Panda in Dreams

Encountering a panda in your dream indicates a your own desires to be babied and taken care off. When encountering a complicated issue, you never take a side and rather remain ambiguous as to where you stand.

Pandas are associated with being cute and cuddly. They are also strongly associated China where it is their natural habitat. After the panda dream, it is a good idea to visit the zoo or travel to China.

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2 thoughts on “Panda in Dreams”

  1. I’d love some insight on this panda dream:

    In the dream I was living with a full grown panda and 7-8 cubs. I think I “owned” them, but it didn’t feel ownership over them. At one point I took 1 cub away from its mother, and kept it with me while doing errands. The cub wasn’t happy, but it wasn’t aggressive. I spent some time petting it and then eventually took it back to its mother. When I released it in the area where the other pandas lived, it went running to its mom and snuggled in with its brothers and sisters. The cub was so happy – and I felt bad for keeping it away from its mother for so long. Also in the dream I was either moving or going on a long trip far away – but not to China! I was going to Australia or Fiji. As a kid I did travel to Australia and while there we held koalas.
    What do you think? Thank you!