Hawk in Dreams

Dreaming of hawks indicate power and an increase in wealth if the hawk is in a calm perched position. However, if the hawk is flying in your dream, then you are giving chase to certain losses happening in your everyday life.

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12 thoughts on “Hawk in Dreams”

  1. Had a dream that a huge brown hawk had one of its wings twisted up with purple string. I was on a small bridge crossing a pond. One end of the bridge was in disrepair and 1/2 fallen into water. My husband was at the other end of the bridge fishing. I was standing in the middle of the bridge when the giagantic hawk lands right in front of me near the end of the bridge in water. The bird is struggling to get free of purple string binding him. I tell my husband that I’m going into house to find scissors to cut his wind free and to keep an eye on it. As I’m running off bridge I notice the bird drifting into the water but I still keep running towards house. When I get back onto the bridge with a knife instead of scissors the bird was dead in the water. I couldn’t save it and stood watching it float in one singular spot. This dream has bothered me and I have no idea the meaning or symbolism.

  2. I walked in a gray nothingness as in a fog. A hawk flew close above my left shoulder as i walked along. Then i stoped. The hawk then flew around to the right in front of me and came around my right shoulder an back to land on my head as i felt her talons grab the top of my head an i knew from the way her talons felt she was facing in the same direction as i was an she was clam as i was at that time an i just stood still and i felt strong in my mind, body an soul. A freedom i haven’t felt in quiet some time.

  3. i was layin in bed watching tv i was not sleep i truned my hesd and i saw a black hawk with hid wigs out snd then i truned my head again and it was gone i dont understand once i i dreamd of my dad in his coggen three times in a row i sure wish i know what the ment thank you very much for lissing to mr ruthie

  4. In ancient Egypt, the hawk represented or symbolized the “God” Horus (Greek language) who was also called “Heru” ( Egyptian language called “Medu Neter” which means “Sacred Speech”). This was the ” God” of courage, protection, and spiritual light. He was just one of over 1500 aspects of the one God called “Amen-Ra” which means “Hidden Eternal Light”. Last night I dreamed that I was a little girl again walking home from school. I saw a colorful hawk gliding in the sky. At first, I feared it and ran in the opposite direction from where it was flying. I made it home safely and went to a neighbor’s house just across our yard where another neighbor came over and told us of some sort of confusion that was occurring a couple of streets over. When I awoke, I thought of the ancient meaning of the hawk and realized that I am perhaps being protected from possibly worldly chaos which seems to be so prevalent today both in our nation as well as in all the world. Peace to everyone.

  5. I dreamed of living in country with lots of family and friends at the house and we had many dogs, ranging in size, and there were three falcons that I saw that kept staking out our land while the dogs were outside freely running around and I was trying to gather all the dogs to put them inside because the falcons were hunting them. While I was doing this they began attacking a dog while I was inside. While we were trending to one dog that had been attacked they flew around together and got my Chihuahua and dropped him on a fence. I ran to him but he was stuck on the top so I started carrying him in, fence attached to help him but then I woke myself up because it was so grieving for me. What could this mean?

  6. Last nite in my dreams, I was walking to my front door and noticed a hawk sitting on my roof, then when I looked closer I realized there were four of them perched up there. They sat for quite some time as I came and went from my house and returned later to find one still sitting there.
    Any meaning to that?

  7. I work with raptors at a wildlife rehabilitation center. There is one red tailed hawk in particular with which I have a special bond. Recently, my significant other moved quite a distance away for graduate school. As we were lying in bed the night before he left, this hawk appeared to me. The dream was incredibly vivid, her color saturated and every feather in remarkable detail. She did not fly at all, but remained perched and relaxed, peering intently at the world around her. Upon waking up, my first concern was that perhaps she had passed away, and was saying goodbye (she is quite old for a red tail). However, she is alive and well. I have never had a dream so vivid as this though, I’m curious about any thoughts folks may have.

  8. I had a dream I saw a hawk but he was kind of overweight sitting on a branch and I wasnt sure it was a hawk and a guy was telling me no he is a hawk see the claws etc so I went over to try and touch him or talk to him and it flew to another branch and then it wisked away and flew straight up until it vanished and I saw a red tail light like when a ufo wooshes away. does anyone know what that means

  9. I had a dream I was walking a 2 way freeway but this freeway was not just an ordinary one. I was like a free way going up 2 thousand feet high and then it drops down like a rollercoaster. And it stranges me that there was no cars passing by in neither the 2 lanes. You could tell the freeway was old and hasn’t been used for use becuase even tiny bits of grass were growing through the cracks. And as I was walking 100 feet before I got to the top I seen a hawk flying in circles right in the top and the dream felt so real that I thought I was still alive that I wasn’t dreaming or haven’t slept. It was that literal. And in my mind I wanted that hawk to pose in my left shoulder. And all of the sudden the hawk did so. Like if it was my pet. I felt great comunication between me and the hawk through telepathy I guess. And the reason why also the dream felt real was because I could also feel it’s claws griping tight on my shoulder. And as soon as the hawk flew off my shoulder it’s claws scratched me. And I could feel the burn of the scratch through out the dream and I asked in my head once again for the bird to return to confirm if this was happening that I had communication with it and as it was flying it flew towards me and I layed my left arm extended and it landed on my arm. After that I woke up to awakening life and only then I knew it was a dream that felt real(:

  10. I had a dream that my home had plumbing issues and i was fixing them, then I heard a commotion outside in the street where a dog was trying to get to this baby bird that feel and the parents were fending it off. When I came to it the bird had already been dead lying in the street (assuming a car ran over it). I then heard more noise coming from a nearby building where another baby bird was on a roof but couldn’t fly nor get down. I got to the bird and discovered it was a baby hawk, the size of a penguin. I pinned it down but was astonished by it’s strenght to try to get away. I took it in and placed it on my table. It was hungry and thirsty but all I had was an apple. I diced it up and it scooped the pieces up with much vigor because it was desperate for food or water.

  11. I had a strange dream last night that it was the summertime and I was with my family at my brother’s house for a barbeque out on his deck, (his house looked completely different than the one he really lives in).

    We were all chatting, eating, drinking, etc. when all of a sudden a big hawk swooped down and landed on my brother’s shoulder. He sat there for a few minutes and let my brother pat him and the hawk in turn took one of his wings and flapped it in his face.

    After that the hawk jumped onto my shoulder. I was a bit frightened but after a few minutes my sister came over to take the hawk off my shoulder which scared it. the hawk’s talons wouldn’t let go at first but then if sunk it’s talon into my thumb and I remember it bleeding and hurting really bad.