Orangutan in Dreams

Dreaming of orangutans indicate that you have a fear of someone using your name and association to further their own motives. It is important to confront this person about dragging your name through the mud. Reclaiming your reputation will not be easy.

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One thought on “Orangutan in Dreams”

  1. theres orangutans in my dream, i just need to give the context. in my dream there is this girl I am absolutely in love with but have never been with her( she lives in norway now:/ ). I go into her house and she isnt there and I am in her room with a computer on the wall. there is a balcony and a sliding glass door with blinds. I call out her name and am wondering where she is. Then she comes back in from the balcony saying sorry i didnt say anything, didnt want you to feel wierd. I realize it was probably rude to walk in with my shoes on so when she comes i turn my feet to the side so theyre not touching the carpet. she says “oh dont worry, just cause me and my baby orangutans walk iin here barefoot doesnt mean you have to. Yeah I got them for 50,000 $ a pound.”

    this is wierd, and only two things come to mind for my personal association: orangtun means wiseman of the forest and the only thing that I know of that might be that expensive is black truffles, i dont know figures but yeah any insight would be appreciated