Raccoon in Dreams

For whatever reason, raccoons are always associated with thievery because in a dream it will appear as a giant rodent with a mask. Your safe sanctum is being revealed and exposed to your enemies. Your wealth and fortune is at stake to prying eyes and those who covet your riches.

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2 thoughts on “Raccoon in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream tht i was bye some trees and there was a family of racoons in a tree there were small then a realy sizes one just looking at me wats the meaning

  2. I had a dream that a racoon was stuck in my head. A person that is very close to me wrapped a towel around the raccoon while it was stuck in my hair protecting me from his teeth and claws. She then had to rip the raccoon from my hair taking hair with his claws. I a woke and jump out of bed hurting my leg. What does this dream mean. My girlfriend asked what’s wrong I answered I had a raccoon in your hair.