Geese in Dreams

Geese travel in groups to far distant places. Geese in dreams often represent your own journey that you are about to embark; and the journey will be surrounded by good fortune.

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7 thoughts on “Geese in Dreams”

  1. This is a bit complicated but I had a dream in which i was unable to speak. In this dream my black cat kept getting outside somehow. I saw him sitting outside with a flock of geese. There was also a black goat chasing the geese outside. I became afraid and went to grab my cat, then when i turned around to bring my cat inside, a black panther jumped out of the house at me and tackled me to the ground,

  2. I was walking in the mall when a large white goose bit me on the hand and would not let go. After a long time of trying to get it to let go, I bent its neck back and it began to bleed.

  3. I dreamed of a talking goose that had no feathers, only burnt black skin asking me to come back sometime in a hospital room full of talking mice, talking stuffed toys and others. Everything had injuries; broken arms, paralysis, etc.

  4. I dreamed that a canadian goose was divebombing me, I was amazed and a little scared. I finally got the goose and it had an injured tail but really when it was divebombing me it did not appear wounded. A person showed up and we all of a sudden were treating the goose and it was curled up in our arms.

  5. I was protecting a small mallard duck. It was attacked by a yellow goose. I viciously attacked the goose by crushing its head.

  6. I dreamt I saw a circle of geese in the sky. They turned over, exposing their fat bellies and the circle opened up. A religious figure was unveiled and he filled the sky. He was wearing a suit with a clerical collar. I asked someone there if they saw it and they said yes, I am on his tongue or in his mouth in reference to the holy man. The feeling was one of awe. I am a Christian.

  7. I was alone, unarmed, on the edge of an open field full of sand. Whenever I tried to enter it, ostriches tried to attack me, so I had to exit the sandy area. There were also 6-foot-tall geese with sheep’s wool instead of feathers.
    I kept trying to enter the field to kill a goose, but I had no weapons, so I had to strangle it, but because of the wool, it was very difficult to hold on to. I knocked it on the ground and kicked it, and I was about to climb on it’s back and kill the goose, but the alarm clock rang.