crowd. It wanted to attach me and a man standing next to me (it felt as if he was my boyfriend) took the deer in his arm and with some show of force picked the large animal up and put it out of my sight. After that, I walked over to where the moose was, as if I was trying to look for the same danger again. I am curious to hear what does this dream means to you? 🙂

  34. I had a dream last night about a mother moose and a baby moose. The baby moose was outside the dining room window, and the mother moose was outside our kitchen window. They both had hypothermia. They were losing hair, and were all red from the cold. They looked sick. I told my dad we have to call an animal rehabilitation place so they can help save them. My dad told me he didn’t know where the phone book was so we would call later. I went into my bedroom, and I found my pet chicken who also had lost her feathers from the cold. She also had hypothermia. I went back out to look at the moose. They were still outside the window. The mother looked in at me with very sad eyes. After a bit my dad came to tell me that the moose were gone now. They had gotten better, and ran off. What could this dream mean?

  35. My moose was walking around in a department store and than later near a lake shore. Both times I saw him in passing, but he was never a central part of my dream.

  36. i was loitering in a pleasant forest when suddenly two baby moose were next to me rubbing their heads on me like dogs, so i began to relax and layed in the grass and both the moose proceed to lay down next to me but partially on me, again like dogs, passersby look at me curiously as they grunt and groan as i scratch the moose backs and bellies, it was a weird dream for sure. but it was pretty awesome having two dog like moose at my side! i have a guess for the meaning but any interpretation i should be aware of?

  37. I dreamed that my relatives had shot and killed a baby moose, then asked that my family take it in our car. We were already taking a lot of things and had to stuff it in the back. I had to sit in the back and make sure nothing spilled out into the front (because I’m the most physically fit in my family).The baby moose was bloody, stiff and yucky. I didn’t want to be near it. I was discusted but dutifully did as told. Any ideas?

  38. While back I had a dream where me and my gf were walking this trail and at the end was a moose. About 20 minutes ago I had a dream where me and my gf were fighting. We went outside kind of dark I was saying something to her and all of a sudden a very loud moose grunt had scared me in my dream and woke me up. What could these dreams mean?

    1. Because the moose represents moving forward and someone helping you fill the gaps, the moose is probably your girlfriend. You’re not letting her in enough. Your subconscious mind may be telling you not o let her in for fear of an unpleasant ending, but your body is telling you you need her. Always follow your dreams. They’re your soul telling you something your mind couldn’t.