Sumatran Tiger in Dreams

Dreaming of a Sumatran tiger means being able to rule your territory with an iron fist. You have the absolute power and authority that all your subordinates respect. The next phase of your tenure as leader is to expand into other areas of commerce and to group your troops.

The Sumatran tiger is a symbol of greatness, and absolute rule.

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One thought on “Sumatran Tiger in Dreams”

  1. In my dream I was at home. Men with weapons gathered at the gates of where I was and eventually found their way inside. I hid in the closet with a knife and stayed quiet until one of them found me. We spoke peacefully, then he left. Afterwards, I was preparing the house for the volunteer to come over and check it out. (I am actually in the process of getting a dog. My actual appointment is on Tuesday. When he showed up, he had brought a Sumarian tiger along to assist him in making sure the house was fit. The tiger was off leash and respectfully roaming around my home like a well trained dog. My cat wasn’t frightened, just super curious. It was me nervous to put her down with the male tiger. I woke up around then.

    It feels like my dreams are trying to tell me something about my future dog. Any thoughts?