Crane in Dreams

Dreaming of cranes signify happiness and overall content for life. You do not envy others, or wish any ill will against even your enemies. At times when vengeance is called for, you choose peace instead. Your life is pure and simple exemplifying goodness to the bone.

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9 thoughts on “Crane in Dreams”

  1. Dreamt I looked out beyond my bedroom window and became fearfully amazed by the colors of the sky, pink, blues, purple, a misty sky settled over a lake. At edge of the lake was what I thought were regular beach birds. I somehow walked towards the body of water but as I got closer, realized that I was amongst Giant Cranes. There is a very thick misty fog all around us now. I was only able to look up at their greatness. The Crane wore very thick grayish white feathers that were much darker on the bottom. I looked up to the cloud and saw a crown of fire on the top of the Crane’s head that I was standing closest to. The dream ended but it was so vivid and significant, what does it mean?

  2. Ok, so for the last 31 days… no matter where I am. I have a live crane fly in front of me! These are not dreams but real live cranes. One day I had three of them fly over me and I was in different places! I just have to believe this means something. This is not a bird we see often! Any suggestions??????

  3. I had a dream that while looking out a window, and crane landed right in front of me. And looked me in the eye and began dancing. As it did, I began to mimick it by placing my hands on the window to meet its hand. (Wing) It eventually took off to the right, and I was left feeling empty. I am not sure what this meant, but would you mind helping me?

  4. I dreamt of a human-sized crane, with a very eerie look to him..he had large black eyes, and his stare was freightening..demonic even. My father and I were inside a garage with him, along with two bird cages. The crane never took his eyes off of my father and I, as he grabbed the small birds out of the cage, one by one, and ate them. He’d first put the bird in his hand, then close it to a fist, then open his hand..and proceed to eat the little thing. Then my dad and I were swimming in an ocean, along with many other people, and from far I could see him in the ocean as well, staring at me, and started to rapidly swim towards me, chasing me in the water. What does this mean??

  5. Dreamt that I strangled a crane snapped it’s neck what could it mean. In my dream I am proud of my act and say that it is a hunting technique taught to me by a foreigner a white man. I am with a large group of children n I kill the crane as food while I am a vegetarian even in my dream as in real life. What could this mean?

  6. My boyfriend reads crow signs all the time, so I’ve grown used to looking at them and trying to read them
    as well. We are going through significant money troubles and troubles in finding work. Last week we were sitting on the roof of a building he was painting in LA and suddenly a crane came gliding across the sky–I had never seen a crane in Los Angeles before. Immediately, I thought it must be a sign. The crows became excited and circled around it, perhaps letting it know it wasn’t welcome but the crane paid them no mind and landed on the roof of a house across the street and began eagerly looking down at something while it hung out on the roof. I’m terrible at reading crows but somehow I knew the crane was a sign for me. Sure enough, when I got down from the roof I saw my boyfriends boss on the second floor balcony so I talked to him about our situation and he listened and told me he would see what he could do in helping my boyfriend find more work. Oddly enough, he was looking down at me the same way the crane did.

    Last night I dreamt about the same crane, watched it fly through the air the exact same way, except in my dream it landed in front of me and came up to me. I don’t remember anything else. I hope it’s a personal sign for me.

  7. I am a christian and I had this dream last week. I dreamt that I am in a building and there is a lot of sadness among the people in the building . Then a crane comes and I command it in the Name of Jesus to go but the crane still comes to me and then puts its beak on my hand as to take me off but again I command it to go in the Mighty Name of Jesus the Son of God but still it does not go and comes to me. What is the meaning of this dream.

    1. The crane appearing in your dream is there to help reinforce the purity and goodness in your life. Embrace your time among people that you see filled with sadness, and help to uplift them.

      The crane is staying as you try to make it leave is a sign. Your calling is to be with people who may be down and out. They are the ones who need your help the most.

    2. The crane is there to let you know Jesus doesn’t command all of the gods. The crane is one of your higher spiritual protectors who wants you to let go of closed minded religious dogma. The immortals don’t take commands from Jesus. Jesus was one of many important protectors of the earth. But by no means is he the most wise. Open your mind to other spiritual methods and the dream will have served it’s purpose. FYI cranes represent spiritual guides coming from eastern religions, in particular daoism.