Mountain Lion in Dreams

Dreaming of mountain lions, you are aware of the dangers waiting to confront you. At this point, you are also looking for approval from individuals who hold influence over your waking life. Whether they are your bosses, or higher ups of a family hierarchy.

Once accepted by the mountain lions, your own wealth and fortune will progress at a higher rate with their powerful backing.

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42 thoughts on “Mountain Lion in Dreams”

  1. In my dream I opened my back door to leave my dogs out my cat ran out between my legs and near our shed was a mountain lion eating another animal I screamed because I didn’t want my animals to get hurt and the mountain lion just looked at me but didn’t move or hurt my pets, curious what it means

  2. I had a dream.. i was watering some poor plants in a nearby forest. I heard a weird animal noise but wasnt sure what it was, all of a sudden i see this mountain lion coming towards me from a distance. I was ofcourse scared but couldnt run. From my other left view, i saw a tiger. The tiger apparently was fence in but was watching the moutain lion in a aggressive way. All of a sudden the mountain lion was getting close to me and i had my long stick prepared but from behind the moutain lion i see the tiger chasing after the moutain lion. In a nick of time, the mountain lion almost lounged at me but the tiger got a hold of him before he could attack me. I helped the tiger grab hold of the moutain lion because he kept climbing trying to attack me.

    Weird dream…

  3. Good morning all. I had a very vivid dream last night that I was hoping someone could shed some light on. I have researched the symbolism of the dream but I am unable to find anything on the specific scenario that happened, and I cant help but feel there is a message for me in this. Thank you in advance for any insights you may have.

    I was standing on top of a car looking at the view of the area, mountains and cliffs surrounded me. I was with a couple other people who were standing on the ground, and I saw a cougar/mountain lion on top of a ridge and she saw me. I immediately jumped down from the car and slung the car door open to jump in but not fast enough. As I hit the ground her full body weight was on top of me and her mouth was around my throat, but not painful, it was as if she was holding me down, and telling me not to move. I could feel my racing heartbeat through her body. Her body completely covered me long ways. A woman walked around the car and told me not to move to stay calm and she wouldn’t hurt me, I was already limp and did not try to fight her or get up. I thought to myself this may be it, this may be my time, and felt myself just let go of the fear but as I thought this the cougar/mountain lion got up and walked away. Paid no attention to the others. I don’t know who the woman was in my dream, but she seemed very calm and wasn’t fearful of the cougar/mountain lion at all. It was almost like she was a guide.

  4. I have a recurring dream of walking alone in a small clearing in the woods, but there is also two houses and a driveway in between them. I’m walking, and i see a big figure in a thin treeline, my mind seems to zoom in to see a mountain lion half casually walking half stalking, slowly heading towards me. Next thing i know i’m pounding on the door of the small house and the owner opens it, i come inside and tell them what happened, i try to relax for a moment but the cougar can be seen through the windows, it showed up too fast to have maintained that casual walking pace. a few years back it tried to push the door open and i try to stop it, it was only behind the glass and i was terrified, if it got in i knew i was gonna die. but then i wake up.

  5. I had a dream that my house cat that I love very must was now a mountain lion (Oliver) . My kitty was in trouble so I went to save the mountain lion carrying it saving it from other people. The got the mountain lion on leash but it kept eating the raw meat in the market we were walking through and I couldnt stop the kitty and then I woke up and angry hoards of people came at us

  6. Dreamt mountain lions were attacking people & farm animals…my brother & I were doing our best to protect everybody by shooting them, but every time we looked out the window, another mountain lion was outside, one even had a lil boy by the arm and was dragging him away, we ran out & killed it, saving the lil boy…one of my deceased uncles was even showing us what to do, to keep them away.

  7. For as long as I can remember (30+ years) I have dreams of being in the woods and several mountain lions are in trees watching me. It use to scare me, while dreaming. About 20 years ago a friend told me that some natives say that each mountain lion represents a guardian angel of mine. IF they are chasing or attacking you they are not happy with you. Mine have always stayed in the trees and never chased me. .. which means they are happy with who I am. Since being told if this, I’ve had no fear while dreaming

  8. I’m in my backyard , if my new home, and my dog is running around with the neighbors cute dogs. I see the mountain lion and 2 bobcats stalking.. I get the dogs and neighbors safely in the house. The house becomes my old marital home. I’m talking to my daughter , who is younger in my dream. We see that the marital home is abandoned and she is looking through the bedroom of her older present day self. Then I woke up. My daughter is now 23 and son is 17. They told me they were divorcing me too. Their father is abusive and alienated them from me with threats and money . They became abusive to me too. Trying to figure this one out:

  9. Had a dream that I lived in some apartment building I’ve never seen before, and it had a sliding glass door to a small back yard with a single tree in it. A mountain lion was in the tree and when I opened the sliding glass door he ran into the apartment and laid on the couch. I freaked because I thought the mountain lion was going to hurt my cats, but my cats had surrounded him and they were nudging him, kneading and purring. I gave him some food and started petting him even though I was afraid he was going to attack me, but he never did. It was a weirdly, pleasant dream.

  10. Had a dream of a mountian lion, very vivid and was questioning in my dream if it was real. A mountian lion drug a dear up a tree in my yard and i was standing under it and blood and maggots were dripping and falling on me, i looked up and saw it. I ran inside knowing it was a cougar near and grabbed my hand gun (at this point i was questioning if it was real) but i got all my chickens in the house and waited, where it showed up and sprinted to me and i shot it 4 times. Then its cubs showed up and woke up.

  11. I was having a dream about moving from the u.s to Canada but before I made it to Canada there was a fork in the road either colorado springs which at first where I wanted to move or Canada I chose Canada then the dream showed me in a Rocky mountainous area then I hear a mountain lion and then it chased me I climbed up the rocks jump down and it started mocking me and I told myself to wake up and I did

  12. I had a dream last night about me saving a mountain lion a bob cat and a bear from a trap and they follow me and protected me from the trapper.

  13. I dreamt that I was driving to my parents house, it was dark. My car lights were on. As I drove I saw two sets of shinning eyes, as I drove by, I looked to my left, where the eyes were. The lights of my car let me see two moutain lions. One immediately ran out of my site. I saw the other clawing and biting, two or three young well maybe 16 to 18 year old guys. I heard one of the say… “oh my god” I saw tattooed skin. No shirts. My car was still moving forward as i looked and saw that. After i passed i stop. Started to reverse. I remember thinking, go back, In my mind I pictured myself honking my horn. Trying to think of a way to get them in my car, but before I could see them again. I must of woke up.
    Not to extreme of a dream, but it made me a little uncomfortable, and wonder why I saw moutain lions attack/eating theses guys. I know where my parents live, where I grew up there are many moutain lions. But the feeling of wanting to help, but knowing I couldn’t get out of the car.

  14. Last night I dreamt that I was being chased by a mointain lion. The mountain lion was controlled by a girl. The girl was someone I know but I can’t remember who. In the dream,I was hanging from a balcony while the girl was trying to destroy my reputation and the mountain lion was trying to grab my legs from below. The girl was telling a security guard that I had done a heavy offense which I really don’t know what. So I told the security guard, “Okay officer, arrest me if the girl is telling the truth.” Then I woke up.

  15. Last night I dreamed a white mountain lion was following me. I was in a crowded area, lots of people walking around in different directions, like the outside of a mall the walkway that was covered and had pillars that the mountain lion was walking around, weaving back and forth. The mountain lion seemed to act scared and was trying to get away from all the people and trying to hide behind me as I was trying to walk away fast to get away from him. By the end of the dream I held still and the mountain lion went behind me and I looked back at him he sat and just looked into my eyes and the dream ended.

  16. So this morning I woke up from a dream I’m sure had plenty of meaning, and I’m curious to see your take. I tend to have very vivid dreams and remember them in pretty good detail, so it’s gonna be a bit long:

    I was hanging out at my parents house (which of course, looked nothing like my parents house) with a friend of mine, and we were taking a look at the chicken coop. I wandered a little bit away to see if I could get a better picture of the snow capped jungle covered mountains in the background. While I was taking pictures, I started to feel a sense of unease and got the sensation I was being watched. I stood for a while longer and the feeling got more intense, so I decided to go back to my friend who was now inside the chicken coop. I walk over and tell them about the feeling I was having, and we both turn to look out of the chicken coop (which instead of being made from chicken wire, was made up of bars similar to a prison door). I immediately spotted the back of a mountain lion, slowly making its way through the tall grass towards the chicken coop. My friend assured me we would be safe in there, but I disagreed and said we should run to the neighbors house across the lawn behind us. They agree, grudgingly, and we run to the door of a large but very ratty looking white rancher house, the kind that looks like a hoarder lives there, and this tall large man in a dirty blue jumpsuit opens the door to greet us. I yell “were being chased by a mountain lion! Help!!” And he quickly allows us inside and closes the door behind us, as the lion is about to jump through the door. I then begin to walk around the house, which looks like a store in a ways, with all these leather purses and hat pins and rugs and strange odds and ends, and every time I look out of the window I see the mountain lion looking back in at me. I then tell my friend that I think it’s gone when I reached the backdoor of the house, since I hadn’t seen it since the last window. As we go to leave, the man in the jumpsuit tries to stop us, barring our way holding a metal pipe. We turn and run back through the house and out the front door while he’s chasing us, and encounter the mountain lion again, who is just sitting watching us run. I turn to look behind me and see the man is still chasing us, and as my friend and I start running faster, I hear a very loud roar, and then wake up! I was never scared during the dream, at least, not until the man barred our exit with a pipe, just a general sense of unease like something bad was about to happen, and when the lion roared at the end I actually felt relieved, like somehow he’d attacked our human pursuer and saved us.

  17. I was at our old home, the location for many dreams. We had just finished a wedding, and the property had returned to an unkept state. My mother and I are outside looking at the long grass when I see a mountain lion in the backyard. We go inside and the cat tries to paw the sliding glass door open while I try to lock it but the lock is broken. The cat moves to front of the house and tries there to get in. While the cat is nosing at door I reach out to pet it. The cat likes it, and makes it’s own way into the house where it ends up laying on me while I sit in the family room chair, having a lovely cuddle. I keep thinking I should be afraid of this animal but it’s a wonderful being loved by it. I think my large cat slept on my chest last night. LOL.

  18. I had a dream that I was walking towards a building, but I was afraid of something. I kept looking back and I saw this mountain lion sneaking up on me. It wasn’t big or intimidating, it was actually very sleek and slim. I kept turning back and seeing it trying to pounce on me. The mountain lion ended up pouncing on my back, I was able to throw it off, and my next thought was that if it did it again I would have to kill it. I turned back around and started walking towards the building again, and it jumped on me again. I threw it to the ground and looked at it. It felt like I was holding a stuffed animal, it was so weak and skinny. I looked at the mountain lion, and I swiftly broke its neck. As I walked away from it, it was still alive, and it was staring at me as I continued to walk. Its eyes grew red and it just stared at me.

  19. I drempt that a bunch of dogs were coming at me then ran away the I saw a pack of mmountain lions I ran from them but it’s like me and friend was together we jump a window in a house a guy try to climb high to escape the pack of lions and the pulled him . And rip him to shreds I try to run but the followed me and many times had the chance to be aggressive but was like when it came to attack it stood patient like it wanted me to open the box first I open a box and there came a lion tamer and instantly tamed the lion and he followed every move of the tamer

  20. I was walking with a group of people I never met before. We were headed to somewhere and we passed this mountain lion and group of cats on a neighborhood street I grew up on as a kid. All of a sudden the mountain lion started to attack me. I held his jaw shut with my bare hands and the other cats were trying to attack me with no success. The male I was with would occasionally get in to keep the cats away from me. The mountain lion finally got loose from my grasp but couldn’t get his jaws open. Then I woke up.

  21. I had a dream I was running from My house with my baby daughter and stopped to rest in a field and layed her down next to me when I saw a mountain lion. I jumped up and grabbed her and the lion just walked off the other way. I went to cross the street and another one was in front of me. I turned and yelled at them but they never even looked they just walked away. One crossed the street and disappeared while the other disappeared in the forest. Then everything was catching on fire.

  22. I had a dream I was running with my infant daughter to get away from my house and stopped to rest in a field and I out my daughter on the ground up by my head where we resting when I saw a huge mountain lion. I jumped up and grabbed my daughter but he didn’t even look at us just walked the other way. Then I turned to cross the street and there was another one in front of me. I tuned and yelled at them both to leave me alone but they never looked back at me then disappeared. Then a fire broke out all around me.

  23. I had a dream last night that my mountain lion walked side by side with me as we walked in my house. I woke up a few times. Thats all i remember right now. I believe initially i was in fear of the mountain lion but as i went back to sleep, we walked side by side. I was confused when i woke up but my least love is of cats and the cat family.

  24. I keep having a recurring dream of watching a mountain lion attacking pray a bird i think in a desert (i live in the high desert). I have no clue what it’s about but i keep having this dream and i cant figure out why.

  25. I had a dream of a nuisance mountain lion that was on the outskirts of town and people didn’t know what to do with it. So I walked into a back yard facing an empty lot where the lion was and seemed to have some type of connection with the lion. It even started chasing a child and I told the child to quit running and both the lion and child stopped running. Then the lion at one point was going to kill a squirrel for us to eat, but I told it not to waste the time it was ok we would be leaving soon. I felt like I was friends with the lion?.. I don’t remember the conclusion of the dream. But it wasn’t anything negative. I was friends with a strange mountain lion? Any ideas what this could interpret as?

  26. In my dream, my husband and I had 2 mountain lions in our house and yard. They were friendly. Almostlike pets. But someone was going to come and take them away and we were upset but mostly my husband was. At one point I just came home and when I got out of the car the lions came over to greet me. And then the male sprayed me to mark me and I said to my husband ” See!! This is why they need to go!!” There was a whole lot more to the dream. But was wondering what the lions represented?

  27. Last night I felt the mountain lion stalking me in my forested backyard. I came up on him resting on a rock ledge and cut him in half with one blow! I had a large long silver knife. I hesitated and then it was over- I had no fear or remorse afterwards. My husband and adult son put away the body. They were amazed by the size of his paws. Oddly -There was no remorse in me- yet I live for animals and their love. It had to be done. There was no more fear in my yard. What does this dream mean about me?

  28. In my dream we were in a house. It was our house but it did not look anything like the house we live in, in real life. Me and my fiancé were standing at a closed door that led to the livingroom. I opened the door and saw 2 mountain lions laying on the couch. The one growled at me and I quickly slammed the door and said to my fiancé that there are 2 mountain loins on the couch he said that it is impossible and that I should check again. I opened the door to find the one mountain lion behind the door it growled and clawed at me and once again I slammed the door. I then woke up

  29. Had a mountain lion following me like a friend. After sometime of him lying onmy body and out stretching his claws,on my belly, he walked a few feet awaynstarted gasping for air. I ran to him and cradled his head and front legs in my arms as he died. End of dream.

  30. In my dream, I saw a mountain lion from far and as soon as he was walking my way, I got into my car for safety. The lion was clawing at my car, trying to get in. As I remember, I was super scared. I turned on my car with the intention of hitting the lion. I did, twice and drove off. Help! What does my dream signify.

  31. My husband was in an above ground swimming pool on a floaty. I stood a few feet from it talking to him. The pool was see through and all of a sudden I see a mountain lion in the water with him. It grabs his leg and he grabs its paw and it pulls him under with him I try to get to him to save him but I’m not moving and right in front of me I watch the mountain lion bite the side of his neck and kill him. I woke up at that point.

  32. in my dream there was a mountain lion chasing my dog and me and my dad (im 15) were trying to kill the mountain lion when it finally left my dog alone it cam up to us i shot and killed it but it turned into another dog who passed away this year what could this mean

  33. It was sunset I was in a strange complex with everyone I knew and loved , I saw a deer out in the field walking around ,I walked outside to look at it and I heard growling and I turned around to see a huge forest with many yellow eyes with slits in them staring at me I ran inside looked out the window and hundreds of mountain lions ran out of the bush in groups they got into the complex and began mauling my family and friends we all ran outside where more were waiting they killed my family first then my friends they were storming us like a huge wave of water all I could see was blood and ripped carcasses when if felt a pain in my neck I woke up with a jump and short of breath. I think that was when the mountain lions killed me

  34. In my dream my best friend went outside to check on a noise. She was attacked by a bunch of mountain lions. I tried to get them off of her, I was hitting them and shot at them. They eventually left her but she was injured badly. I woke very upset. I remember feeling like no matter what I did I couldn’t help her enough.

  35. I was in an apartment building unfamiliar to me, but my grandmother lived there. My mother, my grandmother, my son, and I were all standing around inside the apartment which was maybe 4-5 stories up. The apartment I noticed a big mountain lion in a garden lobby outside. The lion was circling and looking for people, but there were none around. My son, who is three year old, but seemed to be around smaller in my dream, climbed out of the window onto the ledge. I grabbed him by his arm and pulled him in. I then shut the window.

  36. I have a reoccuring theme of a mountain lion in my dreams. Everytime it appears im faced with immense fear. Last night i found myself away in a lodge alongside my now ex-girlfriend. Outside I saw a large cat, immediatley aware that I had seen this creature before. It imediatley saw me and sprang out at me only to find a large glass window between his powerful pounce and I. i quickly went to lock all the doors but to my dismay the creature was able to open them all with no difficulty. Opening one door after the other i eventually retreated from the kitchen doorway to watch it swing open slowly. The lights in the house had gone out and the night sky was ominously glowing. I saw the cat come in and rush to a darker unlit area of the house. At first crippled and paralyzed by fear I grabed to knives from a drawer, one for me another for my ex. I approached the dark corner where I heard the weight of the cat on the floor. It sprang into action jumping ino the air obstructing all vision infront of me, and right as i swung for it blade in hand to my great relief I awoke. This has hppened before, what does it mean?

  37. Mine was with a car. My sister brothers mother and i were goin to the drive in movie and i see this mountian lion sittin above this carnival… We parked in our movie spot and i realise the lion has ahold of a lil boy and is just kinda clinging to it the boy is screaming for his mom but everyone is too scared to spook the lion into running finally several men circle it and just jump it they get the boy away and instead of just killin it or lettin it go. They start beating his balls to a bloody pulp. I dont get it. Anyway they kinda hang it the spread eagle for the world to see then all of us that r in the car it seems like we r in a movie and it fades to black then we wake up and its dark and cold inside the car my sister and i are some how in the front seat and we notice green eyes in the woods and i say those r too high to be a house cat next thing we know a big mountain lion is rushing our car and at the same time we notice all the car doors are open we shut ours quick we turn and notice our brother luke is already awake and has shit his but mom and my other brother are still sleepin we slap our mother awake and yell at her to shut the door she does just in time for the cat to be on the roof and trying to reach a paw in my moms door she slams the paw it pulls the paw away mom slams door and she says OK back to reality and we drive off. We notice the cat is. Still on the roof then its big massive body walks onto the trunk and sits to enjoy the ride we were in the middle of figuring out what to do when i woke up

  38. My wife and I were driving in our SUV through the snow in daylight.
    There were many car wrecks going on around us but we were going along fine, then out of the blue a big mountain lion would be coming straight at us and jump over the car.
    This happened three times with the big cat jumping over our car.

  39. Mine was similar in a way. I was getting out of my car and just then I looked up and there was a mountain lion coming at me. I got really scared and got back in my car. And it sat on the car just seeming to torment me. Finally, I thought it had left so I got out trying to run into the house but there it was again. But when it got to me it didnt attack me. I just remember being scared and intimidated but it never hurt me. But this is not the first time ive had dreams about these animals. Recently, I have been having them alot and I dont understand why.

  40. I got out of my car for some reason and it was dark outside. I was in the middle of the road when I saw a large cat mostly brown with fluffy spotted fur on the bottom side of it’s torso. At first it came up to me in a mean almost violent way, but when I stood still (too scared to move) it sat beside me and then got up to walk around me one time, then walkEd away. I never sensed it was nice or happy… Just no longer violent.