Rhinoceros in Dreams

Rhinoceros are fierce creatures. When they appear in your dreams, it does not bode well for you. Rhinoceros represent an ominous force threatening you. The obstacles that await you will be very difficult to overcome.

Imagine yourself hunting a rhinoceros, you will need a lot of help and necessary equipment to face this challenge of a dream.

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11 thoughts on “Rhinoceros in Dreams”

  1. I never dream, but 2 nights ago I dreamed I was outside in the open woods…if that makes sense…and a small rhino (the size of a large dog) appeared about 30 feet from me. People appeared and were onlooking but scattering at the same time until they were gone, as the rhino began charging me. I yelled “Shoot, shoot!” and a man about 10 yards to my left shot the rhino head on with a rifle. It collapsed but I wasn’t sure if it was dead. I grabbed the rifle from the man and shot the rhino in the head. I then turned to the man to talk, for whatever reason, and when I turned back the rhino was gone. I searched and saw a large hole in the ground, which looked more like a big, vertical hole in a wall of concrete. The only thing I could think was that the rhino was stolen through an underground tunnel. When I woke up, I realized I had just watched The New Daughter, so i believe thats where the underground tunnel came from in my dream.

  2. a few years ago I got labelled with the term white rhino people made subtle jokes to my face and it troubled me for a few years after it began year ending 2002.after a real bad time it was like id been given some kind of social slur that’s how it felt to me anyway.then nothing .I thought it had gone now at 44 people are starting to mention the term again I need yto know why

  3. I was walking and being followed by a baby rhino. It was odd looking, gray then what seemed to be white leather in appearance. He nudged me with his horn. I turned to face him and we stared at each other. At that moment, I notice his change in appearance. I was frozen in fear and confusion. Later, I was in the ER being told I was lucky to be alive with injuries, which I do not recall sustaining in dream.

  4. I don’t remember dreams, normally. I had a powerful dream, part of it being about incredible storms. As a storm chaser, the whole thing thrilled me…no fear. At the start I was aware of a man who had a rhino shipped to the U.S. Bigger than any I’ve seen. I yelled at him for that. It skips to me with a couple people yelling “LISTEN! LISTEN!” All ears tuned, there was a roar bigger than thunder. The earth shook vehemently. Soon the animal was seen having escaped, running down the road, from about half mile away. As it left, the wind blew as in a hurricane, lightning, thunder, in huge amounts. It thrilled me SO much, I was yelling YES repeatedly. Fear then set in as earthquakes started, and I am not sure about after that. It was surprising, thrilling, and only fear inducing at the end. I kind of remember wondering how I could keep people safe. The setting was N.E. Ohio, where I live.

  5. I walked outside in my dream and there on the lawn lay a baby rino asleep and peaceful, I looked back knew it belonged to the lady I am taking care of???

  6. I dreamt I was back living in my moms house, I went outside to have a cigarette with my coworker (never hung out before so this is weird), just as I was finishing from across the street 2 HUGE grey rhinos came charging out of the tree line, I ran into the house, my coworker didnt make it in he ran into a car and sat there, the rhinos left him alone but they kept head butting the door and scraping it for what felt like hours and hours. I tried to use the phone to call for help but no dial tone, then all of a sudden they disappeared and my coworker came in frozen to death from being outside too long and then he told me I wasn’t allow to go to college for the week (have assignments due this week) and I woke up ….

  7. In my dream, I was sitting with a group of friends at a table. A girl I knew pointed out a white cloud that quickly morphed into horses running by and, below that, there was a yak chasing away a rhinoceros. Since the cloud was white, so were the animals.

  8. I open my door to greet one of my students and her grandma..then I turn right and see a flood or roaring river flowing by my house…in it were wild animals but mainly rhinos….they cant catch there balance the just get dragged down river…

  9. So I had a dream that I was talking to my ex and then a rhino started charging at me, I got atop a pile of flowers while I was talking to my ex whome I just got out of a relationship with yesyurday….i still love them so I think the rhino wanted me to get away from him, since he wasnt good for me.

  10. I was in an arena with some friends, when a rhino came in. We ran for this room, where we could hide for 2 rounds of the competition. In the first try, we all died. In the second, it was a giant group of us and we all hid in the room. Some of the people there were veterans, because they told us what to do. After the 2 rounds, we got a break. I wanted to call my loved ones, but there was no way to call them. I tried and tried, but I never got through. I knew I was going to die, and there wouldn’t be another try this time. I woke up trembling.

  11. Just for starters I am Jewish, which is important at the end of the dream.

    So my friend and I are in a court yard. My friend is the son of am rich divorced couple, nice guy but does not do too much. We are getting ready for a BBQ. When a very small yet wild rhino attacks us. The rhino charges me and I open a sliding glass door which allows the rhino to enter the house. The rhino runs through the house and hits another sliding glass door, which absorbs its energy and bounces it back into the court yard. In the court yard I grab the rhino by it’s waste, and my friend slaughters it with a serrated blade. Now by Jewish law, the kosher slaughter of animals must be done with a perfectly smooth blade, also the rhino is not a kosher animal in the first place; so no matter how you kill it it wont be kosher. But the sence I got from the dream was even with those two considerations, the slaughter was kosher and the rhino was preparied for the BBQ. I don’t remember if I ate it or not. The end

    Any thoughts or interpretations?