Raccoon in Dreams

For whatever reason, raccoons are always associated with thievery because in a dream it will appear as a giant rodent with a mask. Your safe sanctum is being revealed and exposed to your enemies. Your wealth and fortune is at stake to prying eyes and those who covet your riches.

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12 thoughts on “Raccoon in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream that 3-4 raccoons where by me as I was standing outside smoking, and one by on they all started attacking me and I killed them. I threw one into the side of the house, and stomped the other two. The third one disappeared and then my ex bf appeared. He started talking but no words were coming out.

  2. I had a very visual dram last night which is very rare for me to remember. I killed a rabid raccoon. It has left me shaken today

  3. I had a very visual dram last night which is very rare for me to remember. I killed a rabid raccoon. It has left me shaken today

  4. I was walking with a friend at night in my old home town. Then all of a sudden my friend changed into another friend and we were in a large metal building and I was pushing my baby in the Stroller. Then I saw something out of the corner of my eye and a raccoon lunged at latched on to my hand. No matter what I did I couldn’t get it off. When I managed to get it to let go it left puncture wounds. I kept saying how I had to go to the emergency room. But kept finding things to do like clean up the building and put away toys.

  5. Well well.. I like raccoons.. and did I have an amazing dream a very significant dream at a very significant time about a raccoon.
    I did not have this translation at the time when this dream has happened.. but I searched for all the things in my dream and translated it to myself imo accurate.

    what was going on in my life: I started purchasing a property I needed to have a mortgage on. At this point I had 2 jobs.. but was showing only my main job.

    I would like to remind everybody.. that you have to look through many translations of a dream.. and then arrive to what feels right for you in a dream you had.

    so.. I am beginning to inspect this property I want to buy.. I am already putting money in.. and I hear from my boss that he may have to let me go. Panic. bad timing. what do I do.

    I continue with the process.. of purchasing this property.. at this point.. negotiating with my boss.. about unpaid work .. etc .. anything so that I can get the Ok for getting my mortgage.

    The dream: You know how people have those outside doors on the cellar or basement.. looks like a piece of a board.. on the floor but lifted on one side.. so.. in my dream I see a raccoon laying there on his back.. and the snow is covering him.. only the tips of his paws are showing and his face. Now incomes a black cat.. from his back.. she comes slowly.. behind his head.. just checks the situation and then walks away. After that.. the snow melts.. he is without the snow covering him.. but he is still peaceful and laying on his back as he was before. the dream ends.

    My translation: Racoon.. the nocturnal animal is my secret. My secret is that I have lost a job really. My secret is that I have not told my broker about it. The snow melting is the moment I have decided well into a process to tell my mortgage broker that I may have issues with my job.. and confirmation of my employment. and the cat? the cat is me. the cat represents my higher self.. my connection to the other side, the psychic side.. the unknown.. the mystic.. its me finding a way.. any way possible to make this happen.. and I did everything to make this happen.

    so .. this dream was before the conclusion of my situation. How did I translate it? as to what will happen in the future and what it means?

    I translated it.. that even though.. the snow melted.. and my secret would be out.. telling my broker that confirmation might be in question.. that raccoon was still peaceful .. and that things would be ok.

    What happened in the end.. ? It was ok. It all went well. I got my confirmation. I got my property.

    It was an incredible dream.. and an incredible dream to translate. Translating the meaning of the cat.. took some looking around.. but I think I settled on cat.. as being a female… the female higher self.. mystic..

    anyway.. I love raccoons.. and this was my incredible raccoon dream. 🙂

  6. I was in yard and seen my daughter playing with this animal I walked over n it was a raccoon I said what r u doing it will bite u she said no mom I don’t understand but this racccon is nice as it snuggled even purring line a cat later I was cleaning out a treehouse and the re it was the raccoon again I went to get it had it I my hands as it gripped me then started growling as if it was going to bite me I seen my boss appear in my yard I cried out to her this racoon will not let go it almost appeared as it was rabid then suddenly a real loud noise occurred abd the raccoon disappeared

  7. I had a dream last night about Racoon after a serious argument with my girlfriend on Facebook. This morning I dreamed I was in a hallway with two other people the hallway is dark and i see a Figure of a big rat clawing at an apartment door. He turns and looks at me and his eyes glow red and i see him coming for me and then its revealed as a dingy Racoon and he snaps and snaps at me until finally he bites my right ankle I battle him off but then i end up at my moms door and tell her open up. She opens up I look at my leg and she says its “Rabies” Then i’m like you have medicine and she is like no you need to go to doctor asap! Then i woke up…does this mean I need to worry about my girlfriend???

  8. My mother recently passed away, about a month and 1/2 ago. Since then I have had 2 dreams of walking in a field and seeing her at a distance. Only for me to look away and turn back to see an opossum leading a raccoon in her place. They never approach me or anything they just stare at me as they walk.

  9. I dreamt last night that a raccoon somehow made it’s way into my home. I didn’t want to approach it, but it seemed non-violent. When I walked away from it, the raccoon wanted to be near me. Almost like it wanted to be my pet, but I knew I couldn’t trust a wild animal. I locked myself into the bathroom to get away and it clawed though the door. My dog got along with it. I kept waiting for an opportunity for it to go near my front door so I could coax it out of the house. Once I did, another raccoon appeared and both were trying to get back in. It was in broad daylight. I know they’re nocturnal creatures, but in my dream I knew if they were out and about during daylight hours meant that they were rabid. They didn’t seem rabid in the dream. They wanted attention, but I couldn’t trust them. Weird eh?

  10. I had a dream tht i was bye some trees and there was a family of racoons in a tree there were small then a realy sizes one just looking at me wats the meaning

  11. I had a dream that a racoon was stuck in my head. A person that is very close to me wrapped a towel around the raccoon while it was stuck in my hair protecting me from his teeth and claws. She then had to rip the raccoon from my hair taking hair with his claws. I a woke and jump out of bed hurting my leg. What does this dream mean. My girlfriend asked what’s wrong I answered I had a raccoon in your hair.