Wild Animals in Dream

Dreaming of wild animals mean parts of you are under no control or influence. Do you drink too much or have a drug problem that is tearing your life apart? The wild animals are symbolic to the many things that can cause your life to spiral down a beaten path and end up worst than you started.

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2 thoughts on “Wild Animals in Dream”

  1. I was having a dream last night of some wild animals in my Back yard but they wouldn’t get on the porch they were just running around I think they were looking for food. The weird thing is that there was another lady which I think was my neighbor and the wild animals like a black panther, lion, tiger ect. only would come back when she would come outside to her porch. The animals never did anything in my dream they would just leave and come back when she would open her porch door.

  2. I don’t remember much all I really remember was playing around in my house with some friends. Laughing, joking, just playing around. I see something walking in my back yard so I go to look and it’s all kinda of wild animals. Cheetahs, leopards, some weird thing I don’t even know what it was. And even a elephant, I kept my back door closed hoping they wouldn’t come in. My friends were teasing the animals opening the door saying like “here kitty” but the animals didn’t bother us.