Unicorn in Dreams

Unicorns are fantastical pure creatures. When unicorns appear in your dream, it symbolizes a gentle power that is currently in you. Don’t be afraid to tackle obstacles that are holding you back in career advancements or relationships.

Some unicorns in dreams may have the ability to speak. It will often provide righteous insight into solving problems and helping you attain set goals.

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10 thoughts on “Unicorn in Dreams”

  1. 2 white Unicorns with white horns.
    Strong and running around in circles in a pool of water at a circus with a trainer.

    There was a lot of strength and ferocity in way that the Unicorns were moving . The water was swirling. The water level was covering half their bodies.

    Running around and stopping just short of fighting with him/bumping into him.

    They stepped in to the big paddling pool, which had a lot of water in it, all of a sudden, even though there were people / spectators in the pool.

    Children who were at the other end of the pool, were close to the big Unicorns . The water level was covering half their bodies too , even though some were toddlers.

    I was by now out of the water and watching from outside of the pool of water , as were other seated spectators. These spectators had paid money to come and watch the Uncicorn show.
    It was like being at a circus. The families watching were happy and so were the children in the pool close to the Unciorns.

    I was still scared of the strength of the Uncisorns in the water, and wished I could pull the children out.

    Do you know how this dream may translate, please?

    1. Dreams

      Hello, I have just had the strangest dream and have no idea what to make of it. Here is the back story (in the real world) I just ended a year long relationship with a girl I really loved after understanding that she will never be able to give to me what I truly need from a partner. Although I felt bad about this I also feel a sense of relief. Since this breakup about a week ago I have had various encounters with random females(never the girl I was dating) in my dreams some of them more intimate based while some are not. This one with the unicorn, I met a random girl and we were trying to get lunch together. She told me she wanted lasagna, me being a chef and a lover of food I told her I know the best spot. Eventually she got tired of walking and stopped at a no-name pizza place saying she didn’t care and was just going to eat here then go to sleep…I know it’s strange bear with me. I don’t eat food that doesn’t taste good most of the time so I told the girl goodbye and continued my journey to my favorite Italian restaurant. All of a sudden As im walking I realize I am no longer in LA (where I currently live) I’m back in Boston in my hometown where I grew up looking for my first car (2004 Toyota Highlander), somewhat lost since my environment changed all of a sudden, however I feel I still know where I am/ had parked. I am walking through a park I used to walk through all the time as a kid and come to a parking lot that was full when I parked there and now it’s completely empty besides one old green Jeep that has been barricaded into the spot so even if a person tried to get out they wouldn’t be able to. The strange thing was this parking lot was now a field next to a small White House that looked abandoned or maybe no one was home. I knew the lot was in the same space as before however all the cement and the cars were missing, including mine, and it was just a wheat-looking yellowish green field. By this point I remember looking for my car I was specifically holding a tray of food that wasn’t good food. It was lasagna of course but not good from the place I wanted it from it was from the place the girl got her shitty food. I guess I just caved because I got lost and ended up with this prison tray of lasagna. Anyways I walk to the end of the field/parking lot and don’t see my car or any others besides the barricaded Jeep. I turn around to go back to continue my search and then I noticed a dog (combination of a huskey/pit bull w brown coloring) chanied by the area the Jeep was, the dog was looking at me as if it hadn’t seen anyone for a long long time. I felt really bad, being a lover of animals especially dogs. Since my birth month, day, and year all correspond with the dog (oct, 15 -1994). I began to approach the dog and as I moved closer I realized there were many dogs probably 10-15 all chained up some looked dead and the dead ones were separated from the live ones. All were chained though. I walked towards them with my tray and then they started charging at me or maybe the food I had. At first they seemed kind and curious(well fed) but as I approached they turned aggressive and hostile(skinny I could see their rib cages) They started to chase me but never bit or touched me. Almost immediately after I started being chased all of a sudden I noticed a pack of very large deer/elk with very large antlers come out of the woods adjacent to the field and scare the dogs away from chasing me. There were maybe 3 or four of these deer/elk like animals. I felt thankful they got the dogs to stop chasing me (the dogs were now trying to attack them instead they had lost interest in me). My gratitude soon turned to fear as one of the elk/deer saw me and started chasing me now. However I did not run from it but I did at this point drop the tray I was holding. When the deer/elk got close enough I soon realized it was in fact a beautiful white unicorn with a very very large single Grey/white horn ( the horn was probably 2/3 of its body size it was very big, like the antlers). I dropped my tray and tried to figure out a way to not get speared by this thing as I could tell that’s what it was trying to do. I then noticed I was standing right next to a hill and as the unicorn charged at me I ran down this hill/slope in the field. Since the charge was so fast towards me I was able to stop about 1/3 or 1/2 down the hill and the speed of the unicorn caused it to stumble and loose control untilmately falling down the hill. While I then ran back up the hill towards my tray. However the unicorn regained its footing ran up the side of the field around this hill(like running up a ramp that wasn’t as steep as this hill I was using to avoid it.) Once it got back up to where I was it charged me again and I used the same avoidance tactic to prevent myself from being speared. I could tell though it was really trying to get me and came pretty close one of the times. It would fall down the hill and as it was falling still moving its head up and down with its horn like a horse does when it’s anxious(looks like when a person is nodding yes). It missed me every time(3 times total) but was persistent in coming back up. Note during this time where I was interacting with the unicorn there were no more dogs at least none I noticed it was only me and this unicorn and my tray. I decided to hide under my tray which somehow turned into something that looked like a television or computer screen, trying to do something like playing dead because mayb then it would leave me alone. When I started to play dead is when I woke up from my dream. I have such a clear vivid image of everything that happened. I have had many dreams that are very bissare and extremely vivid, however I don’t think I’ve ever seen a unicorn in one so I knew this one was special in some way. I have no idea what to make of this. If you can provide me with some insight into this I would really appreciate it. Thanks!!

  2. I had this dream a while back but from what I remember was it was white with white wings and a golden horn, we were trying to get away from some thing and what happened was the sky was colorful in the clouds and the ground was like white marble but it came to an end to where I had no other choice but to get on the back of the unicorn and hope we could fly away and the white unicorn did take me away

  3. Well my dream I really want say it was an unicorn but a white horse with blue eyes and a golden horn. I was laying on him and a white wolf with blue eyes was laying on me and they both was talking too me in this garden.

  4. Those are not unicorns, but a different creature entirely. The interpretation is that what you first perceive to all be good and pure is not exactly the way it seems at first.

    It is like going to school or a new job for the first time and thinking that everything will be wonderful and great on the first day, only to find that some people are great and will stand by you while others are total jerks.

    As these people wage their war, you will be forgotten by those who do the fighting.

  5. Okay, I admit I’m having alot of trouble translating my dream and maybe you can help. Here goes.

    There are unicorns in my dreams. So many, plenty and beautiful with many different colors. They shine brightly and then they begin to attack one another, battling it out as I realize that they have fangs and their hooves are sharp as they attack each other. Then they spy me, some are ready to protect while others are trying to get to me, fighting the ones before me. Soon they forget all about me and wage their bloody war around me. The dream ends there.

    If unicorns are meant to be pure creatures only coming to those who are also pure then why are they so violent in my dream?

    1. A unicorn typically means a falsehood, misdirection, or lie (since unicorns do not exist – as well as having a penetrative horn), thus they may also represent violence or anger with self in not attaining goals (for example, the penetrative horn of the unicorn interfering with more realistic goals).

  6. I once had a dream in sept. 2008, I saw a horse with wings and a horn on its head, thinking it was a unicorn, i was filled with excitement to find this ancient creature, I drew closer to discover that the were actually two animals. A horse with horns and a big bird sitting on top of the head of this horse with its wings spread out resembling a unicorn with wings. As I drew closer the bird tried to attack me. As the bird pounced on me I drew a shield to protect me, as the bird drew closer this shield shine so brighter that it rays blocked my vision and it deflected the the big bird. What also astonished me was the bird was drawing near the rays of the shield was getting brighter, I found the shield looked like the head of a man and the light emanating from the head-like shied was so bright, brighter than anything I have ever seen.