Hummingbird in Dreams

When a hummingbird appears in your dreams, it indicates the flightiness and fickleness characteristics of your life. Being borderline and never committing yourself completely to anything or anyone diminishes your influence and potential to attain greatness. Start by cleaning up the clutters around your life and refocus on what’s important.

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28 thoughts on “Hummingbird in Dreams”

  1. I dreamt of a humming bird, but the humming bird was there with another flying insect and they were hovering around each other. I don’t k ow if they were fighting, but they both were there.

  2. I had a dream that hummingbird was flying towards me in my home and I was frightened. The hummingbird appeared to be week because it was flying around my face which seemed to be in slow motion. My mother tried to kill it and I was very upset with her about that especially because that wasn’t her nature. When went to see where the hummingbird had landed it wasn’t there. The hummingbird had disappeared.

  3. I dreamnt about a red humming bird impaling into my left side above my breast.
    In my dream they pulled it out…
    Crazy dream!!

  4. I had a dream that a sad weak hummingbird that looked like it was ready to die came and landed in front of me. I picked it up carefully and fed it and took care of it until it was strong again. Then I approached my uncle with it and he said it was ready and healthy enough to fly again. So I held it up and gave a little bounce in the air just in case it wasn’t strong enough yet, but sure enough it started to fly strong and it flew around me then flew still in front of my face as if it were thanking me before it flew off on its own. Wonder what it means…

  5. I had a dream that beautiful hummingbirds were everywhere. They flew around me and my family, but trot color was off. They were deep red mixed with green, they began to swarm and attacked u with their beaks like mosquitos…what could this mean?

  6. I dreamed of a hummingbird that came towards me and landed on me. It then began to put it’s beak in my mouth as to feed me. It was friendly and it looked right at me. What does this mean?

  7. I had a dream and it is constantly reoccurring. I am walking through a meadow and the ground is completely covered in blooming BLUE and only blue lilies. As I’m walking through the meadow a beautiful white hummingbird lands on my shoulder then flies away but stays in sight and I have an urge to follow it but when I’m about to follow it, it either flies out of sight or just disappears and then all the lilies droop and die around me. Anybody have any ideas on what this means? I have had it about 5 times now and really getting curious.

  8. I dreamed of a hummingbird that put its beak in my mouth and I could taste pollen then the next day I went for a walk in my secret forest, which is real life, and a hummingbird appeared and flew around me perching on tree branches and flying around me more

  9. I was starring at a green tree, almost bush-like and these radiantly beautiful (understatement) of about 3 or 4 hummingbirds were flying around them. Their tails were long, their colors were beyond bright, almost as if they were lights. Very gorgeous and pleasant sight.

  10. I dreamed a hummingbird flew in my window n it kept coming to me so I kept it as a pet but once I loved it it wouldn’t come to me and eventually it got stuck in my wall and went through a vent into the neighbors house so the neighbor called we went over n my husband brought it out and it had died it was limp and just dangling from his fingers my heart was broken so I sat outside just staring at the sky I couldn’t bare to go in my house…

  11. I had a dream a hummingbird was flying so I put my hand out so It could land on it and when it did it started sucking blood from my hand thru its beak and then when I tried 2 stop it it just went into my hand under my skin and it was apart of me suck under my skin I was about to cut it out but I woke up

  12. I had a very strange dream that I was trying to play golf and a hummingbird kept landing on me and kept tickeling me. I was laughing like a little girl and could not stop. The hummingbird was rolling all over me, like doing somersaults on me and went down inside my shirt. I took off my shirt but he would not stop. My playing partners were getting annoyed that i would not take my shot.

  13. I dreamt that a stumbled upon a cabin in the woods and when I opened the door there were thousands of humming birds pollinating a ball of light in in the middle of the room. The birds looked at me and liked that I was there and started to swarm around me in a friendly way. I would love to know how others would interpret this dream…

  14. My dream last night consisted on my fiance’ finding a birds nest inside an old bus that had been worked on and she told me to put the nest and eggs in a public restroom. But on my way one of the eggs started to hatch and before I made it to the door one humming bird jumped out of the egg and onto my arm. I spent maybe 5 seconds looking at this bird in the eye. The only thing that came out of my mouth was, I guess I’m your momma now. Anyways, for what seems like several months the humming bird and I never separated and I saved it from many dangers of people trying to kill it. My friends kept wanting to feed it cake and my reply was always “you might as well feed em’ crack” the bird flies around fast enough as it is. Over time, I seemed to have been getting older but the humming bird never seemed to age but still was able to change the colors of its feathers to whatever it lands on. My last memory of the dream was I was trying to have it save me during an attack and it wouldn’t help. It turned out to be a trap and the humming bird died. The last thing I did, and what woke me up is my threat to kill the people that killed it and their entire family. I’m just glad that my fiance’ wasn’t still in bed to hear my threat. Because it was clearly spoken.

  15. Ok…I head this dream last night were it began with this evil spirit going in and out of things i.e. people, dolls, and so forth. But all of a sudden this hummingbird appeared out of a clothing basket. He starting flying around and behind me as if it weren’t scared at all of me. Then I put my finger out so it would sit on it and it did for awhile. The bird takes off very calmly leaving behind a bunch of plastic butterflies. What was that about????

  16. I had a dream that I was playing that game where theres 3 cups and some one puts a ball under one and spins it around and you try to keep ur eye on the right one. Also one of the cups was clear. There was this hummingbird that was helping me choose what cup to pick, and she chose the clear one, but even tho I knew it was wrong I still trusted the hummingbird and did it, and of couse it was wrong…

  17. This morning went sat on my porch a hummingbird came real fast didn’t even see it it stop right in my face it really hums flickers its wing for awoke than he zoom off this was amazing im in fayetreville NC i have never seen hummingbirds around dies thus mean something

  18. i had a dream were a green hummingbird was under water and it was sucking the nectar out of flowers somehow but then i took it out and gave it a better bigger flower to suck on.What does that mean?

  19. I had a dream last night that a flock of hummingbirds came to me , there was 100s of them and it was a very happy dream , i was just standing there and they flying around me and we were all in a beautiful field and i awoke feeling very happy/peaceful and calm
    what can this mean

  20. Last Night i Had A Dream That Two White Hummingbird’s Would Fly Up To Me, But When i Would Put My Hand Out For Them And Ask If They Would Come To Me They Would Only Get So Close Then Fly Away.. What Does It Mean?

  21. In my dream the hummingbird looked so real. The thing that made it special is that it kept picking me. What I mean is it hovered n walked on me. Someone else in my dream tried to hold the hummingbird, he said it would go with him but the hummingbird struggled him to get back to me n it was flying n wanting to be with me. I feek it means the opposite of fickleness, since the hummingbird clearly makes a choice, I feel it means the end of lacking commitment.

  22. I had a dream that One hummingbird was like stabbing me with its beak. I had many stabs in my arms, you could see the wounds and they hurt/were bleeding. It wouldn’t stop, and was only attacking me… was even like stabbing through doors to get to me. Only until my father captured it and killed it did it stop. What does this mean? Aren’t Hummingbirds supposed to symbolize good luck!? so confused…

    1. Omg i had a smilar dream that a bunch of hummingbirds were pecking my head and i was quite annoyed with them. what’s that suppose to mean?

      1. I had a dream i was going to visit my best friend and there were swarms of hummingbirds flying in peoples hair and eagles came down and would grab one or two. as i made my way thru them to my friends house i saw my mom on the way. My mom is deceased has been for years she was scared to death of birds and so was my best friend karynn. what does this mean?

    2. I had an experience not long ago. I always like to think that when you see a hummingbird hovering near you, it symbolized good fortune or a sign that I would meet someone special. One morning when on my way out as I said goodbye to my boyfriend, a humming bird hovered next to us on the planter we have and it was amazing. Except seconds later it seem to aim and charge toward my boyfriend. What could that mean?

    3. I my dream about the red humming bird it went into my left side of my chest and I remember every detail when they pulled it out. It crazy