Ram in Dreams

Rams are territorial animals known to be aggressive in nature. When you dream about rams, you are leveraging the aggression and the defensiveness of the animal towards business decisions or relationships. Sometimes, it can get the best of you and becomes a destructive force when managed unsuccessfully.

Channel the ram’s energy and make it work for you.

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3 thoughts on “Ram in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream I was in a room with sheep that were running at me head on. There were several. We were in a room. I saw the window and was trying to make it to the window but the sheep would t let me. The last charge at me hit me and I woke up. What might this mean? Thank you

  2. I was in a car looking out side window where a brown wooly ram with formidable and weathered horns appeared. I was enthralled to observe him, he stood there quietly and was very detailed and felt very real. While partly excited, I was also imagining that he was tired or giving up from a long chase of being hunted and that i was about to see him be taken down, this did not happen and the ram stayed in my view until the end of the dream, he may have appeared a few different distances from me as i was watching. The surroundings were grassy wilderness like near railroad tracks but i also felt like neighbourhoods were not far away.

  3. l dreamt that i was being pursued by aggressive ram in the dream. He broke the first door i closed and also broke the second door wanting to get at me. l took piston and hit on the head then i woke up fearfully.