Chicken in Dreams

Chicken is a farm animal we don’t normally dream about because a majority of the time we only see it in its cooked form. Chicken is a sign of easy availability. They represent easiness of fortune in love, joy and happiness in all aspects of your life.

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9 thoughts on “Chicken in Dreams”

  1. My Mom had a dream of a 2 inch chicken she picked up from the floor and put it on her left ear + 10 hrs later went home + asked 2 ladies for food to feed the chicken + they said no, then she left the chicken on a white ceramic counter + went to bed. When she awoke, the chicken was gone.

  2. I dreamt that I killed a black fowl in my dream pls what does that mean and also that same night I also dreamt that I killed a black rat can someone help me with the meaning

  3. I have had this dream twice now.. I’m in a busted town with other ppl not many. But we r being hunted by a giant chicken it’s weird. I got from rooftops and hide in buildings but there’s a house where if u hide in the closet it can’t get u but u don’t really wanna be there u just wanna get away. Well one kid from in the closet gets out with his what looks like his zombie like mom. She is just there but. The chicken is coming so he tried to get her to hide with him but can’t get her to move so he has to hide and ends up watching the chicken kill her and then my cell phone to go and the chicken is coming for me so I run and then I wake up… I Know it’s really strange does anyone have any idea what the heck it could mean or what the heck is wrong with me….

  4. i dreamt that i was in a land different from my ethnic land,culture nd it turns out i was in a school environment where movement is controlled.all of a sudden,the key used in the area got missing and was being searched for.a couple were caught with the key and this couple were also among the workers that are all from that ethnic the man was held and carried away,but the woman was with the key and hid it in her private part,so the woman didnt want to release the key.many woman now climbed on her trying to surpress her.when i saw this,i now came to intervene so that they would’nt strangle the woman,as they saw me,they all disengaged from pressing the woman,as this was going on,a strange woman out of no where coming towards the scene jus threw a live black chicken in her hand towards my face and i woke up

  5. I had a dream that I was with Scoobie Doo being chased by a giant Chicken with my family. Then my dog jumped on Scoobie Doo’s back and they got on a sled. What does this mean?

    1. I didn’t have scoobie doo, but I was chased by a giant chicken as well with my boyfriend. Really am wondering what it means.