Tiger in Dreams

Tigers are powerful and amazing predators. Dreaming of tigers are often associated with power and sexual prowess. Like a tiger, you overcome your difficulties with strength and power. In private, you will continue to provide pleasure to your significant other and experience strong levels of intimacy.

Individuals who experience dreams of tigers will meet life head on with full confidence and without fear.

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29 thoughts on “Tiger in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream of tigers including both male and female attacking on my sister and hurt her very badly….bt somehow I saved her….what does that dream mean?? Plz tell me….

  2. I dreamed of saving a tiger cub from being hit by a car. I didn’t know it was a tiger initially as it was way down the road, but as I got closer and picked it up, I realized it was a tiger cub. Not a white one as I’ve noticed in some dream interpretations. Any input is appreciated.

  3. I was catching baby tigers in my old neighborhood.. I also saw them trying to catch chickens for food and I saw a lion eating a carcass

  4. Hello. I had a dream about flying on an airplane and I was not sitting in a seat, but rather on the floor near the door. The door opened to the plane and a tiger jumped out and a lady I didn’t recognize jumped out as well. I remember hanging on and felt scared because I knew this lady and tiger were going to fall to their death. Do you have any ideas what this represents?

  5. I have dreamt five times this week where a tiger is behind me following peacefully behind me but appearing sideways while I move forward. It is black and white, much like a newspaper image. It never displays any aggression or makes a sound. The dream is more like a video where I see myself walking with the tiger in the background. Very unusual for me. Thanks for any help!

  6. I was in a deep sleep and woke up…
    I seen an image of a siberian tiger on my wall..
    It was glowing radiantly and then disappeared

  7. In my dream, it was a very beautiful black tiger who visited my home. It walked in the house like it lived there. Eventually, it laid down in the living room like it was the family pet. A neighbor then came over to visit, but she was scared and intrigued at the sight of the tiger. She couldn’t believe I wasn’t afraid of it harming my daughters or myself. I told her I didn’t own it that it would come and go as it pleased, but I felt safer when it was here. I then woke up.

  8. In my dream a tiger was walking towards me and he was beautiful and he was also surrounded with chakra symbols and he had a root chakra symbol in his mouth I was fascinated with him I woke up after that.

  9. I was walking in a park at night and ahead of me the beautiful black tiger was laying next to a tree and when it saw me it got up and calmly started walking towards me. At first it startled me but I wasn’t afraid I actually felt it being submissive towards me. Then I awoke.

  10. My dream involved me embracing a powerful tiger that I was afraid of yet trusted completely. I hugged him like I would a family pet dog if I had one. We were under the shade of a tree leisurely lying about as if we had no where to go. Someone was about to approach and I got nervous he was going to pounce and accidentally hurt me in the process and I woke up.

  11. I’ll saw a tiger chasing me and want to catch me ..I ran and enter a house Door witch is to old what the meaning I dreamed

  12. Ok so in this dream, my little chiuaua was fighting a tiger ( might have been playful at first) then the fight turned violent and me and my father were watching it. I decided to get my gun because I couldn’t sit by while my dog was getting bitten by a tiger (this all happened in the backyard of a house we previously lived in). I looked at my dad who handed me the holster. It was empty so we proceed to lock ourselves inside the house. Then for some reason I open the door and the dog runs in and I look at the tiger who peacefully looks at me and tries to walk in, but I close the door before it can.

  13. We went hiking, and I dreamed that a white tiger stalked us from afar. Its eyes glimmered like yellow sapphires. We keep moving away from it as quickly as possible afraid of being mauled until it cornered us into a cliff. Then I woke up sweating.

  14. Just had a dream there were two big gates that were closed off almost like a bridge that I was driving down and they were closed I seen a huge tiger bigger than the car walk past. Quickly I turned around and drown the other way seen smaller baby tigers in the middle of the road got to the next gate where their were gate keepers who let me thru. Then I woke up. Tiger was so big it scared me

  15. I had a dream that I brought 3 baby tigers home from the zoo and kelp them as pets then realizing that the were going to be too huge pretty soon for me to keep, I’d better return them back to the zoo before that happens.

  16. a tiger that appears in your dream not causing harm but more protecting u or seems to be helping u, is actually your animal spirit guide their to help ou with what is going on in your life, try see how it reacts and what it shows you. i dreamnt last night of one and decided to see what my spirit animal at this time meant and its bringing new adventures soon in my life filled with passion. When i think of it now the dream was quiet an adventure. so good luck to u

  17. In my dream I met someone who had a tiger(white bengal), I was told I had to accompany the tiger, no place was specified but it seemed like new york, the distance was long(overseas). The time period seemed like the 20’s, I took a hot air ballon like a zepplin then finished by train. While traveling the tiger was not caged and seemed friendly occuping the same rooms as me. The closer we got to our destination the more the tiger got restless, I felt as though he was waiting to find something or to get someplace. When we reached our destination the tiger dissapeared I couldn’t find him. I was worried because I was afraid he might hurt someone, and I needed to find him.

  18. I just had a dream. I got up from bed and went to the living room and saw a big tiger outside the house next to the window stearing at me; then, I looked around the living room, which was dark, and saw a small tiger laying on top of a comfortable arm chair lookjing at me. then I grabbed a chair and pinned the small tiger…I woke up.

    What my dream mean?

  19. I dreamt about a tiger outside of my childhood home with my siblings inside with me (as well as their present families). It did not attack us, but it lingered around outside and I was afraid. It did, however, attack and kill a classmate of mine that for some reason was in my dreams.

  20. I saw in my dream that i bought 1 Siberian tiger and two leopards as a pet but then i saw that one of the leopards bit me in my toe..i was shocked to see that leopards couldn’t be tammed and seemed as an increasingly threat for my hometown..i tried to make contacts with zoo authority to take the leopards back but somehow, it turned out abortive..the leopards attacked my lovely Siberian tiger..i and my brother rescued the tiger and he was seriously injured, bleeding all over, limb injured and i was crying bitterly and had deepest feelings of love & sympathy for the tiger…kindly interpret this dream for me.

  21. I see tigers in dreams very frequently and the frequency is increasing day by day, some time I see tiger chasing me but never grab me some time I see myself playing with tiger.

    Last night I had very different dream that I have I tiger in my house and I am treating him like my pet Dog. He is playing with me like a pet dog although he is very naughty and some seems to be dangerous to but following every instruction of mine. It was feeling good when wake in the morning.

    Please let me know meaning of such dream.
    Thanks and regards
    Sandeep Pandey

    1. Mine was friendly and even tho I was guarded…I loved him like a pet. He was big and ferocious yet so gentle with me…who knows…wish I did…

  22. I dreamt that I went to protect a kitten from another animal and when I approached the them I saw that the kitten was a tiger cub white with little black spots. After scolding the other animal (unknown what animal it was) I started to walk back across a field to my pickup truck and I noticed first one hugh tiger following me, then I noticed two more tigers following me. I panicked and told myself not to run because they would chase me, but instinct kicked in and I started to run. Just as I was approaching the vehicle and thought I would make it, the first tiger attacked me and I woke up.

  23. My dream happens 4 times a week. I dream a tiger is out side my house waiting for me it’s just staring I don’t understand why? Is it guarding me and my family or does it know I’m scared ? Would appreciate some help on this

    Thank you

  24. The tiger was an animal owned by someone else. Came and lay next to me. I was able to stroke its fur. I was told that the tiger never let anyone but its owner do that before. I can still feel the softness of its fur and the gentle look in its eyes.