Eagle in Dreams

Dreaming of eagles come with far-sighted vision and power. The dreamer will realize ambitions and gain desires sooner than later. Fame, wealth and a higher position are attainable through the help of the eagle in the dreams. It is a very fortunate to dream of an eagle.

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21 thoughts on “Eagle in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream of an eagle flying high above me, a rd tailed hawk was nipping at his tail feathers and I shouted to the sky to leave that Eagle alone. The red tail instantly listened to me and flew in the other direction. The Eagle flew down to me and asked (through thought) if I wanted it to fly above me. I answered YES and laid on my back and it nosed dive down toward me, I watch it sore right above me, I could feel its breeze it was so low. It started to go higher and higher and I thought it was leaving, so stood up and it came back. I started to yell at family and others to come see this Eagle that flies for me. This Eagle that searches for me. My husband was the last one out and everyone stood in a circle around me and my mom, we sat on a bench and we all watched this Eagle fly and Fly until he was tired and needed to rest. He, the Eagle sat down beside me, to the left and my mom to the right. He sat like a man and had the face from cheek bones to forehead of a man. Eyes like a man, he looked at me we held hands and fingertips turned to talons. Someone said “you need to hold on to this Eagle, keep him lock him in a room. He loves you and you always have him” But the Eagle looked at me, as if wondering what I was going to do and I said no he is an Eagle he needs to sore like an Eagle, with that he let go of my hand and wings grew. Big white beautiful wings flapped and before he took off I asked him to always be with me, never leave me and show himself to me when I feel alone. I know he promised me he would.

  2. I dreamt of seeing an eagle in flight as I watched the majestic creature glide inn the day light. It was seen to the right of me.

    To the left of me were people I had known who looked on in amazement, while to my right were a group of strangers who were not at all amazed at the eagle. They a bit dismissive and said well these people in this country ‘re not use to seeing sure a common wild bird.

    I later saw a larger white bird of in the distance as the creature came more into view, it was actually a white horse-winged house atop was a young adult white male. The man parachuted off the hosre. I thought to myself what a great show. I will sit and enjoy it without judgment or thought.

  3. I had a dream a few nights ago that a Bald Eagle was in my living room and it appeared to be hurt sitting behind a bag, as I approached the eagle it flew away into my dining room and just sat there and stared at me, then a black hawk appeared out of no where and started flying around the house and the eagle joined hawk in flying around the house. It was a beautiful thing.

  4. I was looking out the back sliding glass door watching a HUGE eagle flying around the field behind us. Screaming at my Husband & Brother to come see, it was beautiful. It dived to get something & we watched it tearing into & eating a coyote.

  5. I had a vision of an all white eagle. It was amazingly big – larger that life big – it was standing and looking down ( I felt, at me). It wasn’t moving it was standing with it’s wings spread.

  6. I had a dream of a flying eagle very large in size I had both hands up in the air and even though it was way up in the air I could feel its talons on both hands. Then it started to fly to the ground to meet me. I grabbed its beak, it keep walking towards me as if my weight had no issue of its strength, then I started to rub the feathers on its head I seen in its eyes calmness and kindness to me. Then it flew up high in the sky, as it did strange men started to shoot at it. I become enraged and my feelings strong for this wonderful creature. Then I woke up. I would like meaning to this?

  7. Lately I have had many dreams with animals all kind, but this one is kind of special one. I have dreamed about white Unicorn in a small wonderful park hidden behind a tree looking at me? what’s that mean?

  8. Hello there,

    I would like to know more about my dream of a hungry baby eagle become transformed into a young woman after been feed?

  9. My dream was about me looking from afar and the nest was on a high cliff there were several baby bald eagles the mother was not around. The baby birds were grown enough to be walking around and I was in just aw of it.. I recently made my self a doctor appointment for my depression and anxiety so that was a major step forward in my life and to take control of my flaws that have been neglected for far to long so I’m wondering is this why I had this dream of such a strong being!

  10. Last night I dreamt I saw my grandad holding a baby bird that he had found in the woods by his house and when he handed it to me I realized it was an eagle that had just hatched and probably fallen from it’s nest. I just remember holding it and feeling very nurturing towards it and realizing we had to try to put it back where he’d found it so it could be reunited with it’s mother.
    Not sure what this means.
    I’m a jewelry artist who’s been taking a break from creating and also have been in a 12 year relationship and have recently been realizing we may be more friends than anything. Thought the dream might have something to do with one of those areas of my psyche. Anybody have any insight?

  11. Last night, I had a dream I was inside a house and there was a young bald eagle. It came and perched on my arm I was allowed to pet it’s feathers along the back and top of the head and was feeling quite connected and affectionate. Then, walking through the house we passed through the last room which was full of all kinds of different birds there were perches and cages but one were confined, they all flew and perched around the room and grew quite vocal as The Eagle and I passed through to the door. It remained on my arm until we went outside where I lifted my arm and it soared up into the sky. I would love some insight as to what this could mean.

  12. I had a dream of how two eagle were fighting in the midst of this struggle I caught one of the eagle and made it a domestic bird such that it started breeding other eagle please what does it mean?

  13. In my dream I saw a giant brown eagle on a tree that was too small for him and in front of him on the ground was a thick but smaller black bird fluttering around

  14. My dream was last year. No eagles came to me i was the eagle i was soaring threw the sky seeing the sights threw the eagles eyes as it soared and pumped its wings my eyes blinked with each beat of its wings, it was scanning a mountainside almost country like area with a large river and forests around it with animals roaming around. As it landed it transformed back into me i turned around to see the sight again and i awoke, weird dream or does it have a meaning?

  15. my name is donna i had never dreamed of an eagle befor this but lastnight i dreamed of one taking flight it was in slow motion i could see the white uder the wings and the detail of them it was beautiful i have been woried about difrent thigs latly i think this is a sign things will be ok

  16. Hello!
    All happened in Greece I think.
    I was fiying and suddenly made a noise, similar to the eagle’s scream. Then and eagle appeared. He made the same noise, as if we were talking. He had blue feathers on his forehead, like a mark. We flew together through a tunnel, above the dark blue surface of the water. Then he dissapeared, but i was still fliying.
    This same eagle appeared some days ago for the first time.

  17. I was at the beach walking barefoot on the golden sand…it felt amazing. The waves on the seashore were so foamy white…I went up some stairs entered a big stone gate and found a big old book with green covers.
    As I picked it up I knew it was sent for me it suddendly changed into a green metalic box…I could feel something moving inside it so I felt a bit scared to open it at first I thought there was a snake inside…as I opened the box there was a huge black eagle with a white head and neck…it was enormous…I just held it in my hands and threw it up in the air so it can fly away but it came back to me again…so I put my two hands on its wings and held it…the eagle was so submissive to me it did not want to go away…

  18. Ok if anybody can help me
    I had this dream today.

    I was in a sort of old stadium made with rocks with a lot of other people which I think I’m familiar with. There were more than 20 or 30 of us and perhaps they are members of my church.

    Then we began to spot eagles flying past the stadium. I saw quite a number of them, mostly quite big and with wide wings flying over. As each passed I celebrated and rejoiced at the sight. All of them were golden eagles(dark brown in colors).

    Then I remember patting one in my hands for a very short time but when I looked at some other people what they got in their hands was not eagles but chickens.

    I also saw three eagles who were sitting side by side and becoming ugly because they wouldn’t want to fly and stayed in the stadium instead. Nobody was holding them though they didn’t appear to belong to anybody and that was the last thing I saw in my dream.

    I don’t believe every dream has a meaning but if this one has one and you think you have the wisdom of interpreting pls do tell me. Thanks.

  19. had a dream of an eagle landing and as a i ran to see it i noticed that one of his feathers was lose and ready to fall. this eagle did not completely land rather swooped down near to the ground and flown back up but with a mouse in its claws. I ran up to were it swooped down, i noticed more eagle feathers lay on the ground i picked them up 10 or more of the eagle feathers, i was excited i came across so many i took them all. i walked over the hill on a straight road ( snow on the ground) once i reached over the hill i saw my uncle and auntie, i showed them tha feathers i found and claimed. my auntie asked me if these feathers were intended for me or if they were left there by somebody. this question made me question myself. anyway i told ger that i would decorate them, i also recalled that when i reflected on how the way the feathers we placed(i did not notice how they had been positioned until my auntie asked me how they appeared.and how do you know they are yours? when i first saw the feathers i reflected and realized they were place , 1 eagle was stood upright in each corner, in the center was a branch full of feathers, also one full set of an eagle wings( no blood). then my uncle asked me, as he passed me an eagle feather, if i knew how to pray and if i could pray for him, but because i was unsure of the question and of myself, I told him he could pray in his own way. i told him i would but in privacy as i have never been asked and did not know the required of me or how to perform ceremonies.

    1. My name is Terry. around 3 or 4 four nights ago, I dreamed that a Minsiter and good friend at my Church and I were traveling in a car along a country road.
      My son and daughter her boyfriend were in the car with us at the. It was evening time and we reached a plot of land. For some reason we stopped and got out of the car and stood and chatted for a while on the edge of the plot of land. A lady turned up who was not with our group and stood a few yards away and also looked into the a plot also. A couple of minutes past and the lady said” its time to pray” Myself and Minsiter with no hesitation obliged immeadiately. At this stage the preasence of the holy spirit was instantly very strong upon us and in that field. As we walked into the plot of land several eagles gathered above us and one large one came and perched genlty on my shoulder. The rest of them oddly landed on the ground and as I prayed and approached them they all began to bow to with the larger eagle staying put on my shoulder… There was another plot of land next door and one of our party pointed it out at this stage the Eagle that was on my should had perched on the gate between the two plots of land and when I went to gently pick it up it gave me a gentle peck on the hand which felt like it was in opposition to my picking it up. I believe we carried on praying but that was the end of the dream. The praying theme is similar here.. but I will remain prayerful on this one!